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on 25 November 2015
Being first time parents, we tried a selection of different wipes from own brand ones right the way through to special premium types like eco friendly ones. Through all the wipes that we have tried these Pampers ones are definately the best in my opinion.

Reasons for this are:-
Saturation - these wipes are wet enough but not excessively saturated.

Ease of use - each wipe comes out individually which believe it or not is a godsend! The Johnsons ones always come out 10 at a time which is a pain and always results in left over wipes.

Sensitivity - perfect as expected on baby skin, no problems there

Overall we have found these to be great value especially when on offer at supermarkets and for something so standard and basic, its very suprising how they vary brand to brand.
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on 2 April 2014
I am allergic to any cheaper brands apart from pampers and johnsons wipes however they are very expensive in the shops at 1.49 a pack in sainsburys. As we only have a sainsburys near by we had to shop there due to having a c section (and they don't even sell the big boxes In our sainsburys), but then I saw that amazon had the 12pack for £7.65 (on subscribe and save) which is a bargain (63p per pack) I can't complain so I ordered 5 boxes and they only expire 08/16. I would definitely recommend these they are amazing and very kind to the skin, not to wet and not to dry the only bad thing is if you leave the packet open then the first wipe drys out half way after a certain amount of time. But that's easy to solve by learning to avoid bad habits.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 November 2013
We've been using these wipes since our little one came home and, by and large, they do a great job. The packs are well constructed and relatively easy to open. The 56 wipes is a good balance meaning the packs aren't too heavy/bulky to take on the move and don't run out too quickly.

The wipes themselves are strong and neutrally fragranced. They are moistened with a kind of cream/balm which is intended to be kind to sensitive skin. Over time, we found that it's not so good for cleaning baby's face - he came out with a mild rash and pimples that recur if we start using these wipes. They do a great job of cleaning his bum though and at 1p per wipe (maybe even a bit less) it makes them a pretty economical solution.

If there's another down-side, it's the moisturising solution that they are soaked in. It makes the resealable tab on the packet refuse to stick, so often the top wipe can dry out. It also leaves a slight greasy coating on baby's skin - no doubt the moisturising properties of the balm, but this does mean that your preferred nappy cream will find it harder to stick. Perhaps not such a problem given you're using a moisturising wipe but if you prefer an antiseptic nappy cream, things can get a bit interesting.

All things considered, a decent value wipe that we continue to use so I can recommend it, but keep an eye on baby's skin.
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on 20 February 2014
Size: 672 Wipes|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
I think pampers nappies are great, so bought this box of wipes without even trying a single pack as I assumed they would be the better wipes.
I was wrong - they are very thin (so you don't feel reassured that they won't disintegrate on a really mucky bum!) - in my opinion Huggies Pure are much much better, lovely and soft and thick.
We used water wipes until baby was 6 weeks old which are also good, but have a tendency to come out of the pack 2 or 3 at a time - and are VERY cold on baby's skin!

In 2014 (pre-weaning) I rated Pampers 3 stars. Now, post weaning, I would happily give them 5 stars (and conversely I find the Huggies Pure that were my favourite in 2014, now too wet and too fragile for stubborn much on a toddler's bottom!)
I have amended my rating to 4 stars (average) but really I think it depends on what age child you need them for.
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on 1 May 2014
Having a baby is very costly, and one of the things you need to buy regularly for many months is baby wipes.
These wipes are not only cheaper than most others, but they are gently on babies skin.

My baby used to get nappy rash which we used various creams on, the rash got worse every time we used cheap Walmart or wilko own brand. But since we've started using these, nothing! And we don't have to use the creams anymore :D
The only time she's had a slight rash was when we acquired a pack of "Kandoo" wipes.

The wipes come in 12 packs of 56 wipes.
The packs come in a cardboard box with holes in the top to carry it with.
The box itself is very sturdy and I've used one of them to hold things to tidy my room.

I found that one box every two months is about right :)
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on 29 April 2016
As a first-time mum, you live and you learn.
This product and being able to just subscribe and save with this purchase; not having to worry about wipes being available with an infant…heaven. Seen enough mums having to waste money dashing to the shop because they’ve run out. Spending excess money because you’re in a pinch.
I love a bulk buy so this was great.
Usability on a small child. These are beyond better than Huggies, those bears or whatever they are on the Huggies catch. Whereas these wipes just glide over the baby. Also sensitive because you know what they say about a newborn's delicate skin. Just water. But hey we all cave when those poo’s get explosive, cotton balls and water are nothing compared to the ease of a wet wipe.
Now I stopped buying these after awhile because I found a much better and far cheaper own brand supermarket wet wipes, thanks to another mum’s suggestion. But hey if you’ve got the money to spare go name brand and go for these. If not try Asda, Little Angels.
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on 7 September 2013
I have always shopped around to find the cheapest deal and have not yet found a deal to rival Amazons subscribe and save for Pampers Sensitive Wipes. They arrived quickly (not to mention free of charge) which is ideal rather then carting my little one around unnecessarily.

I was a little torn between pampers and huggies but having researched both, Pampers was the natural choice. Both my partner and I had sensitive skin as children so I wanted to take a proactive approach with our son. At 0.01p a wipe they are certainly value for money but more importantly, they help balance your baby's skin's pH value while gently cleaning their skin so are perfect for my sons little bum. :)

Highly recommend these wipes for your little one, they are the only wipes for our household! :)
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on 20 October 2013
I used to buy tesco wipes as i thought i was getting the best value for money for them and they worked pretty well.These wipes are thicker and hold up much better then any others so you can't go wrong with them.
I subscribe to amazon's subscribe and save programme for other things and when looking at what else they sell
i came across these wipes. I used to use them before the tesco wipes but they just cost too much so i changed them.
When i saw the price for them using their programme i saw i could go back to the best quality wipes and even better they work out just as cheap as the tesco wipes and delivery for free so win win win.
These wipes are thicker and hold up much better then any others so you can't go wrong with them
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on 28 January 2013
Here's the scoop. Sometimes by paying just a fraction more, you save a lot more too. This is the case with Pampers Wipes. They continually offer just the right amount of moisture, they don't fall apart or tear as they come out of the packet like some other inferior brands. I also LOVE being able to buy them in bulk. This is just an annoying item to buy at the supermarket, so to be able to have them delivered in bulk is a godsend! Not only that, by purchasing through Amazon, I save more than 50% at the supermarket!!! I found that by half opening the packet and facing it away from you, you can pull out a wipe one-handed without 3 coming out all at once. And for the truly stinker diapers, I pull out 3 in advance, because it's never going to take less thatn that to clean up the nig messes.
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on 29 February 2012
My baby has very sensitive skin and we found that we couldn't use these wipes on her when she was very young because her bottom would get irritated. Now that she's a toddler, they seem to be ok. However, I find the wipes to be quite thin and flimsy. When I'm using them for a "number 2" it feels as though my fingers will poke through the wipe. It also doesn't pick up much and I end up using quite a few. (I prefer Huggies Newborn wipes.

The reason why I'm giving this product 4 stars despite the above comments is because they are great for wiping hands, food off of high chairs, cleaning toys/books, wiping dirt/food/juice off my leather couch, cleaning my toddler's shoes... etc and for this price (£20) you can't go wrong. I easily go through a pack every 4 to 5 days!
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