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Pandora's Tower - Special Edition (Wii)

Platform : Nintendo Wii
4.4 out of 5 stars 30 customer reviews

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Game Information

  • Platform:   Nintendo Wii
  • BBFC Rating: Suitable for 12 years and over Suitable for 12 years and over. Not for sale to persons under age 12. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 12 years of age or over.
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product details

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  • ASIN: B007C6EQGO
  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.8 x 21.7 cm ; 150 g
  • Release Date: 13 April 2012
  • Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (30 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 17,781 in PC & Video Games (See Top 100 in PC & Video Games)

Product Description

Break a curse that threatens to transform a beloved friend into a horrific beast in the stylish, dark and captivating Pandora’s Tower for Wii.

Pandora’s Tower blends RPG elements with action-packed gameplay as you assume the role of Aeron, an Athosian soldier facing a deeply personal and emotionally charged mission. With your friend, Elena, bound to a grave fate that is causing her to mutate into a demonic abomination, you’ll feel the pressure of time and the rush of accomplishment as you take up the fight to eradicate the spreading evil that has gripped her. To add to the drama of this melancholic and unconventional adventure, it is only by consuming the remains of monsters Aeron has slain that the cruel curse binding Elena can be reversed.

The world of Pandora’s Tower features 13 gruelling environments to tackle, each one based within a tower structure, and each one home to grim monsters whose flesh takes on a macabre significance in the game’s engrossing plotline. Enemies can be attacked in two ways – with a bladed weapon offering hard-hitting results up close, or with a magical chain possessing uses that extend far beyond overcoming opponents. Aimed by pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, the Oraclos Chain can be used to latch onto elements of the environment, allowing the player to reach new heights, activate levers or pull down parts of their surroundings. The chain also acts as the ultimate restraint when tackling monsters, allowing for innovative combat techniques as you engage in fast and furious real-time battles.

Using his sword and the magical Oraclos Chain, Aeron must defeat the creatures that lurk in the tower and harvest their meat to feed to Elena. Only by eating all of the “master flesh”, harvested from the largest monsters within each tower, will Elena be fully cured of the curse and free from its monstrous grip.

As you progress, the weight of Elena’s predicament will spur you on, her physical appearance becoming more grotesque the longer it takes you to overcome each tower. Minutes matter as you race to bring her the remains of your foes, an on-screen indicator changing colour to warn you of how advanced the mutation is becoming in your absence. When you’re with Elena, your interactions will determine the strength of your overall relationship, a bond which could vary dramatically and will result in the game coming to one of numerous alternate endings.

Items collected throughout your journey can be traded with Mavda, a mysterious merchant carrying a strange skeletal creature on her back, who comes to your aid. With her, you can upgrade your weapons and even create new items by combining two or more items that you have found on your journey. The items that you have discovered while exploring the towers can be given to Elena as gifts to increase your affinity or be used help you on your quest to battle the 13 masters.

Enter the shadowy world of Pandora’s Tower on Wii for a novel adventure experience that demands your devotion as a player. As time ticks away, the fate of your friend grows all the more unthinkable and the effects of evil stare you in the face even as you fight to suppress them. Do you have the heart for a fight that is guaranteed to get personal?

  • Experience a dark and original RPG adventure, where you must break a curse that threatens to transform your friend into a demonic beast.
  • Explore and survive 13 towers, defeating enemies and traversing your environment with a combination of swordplay and by using a magical chain that boasts multiple uses.
  • Feel the weight of a dynamic relationship in which your actions have a direct visible effect on your friend, Elena. Race against time to save her.

In celebration of communication with loved ones, a set of 5 specially themed e-card images were created. Featuring Aeron, Elena, Mavda and some key pieces of artwork from the game, this unique set of images can be shared with your loved ones - although user discretion is advised and it may be a good idea to ensure that the recipient already knows a thing or two about the concept of the game...

