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Petition: Amazon, Please Stop Using CITYLINK!

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Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 15:26:15 GMT
Miss Brown says:
Three days of sitting and waiting at home for my order to arrive. Three days of City Link updating their website to advise that they have attempted delivery and that there was 'no one at home'. No knock on the door, no calling card left. I'm not entirely sure you did indeed attempt delivery City Link...

What is Amazon doing still providing this company with business?? Because if it continues it will certainly mean that I stop providing Amazon with mine.

Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 16:06:44 GMT
Mr Ed says:
Amazon are just about the greatest company ever. Anything with a plug or can be played or loaded on something with a plug I buy from them. City Link on the other hand are the worst ever. I have now waited 4 days for a parcel. Guaranteed 100 per cent to come yesterday, today etc... HOPELESS. As someone else has said if Amazon persists using City Link, it will be goodbye from me!

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Jan 2011, 16:52:05 GMT
My son went to their Ashford depot to collect his parcel, they could NOT find it. I would add it took 4 weeeks for him to take possession of HIS item. He had to travel back to their depot AGAIN as they couldn't tell him when they would deliver. Terrible, Terrible service. Amazon should be kicking them into touch.

Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 17:05:13 GMT
I have complained to AMAZON about this company and I received a pathetic response saying "Please be assured that we monitor the service that our carriers provide and if we feel that the service reflects negatively upon Amazon.co.uk, we will take measures to ensure corrective actions are taken".

So if Amazon actually bother to look at this discussion board and others like it they wont be using City Link again will they? Oh hang on a minute....... they do a nice deal with Amazon, provide their customers with a shoddy service and we are expected to accept that? Shove you r account and your products i'm taking my trade elsewhere as of now.

Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 17:44:51 GMT
Second time I have been lied to by City Link, thats it, I am gonna stop buying through Amazon unless they change! City Link are useless! Am going to pick the package up myself!!!!!!!!!!! I am paying for a premium service which I am not getting!


Posted on 7 Jan 2011, 21:30:41 GMT
Peter L. says:
Amazon has lost my business until they start using a courier who actually delivers.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Jan 2011, 23:15:03 GMT
AndyS says:
Why use a delivery company that does not deliver and provides customer service that is so bad?

Posted on 8 Jan 2011, 09:19:40 GMT
HT says:
After two days having to wait at home for delivery, Amazon promised that they would arrange for Citylink to deliver Saturday. Despite clearly stating I would not be home Thursday, they came then and left my 40" tv with a neighbour. Fortunately, I have trustworthy neighbours but I still take excpetion to Citylink just abandoning an expensive item with someone who doesn't actually live at my address. I have emailed the managing director of Amazon about the unacceptable level of service from Citylink but I think the only thing that will change their policy is if people just start shopping elsewhere. I certainly wouldn't buy big items from them again; I would rather pay more to know that my purchases will reach me when they are meant to.

Posted on 8 Jan 2011, 11:12:13 GMT
R. Small says:
What's is wrong with the Royal Mail? They deliver pretty much on time and they leave a calling card if you're not in so you can go to a LOCAL depot and collect your stuff not 20 or 30 miles away to be told we don't have it. I have advised my Facebook friends to cancel their Amazon orders if they notice City Link are the carriers.

Posted on 8 Jan 2011, 18:48:09 GMT
R. Haylock says:
Twice I have been told when phoning City Link that the problem is that Amazon scans in the packages and then fails to deliver them to the depot, if they are pressed to give a source to the information they go quiet, maybe this is why: after many phone calls and emails to Amazon I received this response from the escalation team:
"My name is Luci and I work in the customer escalations team. I understand City link tells you the problem is that Amazon scan in items and then fail to deliver them to City Link.

I can confirm that our fulfilment centre package and then scan items for departure. These item are then placed onto skids. City Link are the party who perform collections of these skids of parcels. We do not deliver items to our carriers. When you were told the items had left the depot on 5 January, that is because they were scanned and ready for departure on that date however City Link may not collect them immediately or they may not be rescanned immediately within their depot which will lead to their customer service agents not having access to valid and updated information. Instead, based on the information in the system, the items will appear to have not been received when in fact they just may not have been rescanned as arriving as of yet. Until that is done the tracking information will not be updated and possibly not reflect the true status of the package. This is especially the case presently due to an over spill of backlogs still being experienced within many depots."

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Jan 2011, 19:32:35 GMT
City Link are useless. My son was waiting for nearly a month for delivery of his item., he had to collect himself in the end. He purchased from Ebuyer, so not just problems with Amazon orders!!!

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 12:23:35 GMT
HarryWales says:
I Support this - City Link have failed to deliver "next day" items to me in anything less than 4 days - THREE TIMES IN A ROW.
If this goes on I will STOP shopping with Amazon - come on Amazon - get your act together or I will vote with my wallet.
Either dump City Link OR offer an alternative courier at pont of sale.

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 14:11:37 GMT
HarryWales says:
UPDATE: City Link just arrived here - 48 hours late. BUT, although the driver had the paperwork - he had NO parcel for me. Absolutely USELESS!!!

