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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 July 2017
Mmmmm chomp chomp chomp mm mm slurp gettoffitsmine chomp yes they're the best munch munch munch ok my teeth are perfect slurp munch chomp can I just eat it now please? Yes I'm 5 chomp, always had these? Of course don't you dare try getting anything else munch chomp munch chomp go away you're interfering with my bliss munch munch...... Munch! ahhhh lovely!
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on 7 April 2016
My dog loves these things! His little face lights up when he gets one at the end of each day.

I was skeptical many years ago that this kind of "health snack" would really do any good at all, but one day decided to give them a try, and was somewhat astonished at how much difference they made in a short time. After only a few days, his teeth were genuinely cleaner and whiter.
Adding the obvious positive effect to him liking them so much, they became a regular part of his daily routine.

Finding them here at a bargain price for a bumper box is a boon.

I received 10 standard packs of 7 sticks in a sealed printed shop shelf display box (as you'd get from a commercial supplier or cash and carry). The box went straight in the recycling, and the packs in my dog's cupboard.
They're all the same variety/flavour, which seems to be maybe "beef" or "chicken" although I'm not sure, and can't see it written on the individual packs (it might have been written on the box). Whatever the flavour is supposed to be, he likes them and they don't smell bad.

Each pack of 7 sticks can be kind of resealed with the included sticky tab on the packet, but I prefer to decant the contents into a strong ziploc bag to keep them fresh, tidy and easy to access.
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on 7 May 2017
If I start saying, "Do you want your Dentastix?" my dog goes mad before I finish the sentence. He loves them at the end of the day and they're good for cleaning his teeth as he won't abide brushing.
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on 7 January 2016
I have been buying these Dentastics for my Labrador since I first had her and she is now just over 3 years old. I get them on subscription as they appear to be far cheaper this way. The dog loves them and usually has one after her breakfast in the morning one she has returned from her walk. With regards to cleaning her teeth effectively - this is one area where I have doubts - especially when the vet commented a couple of months ago on the tartar build up on her teeth and suggested that I used a toothbrush and dog toothpaste instead. On closer inspection - her teeth were getting a build up so I have since resorted to the vets recommendations and clean her teeth one daily with Poultry flavoured toothpaste. Since I have been using this, along with Plaque Off - all of which I purchased from Amazon - the difference is really quite amazing. So I can only give this product a maximum of 2 stars and that's simply because my Labrador looks forward to them on a daily basis, plus the seller sends them through quickly. As for being effective in cleaning her teeth - I would personally say in my instance they have not helped at all.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 October 2016
I had a bargain with these at £13 a box, much cheaper than any store I have seen.

I clean my dogs teeth every night and he gets one of these as an assistant treat so that he puts up with me shoving a brush in his mouth. I wouldn't trust to these for the only source of teeth cleaning. Mostly, because they are soft and gone with just a few bites - this is hardly likely to do much to remove tartar. I can't see how this can "remove up to 80% tartar" - I'd like to know where they came up with that figure!

My vet (specialist in dog dentistry) has been happy with my regime and dogs teeth. He did warn that these are fattening, but wasn't worried as the dog is exercised daily. I did have some low fat ones, but these are not marked as such.
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on 27 July 2017
I have to buy these in bulk as not only are they a good price but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to buy the small dog size in regular supermarkets. I've given my two small dogs a variety of different dental sticks or chews and these have always been their favourites. So, I'm sticking with these now and not wasting money on trying others for the time being.
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on 2 December 2016
Our greyhound loves them, goes just nuts about them. He is not at all driven by food, he often refuses treats. He is fussy about his meals as well. But these chews he just takes any day. But we have a ritual, as it's his last thing before sleep. We go for a walk, then he gets his dentastix and is left alone with it in his room, while we go to sleep in the bedroom. Before using dentastix, he often howled before going to sleep, didn't like to be left alone, but with the dentastix he is content. And he really expects to get it, so it's so useful that there are so many of them in the box.
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on 10 March 2017
70 medium-sized dog breath chews for £14.90. My dog loves sleep breath sweets and they really do work I make its breath smell much better. I would highly recommend and it is much much cheaper from buying them off the shelf. Ordered free click and subscribe every 3 months
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on 8 February 2018
My Pappilons love these (got small size as they are a toy breed). They sit on my bed and wait for them so there’s no way I can forget to ‘clean their teeth’! Very cheap, in my opinion for 70 of the chews. I’ve now got them on Subscribe & Save order every couple of months, so get them a little cheaper and don’t have to think about reordering. I’ve checked their teeth and they are very clean and white. Thanks for a great product!
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on 16 May 2016
Dentastix are the highlight of our young dog's daily routine. Just before bed time each night he will fix one of us with a hopeful stare until we fetch one for him. Once chewed he will take himself off to bed. He has fabulous teeth and lovely breath which is a delight to me as our last dog had neither of these. No we did not use Dentastix with him. I order them from Amazon because this way they work out much cheaper less than half the price of buying them in the supermarket. We ran out once buying them weekly and I never want that to happen again as no other 'treat' is good enough apparently. He was one huffy dog.
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