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on 15 November 2006
Excellent piece of kit, does everything I want and more. Picture quality is good, comes with clear, informative instructions. The remote and menu structures are precise and intuitive. Setup was a breeze, I think the only input from me required was name and address, which can be stored for identification following theft (good idea) Integration with our Panasonic LCD via HDMI is great, it means that mostly we only use one remote all the time. This is a superb item for either technophobes and technophiles, very highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 12 September 2007
I have had one for a week, and I am very pleased with it.

The build quality is very high. It was a surprise to see it was made in Slovakia, which is not a country I associate with high-tech manufacture. Maybe it is time to change my perception of that land.

It is a boon to have so much in one box, DVD, VHS, HDD, Freeview, even an SD card slot. It has done away with three machines, and cut down on the snake's honeymoon of mains, ariel and scart leads. This is a good way of justifying the expense to a houseproud partner!

It is fairly easy to use. The instructions are easy to follow, and it has 'contextual intelligence'. By that I mean, if you insert a pre-recorded DVD, it assumes you want to play it, if you insert an SD card, it asks if you want a slide show or to copy photos to the HDD.

One potential problem with this machine is that it only has one tuner. If your TV is analog and you aren't planning to upgrade it before the switch off, you will lose the facility to watch something and record something else when they switch off the analog transmitters. You have to be a bit canny to make sure you are future proof. I am OK with it, my telly has integral freeview.

It can copy to and from any of its drives, but will not touch copy protected stuff like pre-recorded DVDs and tapes.

I am happy with the machine. I would say its main facilities are the 'all in one' nature, the quality and the huge HDD.
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on 27 October 2007
Still delighted with this.
Yes it's a shame it doesn't have two tuners, and USB would be better than SD (which I don't use), I can't get it to read MP3 from a DVD-RW, and I agree it would be nice to be able to record two things at once (I can't help pushing things). But considering how flexible it is, it is fairly easy to drive, the quality is good and excellent value. It's playing my CDs (including the MP3s), archiving my old VHS tapes to DVD (trimmed & tidied), and regularly used in 'chasing playback' mode to skip commercials and pause the TV.
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on 24 August 2007
Ok so it has a harddrive and dvd recorder and video recorder, but panasonic seem to be going backwards instead of forwards, I have a panasonic dmr-es30v which is a dvd recorder and vhs recorder in one and with this you can record from tv onto vhs and from satellite onto dvd at the same time, or tv onto dvd and satellite onto vhs at the same time, but with this one you can only record on video or harddrive or dvd, it won't allow you to record two different programmes at the same time, so I will be sticking with my Panasonic dmr-es30v.
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on 8 September 2007
I bought this because I needed to get all of the functionality in one box. So far it looks fine.

There is one feature which I expected it to have - namely the "series timer" function on eg Sony HD recorders where, from the programme guide, you can get it to record all instances of a particular programme. It doesn't have this - although you can get it to record eg same time every Monday, or Monday-Friday or various other options. This isn't a show-stopper for me, but if it could be for you then you need to know about it.

A feature it offers which Sonys don't is that it will record something at the same time regularly and (if you like) over-write the previous version, so you can have it keeping the latest version of eg a news programme without filling up the whole disk.
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on 24 February 2008
I bought this item just over a month a go as an anniversary present for my parents.

After they had unwrapped it at a family gathering I plugged it all in etc but got a message of 'HDDERR' and the DVD just opened. Thats the sum total of my experience!!! Totally embarassing.

I researched this very carefully but had not heard of such problems but when I went surfing again, a couple of similar things cropped up with reference to the Samsung HDD disk being temperamental.

I didn't buy it from Amazon but a company called Cheap Telly (yes, the name does rather sound iffy in hindsight). Apparently, according to Panasonic, you have got 28 days from their despatch date (not delivery date)in which you would get the unit replaced. Even thought I didn't plug it in until the 28 days had passed they are now saying that I will have to take the unit for 'repair'. It's outrageous!!! My parents surprise was completely ruined and they add insult with this.

