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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2012
Our dog loves barking, always has done, be it other dogs, cats, birds, squirrels or leaves blowing in the wind. He's 3 years old and it's always been a nightmare letting him out in the garden preparing for the onslaught that would follow, with him only coming in when tempted with a treat...eventually, after chasing him round the garden.
It's not a deep bark, more high pitched and it resonates in your eardrums. Tried training him but he's too clever for us, until we tried this product. Reviews about ultrasonic collars were hit and miss so we decided to try this. I can only say miraculous! After trying the collar without actually switching the unit on for 3 days as recommended, to get him used to it, we tried it filled with the citronella and he barked as usual when let out. Spray is released in a mist out in front of his nose. He spun round a few times, barked again, and another spray. Since then, he's doesn't bark outside apart from a throaty grr which disturbs no-one. Fantastic. We only use it when putting him outside. The only gripe is that the collar is nylon and does slip a little so have to adjust every time - a small price to pay. Unit does 18-24 sprays before refilling so good value, we haven't had to refill yet and we may not need to. He's certainly not distressed in any way so that's a huge plus too. No false alarms either! Believe me, if you have a barking dog and are at your wits end, this is worth every single penny and I just wish I'd got one sooner. Peace and quiet at last, what a godsend.
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on 28 December 2013
This worked the first time I put it on my Pom and it was instant. Every morning when my wife left the house (I work at home so have the luxury of an extra hour in bed) the little unit would yap and yap and YAP. It was either this, a shock collar or....I cook him in his own juices. So we opted for this collar. 2 secs later after putting it on him, he stopped barking. 2 days later he stopped barking in the mornings or when one of us left the house altogether, no collar needed. 2 months later. Still no barking. It's like magic. I'm dumbfounded....what kind of black witch magic is this? I didn't ever even re-fill it. No need. I think in total he wore it for 3 days....If he starts to get excited now, I just say "I'll get the collar" and he calms down INSTANLY. Also, each collar is hand made by Cesar Millan and has a little speaker that he communicates to the dog through....or at least so it seems. Buy it and reduce your chance of heart attack.
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on 19 July 2011
Very good and has reduced the barking to single. Collar was a waist of time as the dogs had them off in 5 mins. So I used proper collars and it has worked very well.
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on 13 September 2009
All i can say about this product is WOW. Within the first 5 minutes of putting the collar the barking almost stopped after the first two sprays. After 24 Hours my dog is completely bark free (Except the odd grunt). Well reccommended.
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on 8 February 2010
I had my doubts that this Anti-Bark spray collar would work, but we were desperate to try anything. I read all the product info and it sounded good, but would it really work. Having moved to new property with a large garden our Westie ran around barking at anything that moved, and annoyed the new neighbours.
To our surprise she had no objections to having the collar put on, so that bit was easy. I watched her from the kitchen window on her first trip out with the collar in place. She barked and the first spray went off. 'Whah! Where did that come from' I imagined her saying, it was quiet funny to watch, as she looked around to see where the spray came from. It didn't take her long to associate the spray with the bark.
We now have total silence as she runs around playing happily in the garden. The neighbours are pleased too. For me, it's been money well spent.
