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on 25 January 2014
As a shaver of both wet & dry types I needed a replacement razor for an old Philips Cool Skin razor - this one seemed to fit the bill the best as it offered the user the option of applying gel whilst shaving (same as the Cool Skin razor).
I had read some of the other ratings and decided to give it a try. I can agree with some of the ratings as anyone who hasn't used an electric razor before will notice a difference and it will take time for your face to adjust to using an electric razor but for any out there who already use an electric razor this is a very good model for the price.
The razor is extremely quiet and very ergonomic in shape - the blades produced a very acceptable shave and the use of the gel kept my face hydrated and free from irritation.
The one bad point is that the razor does use quite a lot of gel - I've been using the razor for a few weeks now and I'm on my third bottle of lotion (although the one supplied with the razor was only 25 ml).
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on 20 May 2017
Great shave, nice cooling balm. Really disappointed after paying £278.99 for it I can't get replacement heads. Feel its a bit of a liberty that they reccomend you replace heads after 1 year when non e are available. Will not be buying again.
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on 5 January 2014
The razor itself is good, I have used Philips for a long time and only bought this one because the battery was starting to fade on my old razor.

Wet shaving with an electric shaver is new to me and it definitely works better than dry shaving, especially if you use the lotion, you don't need much of this and after a few days I am able to shave my whole face with only three/four presses of the dsipense button.

This would get 5 stars if it weren't for the price of the lotion, you get a small 35ml bottle with the shaver, on Amazon and the Boots website they it comes in 75ml bottles which cost about £7 each - apparently they last about 6 months each. I have looked in several high street shops and supermarkets but could not find it there so to get this stuff it looks like you have to go online. I do feel it is expensive for what it is but the shave it gives is very close and it prevents soreness afterwards.
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on 26 October 2016
I had this for a while before starting to use this. Looks really good, it shaves close. I like using it in the shower with the Nivea cream as I have sensitive skin and it does not irritate. The only negative if it is one is that it is impossible to get straight lines on your side burns which I use a cheap razor to straighten up. Apart from that well made and designed product.
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on 27 January 2018
The discription said it had a 2 pin plug. Yes it does BUT NOT ENGLISH. lucky it also came with an ordinary 3 pin plug. This fit's in the charger of simalar make, only trouble is the shaving cream can's are to small for charger stand. Work's just as well as the other one my Son had.
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on 27 April 2012
I have quite tough facial hair and fairly sensitive skin so I've always struggled with shavers and razors alike, dry shavers tend to pull the hairs and chafe the skin, or in the case of foil shavers just plain break on the tough hair and I found razors got blunt within half a shave.

The coolskin HS8420 however has provided a functional solution, giving a close shave without chafing the skin, the best of both worlds: wet shaving with a shaver! The Nivea lotion works well enough but it seems to me to be a bit of a gimmick, there is no need to dispense lotion from the shave heads, I actually use King of shaves gel which I apply directly to my face before shaving. THe shaver itself is also very easy to clean unlike older models as the shave heads have open backs so water can flow right through the heads either from the tap or by submersion in the sink. I also use braun shaver cleaner spray between shaves, which sterilises and lubricates the heads.

However if you have normal facial hair as opposed to tough hair like me, you might be better off with a simple dry shaver, as if that's effective for you, it would be quicker and less messy.
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on 25 December 2013
This is the third "Coolskin" shaver I've had: they work perfectly and are the next best thing to a wet shave with a new blade!
The first used the "sachets" of Nivea and this was OK, but a bit costly.
The later mdels use a built in tank that is re-filled from a dispenser. The system works well and can be used in the shower or bath.
But the cutters don't last for ever and the Nivea chamber needs replacing now and again so once the shaver is 2 to 3 years old it is almost cheaper to grab a new one.

If you are a wet shaver and want to go electric try this.
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on 9 September 2012
After 18 months use the unit has suddenly stopped working which makes me wish I had bothered to register for the free 2nd year warrantee. I think it may be the rechargeable battery which has never taken enough power for a 1 week holiday away from the charger.
The Nivia Shaving conditioner is a very expensive consumable which is no real advantage. I used the shaver in the shower and it worked just as well with shower gell.
The great advantage over my previous Philips shavers (and the AquaTouch AT890 I purchased as an emergency replacement) is that it gives a very close shave. The disadvantages are that it is prone to blockages caused by longer than average hairs and VERY difficult to clean. The charger base is not very good being very light and difficult to ensure that the shaver is sitting correctly to charge - there is no excuse for such a simple design error. It is also relatively fragile and would probably break easilly if dropped.
I don't think I would buy another one but the shave is so much closer than the Philips AquaTouch AT890 I purchased to replace it I think I will try to get it repaired. If I do get it repaired I would still use it as my first choice (which says a lot) but would never take it on holiday or rely on it as my only shaver.
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on 7 September 2011
This is my third Philips Nivea For Men Coolskin shaver and each model has got better. This is actually the cheapest one I have bought, but am pleased with the performance of the shaver.

I like the fact I can control the amount of balm the shaver dispenses by how long I press the button. My previous version dispensed the same amount every time, which I didn't find very useful as I wanted more on particularly sensitive parts of my face.

The battery lasts a lot longer between charges too.

As always, the size of the starter lotion pot is rather small, but apart from that, well recommended.
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on 8 August 2015
To replace one which I bought many years ago for a much much cheaper price that has finally given up the ghost - liked the use of Nivea Coolskin, but get the impression that Philips do not promote this product and are running it down not sold in many of retail outlets Philips recommend i.e. Argos & Boots
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