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on 30 December 2012
Bought this system to make use of a recently purchased Panasonic 3D TV and really pleased with it for the money.I'm not a sound buff but it sounds good to me and does the job it was bought to do-playing 3D blu rays with uncomplicated ease.The Speaker's are a nice shiny gloss piano black and are quite small and easily 'hidden'.Also made use of the Panasonic offer and got Avatar and Titanic 3D blu rays in the deal!.The only negative i have about this system is that i had to extend one of the rear speaker wires as there only about 10M long.So if you've got a large room bear this in mind.Would of cost Panasonic a matter of a few pence to make these longer.
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on 23 April 2013
Had our last system 10 years and was still going strong when we gave it away. So purchased the new Panasonic and it delivers as well as the old system. We wouldn't buy anything else. Top class system and a fair price.
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This Panasonic surround system is fantastic. It is very easy to set up - there are colour coded connectors for all of the different speakers on the back of the Blu-Ray unit which makes setting it up very easy. I found the speaker wires long enough-they are white which makes them easy to hide up against a white picture rail. All of the components seem to be well made. The speakers are very light, but the plastics are of a high quality and look smart. The rear of the subwoofer is exposed MDF, so if you would place the sub in a position where it would be visible you may want to consider this. However, the front of the sub is an attractive gloss black and the sides are matt black so overall it is good looking. It is also nice and compact. The ARC function works very well and means you don't need lots of cables to connect everything.

The sound output is impressive-the bass is rich and well controlled (for a passive sub). The centre speaker delivers clear voices that don't get drowned out by background sound. Music is also output well, so with the USB to connect to an iPod plus an FM cable, this makes a decent living room sound system.

Downsides: there is only one HDMI connection, so if your TV doesn't support ARC you will have to use an optical connector. The unit only connects to the internet via an ethernet cable, although you can buy a separate wifi dongle for it.

The blu-ray player does a great job of upscaling DVDs.

Overall I am very impressed, and the price is very good too.
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on 22 January 2013
I really wanna give 5 stars to this product but i dont know if i can,and im gonna tell you why.(and i wish my product it could be delivered in non wet box...anyway)

After looking arround a long about home cinemas and wich one is the best I'm was between one lg and this one.
Im was looking for a good home cinema with 1000 Wat and it can support surround system and off corse low value.

first i will start to say about the installation it was too easy you even dont need to look the manual white to white and blue on blue :) .
the cables i can say the front of them they having correct size the back now they are big but they are 10m and if you have corners in the room and you wanna install them up in the corner i think you gonna need litle bit biger. But they are big enought for a normal
I have connect my tv with digital optical audio cable and its nice,offcorse no 5.1 but its sounds loud clear and nice.On the apple tv its sounds amazing when playing hd movies :) with air play mode or not...
The picture is brilliant on dvd's and from the media player(you can make adjustments) for me if i use the cinema mode on the picture the screen will flash white,when i change to user everything was fine.
The media player dont support all .mp4 files or all .avi files some of thems they playing some of them not.One big negative is that when i wanna jump chapters front on the movie i cant if i do it back then is working.For example i start to play a movie throw usb last night but i left it on 35min and next day i try to play it again off corse the dvd player dont remember where the movie left of,then i try to jump the first 30min but couldn't.I could only put fast forward on the movie so thats -TOO BAD-.
When i first open it i put the volume to 70% the back speakers dint work on tv and dvd and i said to my self this is not 1000wat home cinema the sounds was too bad,after reading all arround and play with settings for about 2.30h i found that you NEED to go to media stream and the welcome menu will pop up and offcorse try to fix the settings of your home cinema.
I put the sound on heavy (try you to do the same) and fix the 3d surround system then it was amazing(dont think so it bee 25 virtual speakers) but amazing.Clear voice clear bass from this tiny bass clear everything and off corse loud i just make it to 40% and i feel like im on the cinema ^^ .
.When i connect it to net throw wired connection(off corse no wifi you need to buy extra) it pop firmware update.
Smart tv
The smart tv function i dont think so i need it because im having my apple tv if i need facebook or skype i can just airplay form my ipad or iPhone but the smart tv function on this one its too slowwwwllllyyyy :) .The skype will not let you to open it if you havent install the web camera(too bad) the youtube function is kind of slow but it works,if you dont have apple tv or another media center or "smart tv" then i believe thats a good function for you.
The fm i dont know why but inside in my house with others fm radios im having clear signal and clear sound but on this home cinema i really dont get any fm channel.
Yep works great no problems just connect it with your cable and thats it,clear musik sound and loud.
3d works great im having lg 3d tv and it plays amazing
Smart phone application.
You can easily download the panasonic application to your smart phone(im owner of iPhone) and you can control your home cinema,remember to just enable remotes on intrnet settings so the app will find your panasonic that is connect to the same network.
Power cord
Be aware that i you buy from it will come the uk power cord.So if you live in another part of europe you gonna need an adaptor.