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 14:33:15 GMT
HarryWales says:
UPDATE - managed to get through to City Link after several hours of trying their listed numbers - instead I used an 01 number I found for my local deopt by using this site: http://www.saynoto0870.com kindly listed by another Amazon user earlier.

However, although I did finally get through, the lady on the other end couldn't tell me where my parcel was - or why it is now over 50 hours late...

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Jan 2011, 17:06:16 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Jan 2011, 17:08:07 GMT
I support this petition. If we could select our preferred courier then we could vote with our feet, but for now lets hope Amazon are reading this. Just one point - the customer service staff at the actual depot have been brilliant so worth trying to contact them direct if you can.
To "R Haylock" - don't blame Amazon as you will see hundreds of posts on the other City Link thread on this site which can only be down to City Link's own problems. Too much is scanned in at the delivery depot itself and then not delivered to us punters for it to be down to Amazon's team.

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 17:11:50 GMT
HarryWales says:
I think we will indeed have to start voting with our feet - I will certainly not use Amazon's Express Delivery service again until they have dumped City Link. We have no problems with late deliveries in this area for ANY other courier firm - only City Link get it wrong time and time again. OK, Amazon have refunded me the express delivery charges for the last 3 City Link deliveries - but that's not the point - I have better things to do thatn wait in for deliveries that never come...

Posted on 10 Jan 2011, 21:05:33 GMT
D. Hegarty says:
I have found City Link's service to be systematically unreliable. Five consecutive Amazon orders have been late or gone AWOL, with nothing but vacuous, "not-my-problem" denial from City Link over the phone.

In contrast, Amazon's approach to resolving these issues has been superb - professional, measured and most definitely customer-centric.

Ditch City Link!

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jan 2011, 14:41:48 GMT
I have just been to the depot and collected the tv which mysteriously went missing and then miraculously reappeared. Scary experience. The men in the warehouse refused to deal with reception duties - you have to call and wait, wait, wait until the lady in customer services takes your details. Then wait, wait, wait while they try to find your parcel. When we went to the back to put the tv in the car, you could see it is a huge warehouse, but with hardly anything in it!! Worse still, the chap in front of us had been waiting ages only for the CityLink man to say sorry he couldn't find the parcel that the poor chap was supposed to collect and he would have to claim from his supplier. "Sorry" was an afterthought as the chap left the (dirty and untidy) reception area. The man after us hadn't even had his details taken after 20 minutes waiting, and a lady had stood with the phone dialling customer services in the office for just as long with no reply. CityLink are on a downward spiral to oblivion and the sooner Amazon wake up and realise this the better or they will follow suit.

Posted on 12 Jan 2011, 13:52:10 GMT
After City Link finally admitting they had lost my TV (probably, but it might be on van somewhere).... Amazon have very helpfully shipped another yesterday and it arrived in the City Link depot early this morning. Unfortunately, it's the same depot. We've been there already - rude, dismissive, unsympathetic. Asked to wait in the warehouse by the shift manager (after she eventually emerged following a long wait) my wife was accosted by one of the blokes sitting on his hands. Terrible terrible customer service.

And when I spoke to the nice lady at Amazon yesterday, she went to phone City Link and they hung up on her! Nice.

Amazon - you need to change carriers! I had a delivery via DPD the other day and they told me what time it would be delivered and were spot on!

Posted on 15 Jan 2011, 20:44:23 GMT
Guernsey says:
City Link are a nightmare - so fed up with them lying when you try tracking an order sent by Amazon Prime. This problem is getting worse - their site
says "out for delivery" and they never bother to deliver the item/items - this goes on for days and recently weeks! Often their excuse is "the Driver
ran out of time".

I have spoken to Amazon explaining the situation and they just say if the goods do not turn up by a certain date let them know and they will
re-send them (I expect by City Link) again!! I have also pointed out that I am paying for Amazon Prime and this service is getting worse and
worse and also by using City Link they will loose a lot of loyal customers - I really don't think that Amazon care any more.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jan 2011, 22:30:03 GMT
HarryWales says:
Amazon really ought to be reading this discussion...

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Jan 2011, 09:02:02 GMT
I have to make on last order with Amazon after this but once that arrives. IF IT ARRIVES! I'll never use Amazon again because of City Link I'm out of time and money. This has been the worst buying experience of my life. An overnight delivery is now 2 weeks late and I cannot stand for this.

Posted on 19 Jan 2011, 13:26:01 GMT
microremek says:
I agree with these posts. I will not use Amazon again unless they stop using City Link. I have wasted too much time, money and days off work waiting for deliveries that never came. Disgraceful service!!

Posted on 19 Jan 2011, 14:16:16 GMT
Dave S says:
I ordered an item yesterday and it was delivered today ... by the Home Delivery Network. I haven't had anything from Amazon delivered by them before, so maybe Amazon are getting the message at last.

Posted on 19 Jan 2011, 15:04:39 GMT
No, they are still using them. My son ordered something and it came up City Link, he has complained and asked to have his account flagged NO CITY LINK, Lets see what happens???
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