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on 21 July 2012
I bought this pvr recently to replace my last one made by philips which has been plaqued with firmware problems since launch 2 years ago. This new machine is a revelation-the operation is completely quiet and stable (so far) with not a single software glitch -or judder in the picture-at all. The improved EPG over the outgoing model utilising all the screen space available has made waiting for this new model worth it. To answer a previous posters question re skipping ads with a single button-yes its the one marked 60s at bottom right on the remote. I press it four times in quick succession at ad break and hey presto skips the lot! The picture quality is as good as the Philips-which was its only good point- which is fabulous on HD and v good on the higher bit rate SD channels even blown up to 55 inch TV screen. There are a host of features too numerous to list including series record which is very handy and very accurate-doesnt duplicate recording of same episodes like some machines and has a renew feature if required to over-write the previous episode of a series. I cant think of a single negative so far -I am completely delighted with this pvr. I am glad I plumped for the 1TB hard disc as I like to keep some films indefinitly on disc and this gives you loads of room to do this but you can transfer recorded programmes onto an external HDD via USB cable and then play them back from there if you run out of storage but I havent tried that yet from this machine.

18/12/2012 After intensive use over the last 6 months I am still delighted with this machine-not a single fault or error or crash has occurred (which is as it should be).
Try out the 'options' button during playback of a recording. It brings up a series of settings for the amount of processing to improve the picture quality/sharpness of a recording and does make a visible difference on the lower bitrate freeview channels. I use the 'advanced chroma processing' setting and the midpoint of the other two below it in the menu. The inbuilt wireless receiver has come in handy for the viewing of BBC iplayer -easy to set up as well if one has home wireless network- and the picture quality is almost as good as off air HD but with a hint of judder on fast camera pans. A full internet browser would have been icing on the cake but unfortunately not.
I have used the edit (partial delete) facility in the options button menu on remote to remove adverts from recordings to archive which is fairly logical to use but do one on a spare recording first to get the hang of it or you can wipe off a keeper by mistake! It does save a lot of space in recordings (20 mins per hour).
The grouping function (same menu) to bundle up non series linked recordings like films into folders (or unbundle) is very handy to avoid having to scroll down through pages of recordings after a while. There is a series of useful header tabs in the recordings library as an alternative way to access your desired recording which displays just the selected type of programme and I find the 'not watched' one most handy on a day to day basis. N.B. Series linked recordings appear directly in their respective grouped folder and not at the bottom of the recordings list where most new recordings are found. If you haven't had a pvr before initially you may not realise this and think a recording has been missed (me).
Finally I use the 'chapter mark' button on the remote a lot during playback to create a reference point where something good happens (e.g. a particular dance on Strictly) so then you can jump straight to that point using the forward/reverse chapter buttons on remote control.
Conclusion- I love this bit of kit. It does exactly what it should with fantastic picture quality and is a properly finished polished product.
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on 2 August 2012
Having had the Panasonic DMR-HW120EBK 500GB HDD Recorder for just about a week now, as a replacement for a BT Vision recorder, these are some thoughts about this unit.
The first time setup is easy and completed in less than 10 minutes, HD channels are crystal clear. Start-up from stand-by is quick and the EP guide is a clear full screen implementation. Setting up a recording from the guide is easy with the unit prompting you if HD version of the program is available, also asks if you want to record the series.
Internet is available via Ethernet cable, note only the 1TB has built-in wire-less, we are using the BT Vision Comtrend powerline adapters successfully.
So far can't fault this unit.
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on 13 August 2012
Just bought the second one of these to play into my 6 year old Panasonic HD ready TV and everything I said in the review of the first below of the Panasonic DMR-HW220EBK I received just before the Olympics is reinforced. It works really well with the older Panasonic HD ready TV and gives it a lease of new life with great quality AV from HD programmes and great BBC iPlayer replays form the internet in high quality HD.

