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on 28 October 2011
- Audio Quality -
These headphones produce fairly precise, crisp sound, and the cups have fair passive noise cancellation. However, they are rather lacking in bass tones, so much so that I often find it difficult to hear any bass at all, especially at lower volumes. They do start to kick in a little more at higher volume levels, but only at which point I find it to be TOO loud. And yes, they are capable of very high volumes without distortion, but I don't see that as an advantage or disadvantage, really. At that point, the sound is just too loud to be enjoyable.

- Style -
I am actually reviewing these on behalf of my sister, to whom they actually belong. She says she bought them because she thinks they look good. I disagree - they are the kind of design that tries to copy genuine professional headphones (which would have significantly higher sound quality) to dupe people into buying them, thinking they are getting a professional-grade product. But, ah well. Appearance is a matter of opinion. I did not consider appearance when rating them 3/5 stars)

- Comfort -
Not good. Really, not good. I am used to headphones that surround one's entire ear, and don't touch one's ear at all. These, on the other hand, press against one's ears quite firmly, and become uncomfortable after less than 30 minutes of use. The ear pads are sparsely cushioned, and made of a material that has a rather cheap feel to it.

- Build Quality -
In some areas, these cans do a good job in terms of quality of materials. The headband consists of what feels like a metal band, as is quite flexible to fit many different head sizes. The ear cups slide up and down on the rails at the side, and rather unusually do not use a clicking mechanism. Instead, they move freely on the rails. However, they require just about enough force to move so that they do stay in position when on your head. I find the movement quite pleasing. Unfortunately, the plastic that the cups themselves are made of feels (and looks) rather cheap, with an unpleasant hollow-sounding noise being produced when they are tapped. Despite this, applying pressure to the cups in various positions does not reveal any particular weaknesses, and no creaking sounds can be heard, so this might suggest the headphones will be able to last a long time. I can't confirm this, however, having had them for only a few weeks.

- Conclusion -
Meh. Not great. If you're buying them purely for the styling (as my sister seems to have done), then go ahead, I guess. But I'd say you'll be getting a somewhat substandard pair of cans. Perhaps looks into a Sennheiser pair at about the same price range for better quality audio, if that's what you're shopping for.
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on 12 October 2016
The sound quality is good with these, however I only gave them 4 stars because the cable length is way to short for what I had in mind. I'm now awaiting a jack plug cable extension of 3 metres. This is so I can relax back on the sofa and listen to music or watch television. They are cool to use with a mobile phone, the sound is better than those little ones that keep popping out of the ears and background noise is almost eliminated.
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on 6 July 2016
Delivery on time felt like forever products very good bought as BACK UP for the FIRST pair I bought as the jack plug wire connection came loose on FIRST pair after 6+months of heavy use (not in the gym) £25 to repair..as to sound quality I bought two so, its good better than beats by far comfortable fit oddly noise cancelling crisp clear voices, bass is loud warm whom whom never distorts (crackling from having too much bass and volume) great for everything from commute to in office to at home on your iPad watching tv...good for jungle dnb edm house drake diplo brazillian dance hip hop trap motown soul 2 soul hall n oates
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on 18 December 2016
Soundwise ok if a little "boxy". My big complaint though is that the vinyl covering on the ear pads is flaking/peeling off. They're still usable but looking very tatty and leaving bits all over me lug'oles when I take them off. So, not exactly the highest fidelity for critical listening (but then these aren't 250 quid headphones) ok for a bit of mp3 and Ytube use. Materials could be improved. I'd pay another tenner on top if the plastics used were a little more robust in feel and in use.
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on 19 March 2017
Overall, these are really great headphones. I bought them four years ago and love them. The sound is great and they are really comfy- I wear mine all day whilst working.

After a few years the black lining of the ear pads did start coming off which was a bit annoying, but nothing too major. Then, finally, the other day they only would play out of one side.

I was tempted to replace them with some wireless ones but ended up ordering the exact same pair. They arrived this morning and are still fantastic. 👌
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on 8 January 2018
Rubbish quality product that fell apart after a couple of months use.
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on 17 November 2012
Had seen very good reviews of these headphones and decided to buy them for
use on the move.

They produce a good clear balanced sound and the closed design
does not disturb others in the vicinity. Light and sturdy too.

Very suitable for children who adore them.
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on 17 April 2017
Product arrived on time, but this is our 3rd pair of these headphones and the quality was not the same as the others. They sounded very poor. Sending back for refund, which is a huge shame as it appears as though this is now a discontinued model.
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on 18 October 2017
Perfect. Very comfortable, with good sound and very popular in our library
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on 20 September 2013
I bought these headphones to really enjoy my music more with wider depth and good base in the headphones. I am a designer and I know what it takes to make something so well for so cheap and its not easy. These Panasonic ones are perfect design as they are hands down the best value for money on the market! They are clear and comfortable for a 12 hour flight and are very stylish considering the price I would and have recommended these to many friends as the price just cant be matched for the quality. Well done Panasonic
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