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As the Wii approaches its end, original role playing games seem to be landing left and right. Xenoblade has its grand vistas, The Last Story has its amazingly natural dialogue, and Pandora's Tower well it has Elena. The aim of the game being to prevent a curse from turning her into a monster. To stop the curse you take control of the semi-silent protagonist Aeron; for the most part he's a bit like Link from the Zelda series or the vault dweller from fallout 3 but in scenes with drama he does talk. It's a nice halfway house that sets out to give you the immersion of playing the part of the character while at the same time allowing for dramatic scenes to feel fluid and not like a series of button prompts. Armed with the mystical oraclos chain, given to you by a creepy old woman named Mavda you are instructed to collect the flesh of beasts from the towers for Elena to chow down on. You soon find out that said beast flesh is only a temporary solution; it only delays the effects of the curse for 30 or 40 minutes. The only way to truly break the curse and save the day is to obtain flesh from the masters lying in wait at the top of each of the thirteen towers.

The aforementioned towers are guarded by enemies and puzzles, in order to reach the final room of each tower the plucky hero must first unseal the rooms containing the dangerous creatures known as the masters. This is achieved by destroying a handful of pedestals which ground the chains barring entrance to the final room of a tower. As you begin scaling the towers you will notice two things, the first is that each tower corresponds to an element a bit like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time's fire temple, water temple, forest temple etc.
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The fundamental idea is good, the art and designs are really beautiful and well made, and the music is delightful. But this reminds me the old games of the "8 bit" era, when every time you failed you had to start over from the beginning. Fortunately you can save your progress in "Pandora's Tower", but you will have to try and go back several times as you explore the towers and learn how you can get to the last room faster, and avoid Elena's transformation into a beast.

The control scheme is very strange and sometimes I press the wrong button, and the camera not always works well. Game progress is monotone, and some bosses are really annoying (I almost gave up with one of them).

So, why I rate it with four stars? Because despite all of that, I still enjoyed it, and that means something. The level design is great and you feel compelled to try again and again. I recommend it if you have patience and like challenging games that borders on the annoying. It's not the kind of game I usually like, but I didn't know "Pandora's Tower" was like that, so I warn you.
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I have to say, after excitedly watching the opening cutscene and on edge for amazing Final Fantasy like graphics, i was pretty disappointed that it took me a while to define door from wall. still, you get used to the graphics (it's kinda like legend of zelda twilight princess) it's definitely gonna be in your top ten games!
I absolutely loved the game, from the silent but deadly Aeron to the final boss, though some of the towers (especially the water ones) were very irritating, and some of the littler guys can be annoying, especially when your trying to get back to a monster Elena. At first you'd think that the whole pressure thing would be annoying, but actually it really involves you in the game and you end up wanting to help Elena, and can see things from her point of view. Especially when you've left it a little long and you go back to the observatory and she's trying to clean up her purple goo on the floor, and apologising. You also feel for Aeron, and i think his lack of opinionated speech means that you can 'be' him and make him who you want, without feeling pressurised to choose an option (you know, replying to elena) that you think he would say. he's a clean slate and you can make him who you want!
All in all a gripping game, and the fact you can choose your own ending is a plus too. I truly recommend it, for players who love a bit of romance (gruesome or other wise) and players who want to fight!
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After reading many reviews and review scores, I was expecting this game to be mediocre at best, but bought it anyway to help support the Operation Rainfall cause. Imagine my surprise when I found that this game actually turned out to be quite good!

Sure, the controls take a bit to get used to; there's a slight delay when you swing your wii remote for example, but even so, it must've only taken about 10 minutes to get used to it. You can pull of awesome looking combos quite easily and are thoroughly explained through in-game tutorials, if experimenting only gets you so far.

The sound design is especially excellent. The soundtrack consists of redone classical pieces, such as Dies Irae, and fit perfectly with the game. If only the special edition included a soundtrack CD as well, like The Last Story...but I guess you can't have everything.

Overall, this game is worth a buy, especially if you like The Legend of Zelda games, as it's basically like that, only without the travelling in between the dungeons. In fact, you should get the special edition while you're at it, as it comes with a great artbook, with high quality promo pictures, and a steelbook which looks fantastic. Buy it now!
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