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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Flavour: Vanilla Crème|Size: 908 g|Change
Price:£19.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 27 March 2015
Being a big fella, I struggle to get enough protein in without devouring 2 dozen eggs or £20's worth of steak a day. Though I prefer not to eat "un-natural" foods, from a budgetary and practical stance, I have little choice. I researched the market on protein powders, and the prices can vary dramatically. PhD have a good name, and the price seemed reasonable, so I gave it a whirl.

The primary thing with any of these (for most people, I expect), is what do they taste like. Well, the vanilla is lovely. Really, lovely. No peculiar after-taste, and that is a big plus if you're knocking one back as soon as you wake up. I only drink full fat milk, so for those interested, the macros come out like this (200ml full fat milk, plus one scoop of this stuff):

230 calories
8.8g of good fat
11.2g carbs (8.2g net carbs)
26.8g protein

One, or at the most, two of these a day has me comfortably hitting my protein you don't have to cook it! It mixes easily, I just use a standard shaker, put in the milk (or water), a handful of ice, and the powder and two or three shakes and you're done. I always use ice, as it keeps it cold (drinking cold stuff burns more calories), and the ice helps break up any lumps that may have formed.

I have tried 4 flavours, though some of the others are available at better prices elsewhere (google it). I order of preference:

1. Vanilla (this one) and banana.
2. Strawberry (quite sweet, I let the ice melt a bit to dilute it)
3. Choc and mint (not as sweet as the strawberry, but does have a slight after-taste).

Your taste may vary, but you can't go wrong with the vanilla for starters. Being available on Prime is a plus.

The packaging is cumbersome, so I just got 4 little plastic tubs from Wilko, each holds a weeks worth plus the scoop (you get one in the pouch, and each is exactly one measure).

You can't go far wrong at this price.
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on 13 November 2012
I have been a serious gym goer for many years and always used Promax protein and was reluctant to change as I am very particular about what I take but after hearing a lot of positive things about PhD I thought I would give their protein a try..I'm glad I did as I am now hooked. It's an excellent product, I feel fitter and stronger than ever after a few weeks of taking it once a day only on training days and it tastes amazing. It mixes perfectly in a shaker and is reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.
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on 29 November 2014
I've used a wide range of protein brands over the years and have been using PhD creating for a while so decided to try their protein. I've found the flavour of the mint chocolate not to be that great but it mixes very well. I'm going to stop using this product as its giving me tummie troubles for some reason ( extream bloating) .
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on 9 September 2015
Over the years I've bought a quite few 1kg pouches of these PhD protein powders in varying flavours. Initially I was loath to provide a review for something so subjective as taste, but after buying yet another pouch in yet another flavour, I thought I'd try and help give an insight into what these various powders taste like.

In general I mix 25g with 300ml of semi-skimmed milk and that's all that's needed. Any less milk and I find it's a bit too thick and doesn't drink too well. I mix them with a variety of other things too, which I'll write about more below.

Vanilla Creme - I don't like this powder. I find it very sickly sweet, mixed with anything but especially with milk. I've tried it stirred into porridge, into quark and Greek yoghurt, and none of them have really tickled my fancy. I was able to finish the pouch but just through holding my nose and chugging my shake down. In my opinion it tastes nothing like vanilla... it tastes vaguely like a very sweet custard, very artificial and not particularly pleasant to drink... maybe a little bit like evaporated or condensed milk.

Chocolate Mint - Heavier on the mint than on the chocolate. Quite nice mixed with quark/Greek yoghurt, not particularly nice in a milkshake. There's a very noticeable aftertaste of mint which I find fairly unpleasant just with milk, and it doesn't particularly lend itself to blending up with anything else (kale and spinach anyone?). Mixed with quark/Greek yoghurt tastes vaguely like less chocolatey Aero peppermint bubbles and makes a really nice snack.