Yes i will prefer to some one else this product for this "low" value of money i really love the surround :)
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on 14 November 2013
A really good system,for the price.Easy to install for a complete amateur,like myself.Great picture and sound reproduction with good 1080 upscaling.Only had it for 2 weeks,so a bit early for reliability checks,but so far so good.
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on 3 August 2013
I cannot rate this product as I sent for the wrong item so had to return HOWEVER.
The company could not have been more helpful. It was packed very tightly and strongly. I returned same day as received (on companies advise), and the refund was in my bank within two (yes 2) days. I had a phone call telling me exactly what to do, so I followed to the letter.
I have had good customer relations from most of the firms that I deal with via Amazon, but this experience puts 123 in the top
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on 16 September 2013
I was sent this outfit very very quickly also purchased wall brackets to mount the speakers, I hide all wires under skirting which pleased the wife.I also purchased a Panasonic tv from Amazon as well. Set it all up very quickly turned it on tuned it all in and could not believe how great the sound is,the sub woofer shakes the walls ,I have had several friends overand they all cannot believe the sound and picture quality,and it was the wifes who said of my friends just spent 3.000 on a high end setup and there is no difference,I spent 675.00 well done Panasonic and Amazon
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on 26 February 2013
We decided to replace our LG DVD player-FM receiver, to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player-receiver. Due to almost exclusively watching HD TV, we'd really started to notice the comparatively poor picture quality of DVD films. So as to benefit from the 'one remote control' and other compatibility features, I finally opted to product match with our new Panasonic, 3D-smart TV. On delivery of the Blu-Ray player, I immediately noticed that the box was smaller than expected. Physically everything except the player, i.e. all of the surround sound speakers, were rather small - considering the power output claims. They were also of inferior build quality when compared to our old LG speakers. Lighter, significantly smaller - the sub-woofer even had one side showing the MDF. Slightly tacky, albeit overcome by positioning it out of direct sight, behind the TV stand. I was now wondering how these speakers would compete with the apparent better LG build quality. Coming from a testing background, I wanted to give them a fair chance. This is where the 'could have been five stars' comment kicks in. We couldn't see the setup screen on the TV? We checked and double checked, but could not get the setup screen to appear. Game over? Not quite. By a stroke of luck and some ten minutes of frustration later, I tried using HDMI 2 instead of HDMI 1 on the TV. That is; used a completely different, (cheaper), cable from HDMI 2 on the TV. It worked! So; from a 'plug and play' user perspective, the question remains; why didn't HDMI 1 work? No excuses - it wasn't mentioned in the handbook. Also notable, the HDMI 2 cable WASN'T the better quality cable as per the other, (more expensive), HDMI 1 cable - 'bundled with our TV deal? So, anyone out there who has the same problem of no picture or setup screen - try HDMI 2 on your TV instead!! Now to the verdict: duly inserting a Blu-Ray DVD, I cranked the volume up to half way. The sound, and of course the picture, was truly astonishing. Easily loud enough to truly immerse in the home cinema experience - great sound quality. Loud booming bass, clear, crisp surround sound, from smaller and thus seemingly cheaper speakers. As an added benefit, the speakers are much less 'lounge invasive - nearly always a 'wife pleasing feature'. On closer inspection the speakers look good to. Well done Panasonic. Only one annoying niggle; as mentioned in one of the other reviews I read; the, (rear), surround speaker cables are about six meters too short, (multiple room corners considered) - respect to LG who did get that bit right, (easier to hide than add cable). Overall my gut feeling is as follows; had our TV been LG, it would have been no contest on build quality in favour of LG. Is having one remote instead of two worth the compromise? Probably. Lastly, Blu-Ray rocks! Worth the money and effort.
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on 14 January 2013
very good value great sound been looking around for one and i am very pleased with the price and the quality of the sound
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on 29 April 2013
I bought this system from Currys for £179, to replace an ageing (but excellent) JVC DVD surround system, that I played a Panasonic 3D Bluray through. The picture quality is superb, equal to the Panasonic DMP-BDT120 3D Blu-Ray Player it has replaced, the sound quality is ok (just), but no where near as powerful or generally pleasing as the JVC system, which is perplexing as the JVC is 80 watts per channel, plus 120 watts for the subwoofer, and the Panasonic is a claimed 160 watts per channel, with 200 watts for the sub. It seems that the JVC's quoted wpc are what we used to use as 'genuine' watts, but Panasonic claim 1000watts 'RMS' for their system, which as I understand it, 'RMS' is a completely meaningless measurement for power output, it just makes you think you are getting a massively powerful system, which in truth, you are not.
Meaningless wattage claims aside, the sound quality of the Panasonic SC-BTT190EBK is sufficient (just), but will not rattle your fillings out, (like my old JVC did), and does sound like a budget system.
There are several different settings/modes that can be used to 'enhance' the surround experience, but I find the bog standard Dolby Digital setting to give the best sound.
My biggest gripes with this system are the impossible-to-see display on the front of the unit, the next-to-useless users manual, (it does not make any sense), and the fact that there are no on-screen adjustments for the sound settings, so you rely on the impossible-to-see display, I eventually gave up with the manual & just started pressing buttons to see what they did, and found this much easier.
I bought this because I have a Panasonic TV, but I wish I had spent more time, and looked at other makes instead.
Not really impressed.
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