Ordered this Panasonic DMR-HW220EBK 1TB HDD Recorder with Twin Freeview +HD Tuners a couple of weeks ago. Set it up with my TV switched on and hey-presto. The start up installation was perfect and easy to follow without resorting to the handbook. The device has a very comprehensive set of facilities - can use it with an internet connection, USB stick, record two HD channels at once and the audio video quality is excellent. I am amazed with the quality of the video and audio achieved with the BBC iPlayer and how good it replayed fast moving sports from the Olympics via the internet connection - far better than watching this kind of replay on a PC/Internet connection. Remote control is also well laid out and reasonably easy to use, given the wide range and scope of the facilities that this Panasonic device is equipped with. It also integrates its' functionality really well with he Panasonic Viera TX-L37E5B Smart TV I bought.
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on 8 December 2012
Bought this to replace a S**y one which unfortunately didn't work properly. Decided to splash out and get the 1 TB model as it came with built-in wi-fi - the difference between this and 500GB model which doesn't have this is about the same as a wi-fi access point or dongle but it's a whole heap less hassle.
Simple to set up, worth referring to the manual is it isn't totally intuitive. Once set up it does exactly what you expect. Records 2 channels simultaneously, quality on HD is excellent. Simple to set to record programmes. Even interfaces with a Sony TV on the handset.
The wi-fi connected first time to my network. However the web interface is a bit clunky but OK for BBC catch up service. Annoyingly the web can't be accessed while you're recording a programme. With hindsight the 500 GB model is probably the better option unless you need the hard drive space or are a heavy user of catch-up.
Finally, this doesn't come with an HDMI lead so don't forget to order one at the same time.
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on 4 July 2012
Bought this alongside the Panasonic TX-L42E5B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD - Black (New for 2012) as we wanted the capability to record freeview programs on our new HD TV. Our very old Sagum box which broke had 2 tuners so we wanted to buy another box that could record 2 programs at the same time.

Firstly we set up the new television and then the recorder box and with both items being Panasonic we didn't think we would have any difficulty connecting them. We spent all night trying to work it out with the instructions, although we could see the diagram clearly had a HDMI cable connecting the two that we could see wasnt supplied. We thought well there must be a way to connect them without that as why would they sell a recorder box lacking an essential cable? Maybe we were doing something wrong, but both me and my husband who arent techno freaks but have the likes of laptops, iphones, wireless devices etc, could not for the life of us work it out despite following the instructions to the T and googling for solutions. We gave up eventually and ordered a HDMI cable from amazon Panasonic 1.5m HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black for £12.99. I wish we had known we needed this as I would have ordered it at the same time as the recorder box and tv. Our TV sat unconnected until the new cable arrived and we both missed recording programs we were intending to! As soon as we connected the HDMI cable between the two it works brilliantly.

The recorder box itself we love. The TV guide is very clear and you can see the current tv channel screen playing in a small box on the left hand corner whilst you are scrolling through the guide. We also love that you can scroll page by page, unlike our old box where you had to scroll through all the channels to turn the page.

The recording function works just as we had expected and we thought for the amount of storage capacitythe price of this unit is very reasonable in comparison to the other models out there with a lower storage capacity. I havent worked out if there is a single way of skipping the ads with one button, but the fast forward is pretty quick on its top setting!

The wireless internet inbuilt is brilliant as it means you dont need to buy a separate dongle or wire it up, however, my husband was disappointed with the internet channels available and he expected he would be able to browse the internet to view programs, e.g. ITV player. So be aware the internet channels are limited to what Panasonic offer and there is no actual browser as if you were on a computer. There are channels like bbc iplayer.

All in all very very pleased with this product but really frustrated that I had to buy a cable to connect it to a brand new Panasonic tv which was new for 2012 as this product was. I wonder if this would have been the case with any of the latest hd freeview recorders.
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on 18 November 2012
I looked around for quite some time before deciding to buy one of these. The reviews on here for this and the Humax equivalent were very useful (thanks folk!). I've had a Sony pvr box for 4 years or so which was mostly ok but was not HD and by current standards had a small capacity. Also for a while now the picture had tended to break up on some channels despite the aerial having been checked out. I decided for those reason and to avoid the 9 o'clock recording bottleneck by having twin turners.

Setup was easy (though see the comment below on the handbook). I'll not go through all the basics as others have already covered much of it in their reviews but I will try and identify some issues which seem important to me in the hope it helps others.