Strawberry Creme - This one tastes best nice blended with milk and fruits... strawberries in particular (no surprise there). It's a little bit tart but still plenty sweet and I find it does taste quite strawberry-ish. It's the one I find is most "true" to the describing flavour. I've mixed it with porridge in the morning (super-pink porridge) and also with Greek yoghurt and it's very tasty. Makes a good "fro-yo" too.

Chocolate Peanut - I love this one. I mix 15g of flaxseed, sometimes some ice if I've got it available (otherwise I blend it and chuck it in the fridge before my workout) and blend it together as set out above. The only way I can think of describing this flavour to you is... it tastes like wafers. Again, nice thick consistency... gritty with the flax (but I like that) otherwise smooth just mixed with milk.
I've tried it with water and it's OK, much less flavoursome than with milk (and I don't really like the taste of milk).

Banana - You know when bananas get so ripe you can smell them from another room in the house? that's what this tastes like. I don't like it - I like my bananas still a bit firm and a tiny bit green - but if you like the flavour of banana bread and things with an artificial, very sweet, banana flavour then you'll probably like this.

Belgian Chocolate - Blended with milk I don't find this tastes very much of chocolate, perhaps I was expecting too much (being a massive fan of chocolate) but I found it very vague of chocolate when mixed just with 300ml of milk. A little bit like chocolate milk (which I don't enjoy). It's very nice mixed with porridge for a hit of protein with all the carbs for breakfast, and tastes more chocolatey... since you're expecting a much thicker mix, it's really pleasant to eat.

Cherry Bakewell - Another really, really nice one. Does it taste like a cherry bakewell? no. Not really. If you're expecting a sweet glace cherry with marzipan flavour, you'll be disappointed... but it does taste incredibly good. It's slightly tart (reminiscient of cherry wheels/laces, if I'm honest) with a gentle sweetness behind it. I've only mixed with milk thus far, but there's no need to do anything more elaborate with it when it's so good with milk.

I've yet to try the chocolate orange, or the white chocolate, but I'll update when I do.

Lastly I should say that PhD now - they didn't when I first began purchasing from them - do 50g sample sizes of various flavours and I'd recommend buying these (from the phd-supplements website) to try out before you take the plunge for a 1kg/40 serving pouch... or worse, a 2kg tub... and find you don't like it.
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on 2 April 2016
Fantastic protein.

Cheap- got 30% off with subscribe and save voucher.
has a high amount of protein and good amino profile. This means that the protein can be broken down and used to rebuild torn muscles from exercising.
Flavour- Fantastic.
Size- I put on alot of size (lean size) whilst on this

Comes in a pouch. I had to pour it into an old tub. The smaller sizes come in a tub.
Scoop was at the bottom
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I've used so many of these products over the years. I thought I'd nailed down which one was the best (having tried USN, other PHD products, Maxi, Gold etc etc).

Whey HT+ is, by far and away, the cleanest whey I've ever had. Tastes great, mixes well, and does what is says on the... bag... in terms of nutrition and gains.
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on 16 May 2015
Not quite as tasty as the PhD Pharma Pure chocolate orange - this is a tiny bit more sickly sweet - but still a perfectly acceptable flavour, and a good price for a ludicruously large tub. And the nutritional stats for the two are very close - this has just slightly more carbs (from the sugar making it sweeter, I guess) and slightly less protein (but not by much).
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on 12 April 2015
Tastes lovely. Not lumpy or powdery tasting at all. It is really sweet though. But this is my healthy treat as I love a sweet. I would definitely buy this again. I would also try other flavours. I have only used this once so far. So I hope it helps me sustain my muscle also nd lose fat.
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on 2 July 2015
I mix this with 2% milk or water and it mixes very well, very seldom is there any lumps when using a hand held drinks shaker. This particular one tastes very nice, it is sweet but nowhere near as sweet as the strawberry.
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on 23 March 2013
Pharma whey is recommended by many and whilst I can say it is not a bad product, it had the same effect as Reflex Instant whey concerning frothiness and slight bloating. Perhaps it is just me as many I know who regularly use this product say it is excellent. Each to their own I suppose.
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