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on 6 September 2012
The Innotek Anti Bark Spray collar with citronella has been the best purchase I've made in a long while. Yes, it is expensive but it is most definitely not a gimmick, it works and has paid its value back ten fold in just a few hours. Having taken on the care of a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel from my elderly uncle, it became clear on the first day that it felt the need to protect us from the cooker timer, squeaky door hinges, mobile phone messages, noises coming from t.v. programmes, my daughter's giggling girlfriends, as well as a whole raft of people and vehicles driving past our house. We tried out best to reassure him that these things were not a threat to us, but nothing worked and after a week of incessant and unnecesssary barking we were beginning to think we'd made the wrong decision in taking on such an anxious pooch. Outside of the house on walks or in the car, not a peep out of him - extremely well socialised with dogs of all shapes and sizes and likewise with the human species. I decided to get out the laptop and see what Dr. Google could offer up as a solution to this problem and wham, there it was, the Innotek Anti Bark Spray collar which squirts a fine mist of citronella at the dogs nose everytime it barks. It was cheaper buying it via Amazon than going into a pet superstore and I knew that we had to endure at least 3 or 4 days barking before we received it, but when it arrived... well, amazing. It was very easy to put together and place on the dog and I decided to test it by setting the cooker timer. When the timer went off, the dog barked once, got a spray, couldn't quite work out what was going on, but no more barking. I left it a couple of minutes and then set the timer again.... no barking at all. A third time... no barking. The dog got lots of praise and hugs each time he didn't attempt to bark. I then waited for something else to set him off. A car drove past with a noisy trailer. His ears pricked up, he barked once, got a spray, no more barking. The car turned round and drove past the house again, no attempt to bark this time. I turned it off mid evening.. no barking, so even wearing the collar he is aware that if he barks, he'll get a spray. I take it off when we leave the house for a walk, and I left it off when we got back this morning. I set the cooker timer as a test... no attempt to bark. So he's already learning. Our neighbours are having a window installed today and he started barking at the noise coming from their house, so I put on the collar and turned it on. One spray, now silence ! I will be using this as a learning tool, with lots of praise when he makes no attempt to bark, and using the word "bad" when he does bark. I'm hoping that very quickly we won't need the collar at all. It is an absolute life saver in achieving what you need to in a very quick and humane way, but I intend to use is as a tool towards teaching him when it's o.k. to bark and when it isn't. Perfect peace with a perfect pooch !
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on 7 June 2011
Fantastic at last we can go out without the dog barking all the time. We have tried everything else but nothing worked. As soon as the collar goes on he knows not to bark. Would certainly recommend it.
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on 4 May 2015
Unfortunately this has had no affect on my dog, however, the citrus smell around the house is quite pleasant and it may help keep flies away!
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on 23 November 2015
I have a German Shepherd who was barking crazy driving neighbours and myself crazy each time I let him out into the garden - and such a LOUD bark as well!!! Eventually, neighbours started to complain to my landlord (I wish they had come to me first) however, just at that time my anti-bark collar arrived in the nick of time! This was back in June when he was 1 year old. Oh my goodness, WHAT A LIFESAVER! First time I put it on, someone was walking past my fence he barked and out came that "wiff" of citronella which missed his nose. I thought oh nooooooo then I read the instructions again and readjusted the collar to shoot directly his nose. Next bark, "wiff" he jumped up looked around didnt know where THAT came from! Was so funny. Again he tried a few barks each time the same result with a little sniff after each "wiff" and within a few minutes he came to realise this was NOT funny and the barking stopped. Took a week or two of his attempt to bark, sniff and stop for him to get the message but when his barking would start up again I realised his collar just needed a refill or I hadnt switched it on!!! I went through one refill and have two more that have not been used since as there is no need for his collar anymore. However, the other day (5 months later) he started barking at people again so perhaps he needs to wear it as a reminder for a little while!!! Was going to resell it as it was lying around unused and wasted when someone else could benefit but perhaps a good idea to keep it for a while for these little reminders. The refills are expensive, however, the results are fantastic and worth the price and PEACE! Its a little heavy around his neck but he didnt seem to mind that and I really dont like the smell of the spray but that is nothing in comparison to the desired results!!!
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on 13 January 2016
Bought two of these one for my jack Russell cross dachshund who seems to go mental barking at any kind of animal on the television, (Paul o'grady love of dogs has to be watched after dogs bedtime!) not limited to just real animals on TV, Scooby doo and Simpsons dog get the full bark treatment too and my other baby who is a parsons jack Russell who had the most incredibly loud bark that goes right though you, the Mariah Carey of barks! and will bark at any noises/weather/phones etc and in particular our poor cat who she has never after 3 years accepted that she lives with us too and has done long before both dogs!! Collars work perfectly, now only have to show it to my parsons and she lays on her back with the ok I'll be good look. Lasts about 30 mins but better than nothing! The collars are not cruel at all and are only to be used for short periods of time when they are just barking for the sake of barking. Sure our neighbours are grateful for a bit of respite when dogs decided to start talking to each other at 11pm! Batteries run out quickly though especially if you forget to flick the switch after use to off, which we regularly do. Have bought a whole batch of replacement batteries about twenty five from Amazon for very reasonable price. Must say my favourite part of the collar is when my husband tries to bark into it to check it's working, think this confuses dogs slightly more than light lemon fragrance when they bark!! Might have to buy one for hubby when football is on!! Would definitely recommend for dogs who like to bark at everything and anything!
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