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on 8 November 2017
I was unsure that the item was new as box was damaged and looked like it had been open before, as it is a gift that is important. The contents however look spot on and so far no complaints. Delivery was prompt.
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on 30 July 2017
As a happy amateur, I wanted a camera to replace my Canon bridge camera which sadly broke. Thought I'd go for this one as it has a 60% zoom and a photo timer which is useful.

This is a nice all-rounder, however the Intelligent Auto is a bit disappointing. Doesn't seem to work well on a dull day or indoors. I get better photos off my phone when indoors and use this instead! I've found the colours seem to be a bit off and bleed into each other, with pictures being less than sharp. The photos added are taken with JPEG mode not RAW, to show an example with the zoom in play. Need to mess about with the manual settings to over-ride to get a better shot, or select the scene type precisely to get the most out of the camera.

I think I'll be biting the bullet next time and saving up for an SLR.
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on 6 October 2016
I have owned SLR cameras in the past but recently relied on compacts - I am not a photo buff. As we are planning a South African holiday I just wanted to find something that will capture everything from Table Mountain to the lions whiskers but not too heavy, complex or expensive. So far, after one week, I am blown away by this camera. Ease of use is about the same as an advanced compact camera and if stuck I can just click into Intelligent Auto mode. I doubt I will ever master the whole repertoire (the .pdf Owners Manual is 226 pages!) but I am enjoying exploring the filters and other features. The real feature is, of course, the Zoom range. I had expected that some blurring or camera shake when hand-held would make full zoom a bit academic. That's not the case though, you really can go from full (very)wide angle to full zoom.
The viewfinder was a key factor for me as no lcd screen is really good enough in fierce sunshine. The digital viewfinder in this camera is not super-precise but it does the job well enough and I would not be without it.
I did consider the FZ330 which has the advantage of full 2.8 aperture through the range and is allegedly splash and dustproof. If you have a bigger budget it could be a good choice - but you are limited to "only" 600mm zoom range, which is probably more than enough in most situations.
At the price, which is entry-level for bridge cameras, I did wonder if the FZ72 might feel a bit cheap. Having owned magnesium-chassis Olympus and Canon cameras in the past I can't pretend this feels the same but after a few minutes you get used to it and I have no concerns about that.
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on 27 June 2016
This is a great camera which i have had for around 6 months now... Still haven't used half of the functions and pretty much using on Auto mode, point and shoot but very please with the results. The zoom is incredible and I have used a number of times. Little bit of noise when at full zoom but still surprisingly good, both picture and video! See Poppy bumble bee pic taken on macro settings.
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on 25 May 2016
So ..so good. Really pleased with it. I have a Canon DSLR with many lenses. It all going to be sold as this camera is so good!
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on 30 October 2013
I'll start with the drawbacks of the camera.

Ok, that's that out of the way.

Zoom has to be seen to be believed. The first shot I took was maxed out to 60x. The image stabilization is uncanny. The reaction to the result is a mix of disbelief and sudden realisation that you have the next step in techno-zoom-wizardry in your hands.

Early days, but indications are very positive. Macro ability is as good as I need, though that makes it sound sound as if it's only adequate. It's good. The 20mm wide angle is superb.

Image stabilization is only going to do so much for you and I can't help thinking that some people must be chucking the camera around whilst snapping and assuming they'll get clear pictures. Though this camera performs technological miracles, it's unable to completely defy the laws of physics. After reading other opinions about the image quality, I was on the lookout for flaws. Again, it's just fine by me - and I've had Leicas with supreme glass, Pannies, high end Nikon glass so there are some pretty stiff yardsticks for me if I wanted to quibble. But I don't.

It is what it is. I'm impressed. It really can have a decent shot at all things, from absurdly long telephoto to more than adequate wide angle and macro. Not even broached the video yet.