Plus points
* The programme guide is much faster, clearer than the Sony one. The full eight days comes up very quickly and is easy to read.
* Programming is very simple and if you choose a non HD channel and the programme is also in HD it offers you that choice (useful for BBC HD channel)
* You can still add programmes when it is recording (something the Sony could not do) - very useful
* You can set "favourites channels" which I like given that I rarely watch many channels. This means the programme guide only comes up with the regular channels making it easier to find what you want. You can also hide channels/change channel numbers easily
* When looking at what has been recorded series record items are grouped which I like. There is also a tabbed screen which allows you to look by category of programme which seems effective/useful
* A big plus - to me - is the use of the "i" info available in the programme guide. This box records the info with the programme so when you look through the recording list in 3 or 5 months time and wonder why you recorded something by pressing the "i" button you can find out what the programme was about at least. Great feature

Minus points
* Sadly no one bothered to get someone fluent in English to read the handbook - some sentences just don't make sense! I started reading it before I did the setup and found it quite frustrating - setup works anyway
* Another reviewer commented on the remote being slow. Not sure it is particularly slow but it does seem to need to be pointed directly at the box unlike some remotes. Bit sluggish maybe.
* Why does it take a noticeable amount of time to delete a recording

I guess a slight oddity to me is the fact that if you do have an overlap in programmes recording it will offer to record the repeat without bothering to tell you when that is - not an issue, just odd to me.

Overall nothing really bad against it though if other points crop up I will add to this review. I've not connected it to the internet yet though it can see my wifi ok as it is not a vital part of my use. I bought the 1tb box as the price difference between that and the smaller one was less than a wifi dongle and you get twice the space - 260+ hours of HD is big to me. Good value/efficient pvr to me.

ADDED after 10 days use. The remote/operating system response is certainly rather slow - I often find myself pressing buttons twice only to realise it worked the first time but took time to respond. It would be great if Panasonic managed a firmware update that resolved this - no real reason why they shouldn't but I'll not hold my breath! I still think it is a very good box but the issue is slightly irritating.

*Added after giving it internet access
I've just put the box on the internet and as it wasn't quite what I was expecting I thought I'd add to this review. The process itself was painless however I guess I was not that impressed with what I gained. A fair number of things I'd never heard of along with Netflix, Skype, an internet radio app and the like plus Youtube (worked ok) and BBC I Player. However 4OD and ITV equivalents are NOT available and based on a thread I found on a Panasonic forum folk have been asking for this for 18 months now... Maybe worth bearing in mind that you will get what Panasonic decide to let you have not necessarily what you want.
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on 12 June 2012
Just bought the Panasonic DMR-HW220 PVR which boasts a huge 1TB hard-disk and built-in Wi-Fi. The Wi-fi works well from the opposite side of the house (tried out iplayer). I tested it out by programming in a euro 2012 game and was given the option of recording future games from the BBC channel and I then carried out the same thing for ITV broadcasts and the recordings have proceeded well. Pause live tv works well. Internet features include BBC iplayer, Netflix and sharing content across the home network (e.g. can access photos from pc). The Freeview tuners provide great looking picture and overall I believe the DMR-HW220 performs superbly and is easy to use. Only slight criticism is the size of the box as compared to a blueray player but it does look good on its own.
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on 11 August 2012
I have been very pleased with this product. It's easy to use and so far has been 100% reliable. The picture on the HD channels is excellent, working with my Panasonic TV. The wireless connection also works well with my BT Hub3.
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on 8 December 2012
Firstly I couldn't receive all the new freeview channels through this box yet my old freeview box and all my freeview tv's had been able to receive them. I rang a local store and they suggested I do an update, which I did but this didn't make any difference.

It also kept switching off almost immediately after I switched it on, but then this stopped. I should have sent it back then but thinking it was just a glitch, I forked out nearly £100 for a new wide-band aerial to receive the channels including the HD channels. That was a few days ago but today it's decided to just switch off in the middle of watching tv through it and again later in the day when replaying a recorded programme. I even unplugged it from the wall to reset it but it still wouldn't start up. I've been more than patient with this box so after reading other negative reviews about firmware problems, I'm sending it back.
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on 22 March 2013
I can't say that I did a huge amount of searching but this came up well in the reviews and seemed to do everything we want for a reasonable price.
We decided to get rid of Sky as we never watched channels that aren't available on free view and this does everything the Sky box did and more.
TV reception is good especially with HD.
Recording two channels works well
I haven't tried playing a film from a disk or from my file server yet so can't comment on those.
Having iPlayer and Netflix is a real boon - we signed up to Netflix to watch House of Cards which was totally engrossing. My only criticism in this area is that you can't record whilst watching Netflix. Also it would be nice to be able to get 4oD and the ITV equivalent.
My final criticism which I was expecting from other reviews is that it can be a bit slow to switch between major functions. (eg Netflix back to TV).
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