I'm still negotiating with Cheap Telly but for the price I paid (still over £400)And because of the name of Panasonic, I expected much better things. Amazon are usually excellent in this respect from my own experience so you should have better service if you buy from them

Others here have enjoyed the unit so it may well be worth purchasing. Just beware and make sure that you check yours as early as possible as the customer service from Panasonic isn't really what you would hope for.
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on 19 January 2008
Being an avid collector of Panasonic equipment, I added this unit to my collection as a complete all-rounder. Yes I suppose I should get rid of all my VHS tapes but have nearly 1000 of them! The SD function is not really that useful but a USB2 input/output would have been much more useful. Especially, if you could transfer programs off the unit onto a USB2 External unit i.e. another DVD recorder or an External HDD. The main problem with this unit is its "own" internal operating system software. I am constantly getting U80 and U81 errors which initially could be "reset" by a power down/up cycle. These errors are not referred to in the user manual but reading the comments on various bulletin boards reveals this is a VERY common fault due to software problems running the Digital Terrestrial Tuner. I am now forced to return the unit and, if I cannot find my guarantee card, I will be forced to pay to fix something that is (in my view) a known manufacturing fault. Additionally, Panasonic technical support are of no use when it comes to anything more complex than the use of the controls. I have also read that the same problem also occurs in similar Panasonic units. I would have liked a unit with 2 digital tuners and it is clear that this obviously proved too dificult for Panasonic to achieve. I have similar unit from JVC and would recommend them in preference. It is a shame, as for many years Panasonic produced very good equipment. However, the quality of their units is becomming unacceptable. They now seem to build "down" to a price sacrificing quality and functionality. Perhaps it's me expecting too much.........
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on 28 January 2008
An excellent well made piece of kit. The VHS player although adequate is not as good as the Sony one that I replaced. It is a shame that it will not copy, copy protected tapes but did not expect it to be able to. I would like to see a facility that monitors the signal being copied and stop the copying when the signal ceases. The manual is very complicated and the machine seems to have a vast quantity of facilities that I will never use. I would like to see a simple machine. Also it is claimed to upscale to 1080p but does not seem to.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 May 2008
After many hours of frustration I finally managed to get my Loewe Planus TV, Panasonic satellite receiver and this Panasonic DMR-EX95 DVD/VHS/HD recorder to work together. The wiring-up diagram in the manual didn't work and was different from that suggested by the Panasonic satellite receiver's manual! I also have the Panasonic DMR75V DVD/VHS recorder so am familiar with many of the functions, but I still found the plethora of features daunting. I'm sure I'll never use many of them.

Good points: having an all-in-one box to play and record video tapes, DVDs and lots of hours on the Hard Drive. Also helpful is the automatic starting of commercial DVDs and videos so you don't have to fiddle around to find the correct drive. The handset has bigger and easier to read numerals on the buttons and there's more use of coloured buttons.

Bad points: the awe-inspiring complexity of the features; the difficulty in seeing the status lights on the front of the machine, for example, the display on the device to tell one which drive is operating is very small and unreadable at a few feet of distance. The only way is to recognize that the tiny blue image means the Hard Drive; orange the VHS; red the DVD and yellow the SD function. I can barely tell the difference, at a distance, between the DVD and VHS display. On the DMR75 there is a button for DVD and a button for VHS. It would be much better to have four buttons on the handset for this DMR-EX95 rather than having to decipher at a distance which colour is displayed. I wonder about people who are colour blind.

I'm sure that in a few weeks I'll be happier with the machine, but it's an up-hill battle.

Here are a few tips I've discovered subsequent to the review above: If you're wanting to use the Sky Planner facility with External Link, you can only watch something recorded on the same drive as the proposed recording and you can't watch a video if you want to record on a DVD or the HD. The way round this is to select the programmes in the Sky Planner, in order to switch on the corrects channels, and then using the timer programme facility on the recorder type in the satellite channel (eg SAT06) as the channel to be recorded for each programme and type in the date, start and stop times and the choice of drive for each programme separately. (A good thing about the recorder is you don't then have to remember to press a timer button.) With this, albeit rather cumbersome method, you can record on one drive and view on another and also record a sequence of different satellite channels with the Sky Planner doing the switching as the recorder can't do this.
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on 20 February 2008
This is an excellent reliable product and I recommend this to everybody. It is 4 things in one box, SET-TOP BOX, HARD DRIVE, DVD RECORDER, VHS RECORDER. G A Caruana
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