I'll update at any point with any information that may be useful. I can say this camera appears to be a bucketful of fun in the making and I've only been playing. I wasn't keen on the plasticky feel of it at first, but given what's going on underneath, I've already almost forgiven that and as already mentioned, I have some examples of legendary build-quality as yardsticks so it's a little unfair.
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on 13 August 2014
This is well worth the money as long as you keep your expectations in check.

1) Image quality. In good light conditions with this camera it is easy to produce great images. In lower light conditions, the small sensor will require you to work harder. On longer zooms, you will work very hard to maintain good focus and good pictures especially above 900mm (35m equivalent) but images are good enough up to 60x with a solid tripod, they tend to diminish with intelligent zoom which is effectively enhanced cropping anyway.

2) Zoom. This is what this camera is all about, and it is quite excellent. I compared images against my heavy DSLR APS-C at 500 mm zoom, the limit of my DSLR and in good sunlight so far, I was pushed to pick out the better image, the DSLR took the prize though in terms of clear pixel forms and realistic colours but only when magnifying to 200%. At A4 there was no discernible difference. At 1000 mm, I had to crop the DSLR image to compare and the Panasonic leaped ahead. The advantage of a large sensor quickly disappears over optical zoom.

3) Build quality is fine but in Panasonic terms below average. But given that Panasonic usually make cameras out of top quality materials, most people will be happy with it, and I am. Be aware that knobs and dials are a bit cheap looking and feeling.

4) Handling. This is a nice handling camera, it has a large grip, and after some time in use, the necessary dials and buttons are easy to find and you never feel like you are going to drop it. It has a pleasant tactile feel to it and well balanced in one hand.

5) Features. Plenty to play with here (read the spec elsewhere), the only extra I would like is one of these red dot trackers for snapping Aeroplanes at full zoom, that said, you can switch to the optical view finder and this will be good enough with a little practice.

Because of the zoom, portability and control, I am a big fan of Bridge cameras, yes it can be harder work to get a good image than a DSLR in some conditions, the advantages in weight in most circumstances makes it worth the extra effort.

This camera gets some criticism by the "expert" reviewers, in my 40 years as a snapper, I have found that it takes weeks of use to get the best out of any camera, they get half a day. Life is a compromise, I like to take photos of bad weather on a "dark and stormy night", 60% of my DSLR photos go into an album, I have also taken some great images with my pocket Nikon s9300 with a 1/2.3 sensor but maybe with a 20% success rate, and that's what I mean by hard work ! It's a nice challenge to squeeze out top quality from a Bridge, and that's what it's all about for me.

I look forward to posting some from my FZ72 soon.
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on 18 November 2016
I am by no means a photographer. However, this camera has produced some amazing photos whilst I was on safari, with very limited input from myself. I did a quick read of the functions in the manual and off I went. Battery life was good and I am glad I also purchased a good SD card, with a lot of memory! You could do a lot worse, than this mid ranged and I believe reasonably priced camera.
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on 22 April 2015
I bought the Panasonic FZ72EB as a holiday camera to use instead of my Nikon D610 which can be bulky to carry around after a while. I wanted a camera with a wide angle lens and a decent zoom, this camera seemed to fit the bill perfectly and it does indeed. In fact I am blown away by the 60x zoom. There are some reviews that say images are not sharp at full zoom however I have had no such problems, although not quite as sharp as a professional lens it comes pretty close. Use a small tripod and images are very sharp at full zoom. Overall I have found this camera easy to use, battery life pretty good considering the length the lens comes out when zooming, I got around 250 photos out of it including lots of "looking" through the photos after a few days use. The panoramic feature is easy to use and gave some nice results. Overall I am amazed at the features for the price, 215 quid is an absolute bargain!
Pros - Amazing zoom, eye-piece function very handy in bright sunlight, compact and lightweight, pleasing results.
Cons - Menu system and buttons take a while to get used to
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on 13 August 2015
the main reason I am against it is that the Electronic View Finder is not large enough or efficent to deal with my type of photography and I would
ike to return it.
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