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on 10 July 2011
Looks great, sound from CD and I Pod good. Sound via AUX not so good though, quite thin. Biggest problem is the DAB. Aeriel provided unable to get a satisfactory signal on even strong stations. Weaker stations showed "no signal" on unit. Purchased an external aeriel, still no better. We are able to get DAB on our £20 radio from asda with just a bit of wire to act as an aeriel so know its not our area. Checking elsewhere, other people have had this problem too with the unit. Very dissapointed in Panasonic regarding this. Am sending it back. Just brought a Sony XDRDS12IP [[ASIN:B0046GDMBS Sony XDRDS12IP iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock with Clock Radio Function] to replace it, no cd but fantastic sound from DAB with just a wire as an aerial.
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on 27 May 2011
I bought this to use in the bedroom so it was important that it worked well at very quiet volumes and didn't step up from too quiet to just a bit too loud (unlike my old system) because for me there is a very quiet volume that is just right for drifting off to sleep with. Anyway, at "Daytime" volumes, the sound quality is reasonably ok although it isn't going to fill a room like a decent hi-fi so it has it's limitations.

It's a good compact size, so it fits just right on a bedside cabinet.

The main display (2 brightness settings) is dim enough not to be a distraction at night.

The CD player is fine but doesn't cope with mp4. Normal CD and mp3 are ok though.

The Ipod connetion is great and the remote controls the ipod really well. It doesnt have a video out, but you can watch a vid on your ipod and hear the sound through this unit's speakers. It also charges your ipod.

Both FM and DAB radios are ok but are a bit sensitive and it does need the external wire aerial plugging in.
As this unit is in the bedroom, I've taped the aerial to the back of a headboard and all is fine. I probably use the DAB radio more than the FM. As with any unit of this size, there really isn't much difference between DAB and FM sound quality so use whichever gets the best signal.

It allows 3 separate alarms (or on/off times) to be set up and then you can easily switch one of the three on. This is a good feature. When it wakes up, the volume gradually comes up to whatever it was set to, so you aren't woken with a loud shock. Also, if it was set to play a CD, it will start the CD playing.

Another great feature is that it has a USB socket on the top. I've plugged in an ancient memory stick which contained various files and some mp3 files and it played the mp3 files with no probs so you don't even need a proper ipod to play your mp3s on this unit.

The remote is well designed with lots of different sized buttons and doesnt take long to feel where the different controls are. It controls everything apart from the cd door opening but there is a button in the top of the unit for this so it isn't a problem.

It's a good 4 star item - I'd give it 5 stars if it had a video out and a telescopic aerial.
For the money, it fits a purpose and I'm happy with it :)
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on 22 December 2011
This Panasonic came supplied with two antennas for DAB reception and neither of them worked. Living in London reception of DAB has never been a problem and with 3 radios already in the house tuned to DAB broadcasts the fact that Panasonic would not register a signal is very mysterious and upsetting. Another DAB/CD/USB etc. radio has been bought at a half of the price of the Panasonic and gives wonderful reception with just the usual internal antenna.
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on 30 December 2011
I have a house full of Panasonic products, so despite the poor reports on this Dab. radios/CD/Ipod dock, I went ahead and purchased it. How disappointed I was. Yes, it looks good, plays CD's okay, but the Dab. radio and FM. radio was useless. Poor sensitivity, even the local stations were poor. I purchased an outside aerial hoping this would cure the problem, but still no better on Dab. or on FM. I have decided to return the product back to Amerzon, who should take up the poor radio sensitivity problem with Panasonic - Urgently.

I like Panasonic products, but I could not recommend this one.
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on 7 February 2012
Bought this for our sitting room as we wanted a stylish, small unit to fit on our CD cabinet. Very happy with the sound from CD & iPod but the DAB signal quality is pathetic. To even get it to work I've got the indoor aerial plugged in & stuck to the wall as it says in the manual, but also have to use the outdoor aerial by hanging it off the wire & running it across the room sideways to improve the quality. I've bought several other DAB's including a pocket portable one & all give a perfect signal, so can't see why this doesn't.

Going to try an external but annoyed that I have to!
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on 18 February 2012
This is a good looking product. I bought it to use in my conservatory and wanted to avoid the mass of cables that come with systems that are not intigrated.

The CD is easy to use and, in a small room, the quality of sound is all I could want. I also play music or podcasts via my iPhone 3g and this is excellent. It even charges the phone as it plays.

The big let down, as in other reviews is the DAB player. From the end of my road I can actually see my local transmitter but with this panasonic I cannot get any DAB signal whatsoever!! If you want to listen to DAB I suggest that you do not take the chance with this unit. If you want to use it for other things its OK.

You can however listen to the radio via a phone app, such as "tune in radio" so maybe the DAB is not such an issue if you have a iphone !!
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on 30 January 2012
I wanted to believe the good reviews and that the radio would work.

We get excellent reception on all other other DAB radios from the smallest clock radio with a spindly length of wire for an ariel to the best Roberts portable and a number of cheap minisystems in between.

I gave this Panasonic every chance to work trying the standard and so called "high sensitivity" ariels. Neither gave any reasonable reception on DAB or FM!

How can a good manufacturer like Panasonic selL such a USELESS product!

DONT BUY IT, ITS RUBBISH! PS, the sound quality on CD is actually quite good for the size of unit, what a shame.
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on 31 December 2011
Being big fans of Panasonic and having several items made by them we had no hesitation in buying this DAB radio with Ipod dock. However although it looks very stylish and slimline the radio didn't work. The FM reception was poor and the DAB was non existant. After reading other reviews we found many other people had had problems with reception so it must be a design fault and Panasonic need to sort it out! The aerial is very 'twitchy' making the radio not a good buy. Sorry Panasonic but we won't be buying another one! Have to say AMAZON credited us extremely fast so can give the 5* for service. Thanks AMAZON.
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on 20 December 2012
This Panasonic SC- HC25DBEBK DAB micro system has stood on the kitchen sideboard for over a year, being used by my wife to play CDs. I had hope that moving it up to my upstairs office would make the DAB section usable, as with my other DAB radios. Sadly it fails to load anything other than BBC Asia. I will not be buying so innocently from Amazon again.
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on 7 March 2012
The system was delivered with the usual Amazon speed and efficiency. The setting up instructions are quite good, which I followed to the letter. There is a warning that the DAB radio may not operate without a suitable aerial. Panasonic were right on that point,an aerial was purchased and fitted in the loft. The reception is perfect. On FM, it could only pick up two channels, Radio 1 and Classic FM. It needs an FM aerial, but there is no provision to fit one. Working through the functions, I discovered in the 'Sound' function, that I could not switch on, 'Surround Sound' or the the +4 to -4 bass facility. Continuing with the setting up instructions, I went through the factory Pre-set procedure. I was still unable to us the Surround Sound or Bass facilities. The CD player is very good, and the sound quality amazing for the size of the speakers. I contacted Panasonic Customer Services online. After a few days, I did receive a reply, which included an apology for not replying earlier. The suggestion was that if I had still not been successful with the Pre-set procedure, I should use the link provided to seek help from one of their servicing agents. After getting a list of local service agents, I discovered that my nearest agent had the wrong email address, and in any case no longer serviced brown goods. Panasonic had been informed on a number of occasions. I have left the matter in the hands of my next nearest servicing agent, who told me that they will definitely be able to fix the problem. I am not at all impressed with the poor quality control,in the factory where this equipment was made. Overall I am not impressed with Panasonic. I would have expected the system to work perfectly straight out of the box. I think that Panasonic have lessons to learn, in an age when good customer service is a priority for a lot of people.
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