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on 23 March 2009
Sara, Miki and Angelina are best friends living in a small Texan town. They remain oblivious to the fact they are the only none shape shifter residents, well that is Miki and Angelina are definitely fully human whilst Sara was raised in ignorance by her grandmother as to her true heritage. This soon changes when Zach and his Pack (wolf shape shifters) arrive in town to protect Sara from an old Pride (lion shape shifters) vendetta determined to finish the job that left Sara with a nasty scar on her face and a badly damaged leg when she was just a child.

Alpha male Zach doesn't want a mate, instead he is far more concerned about becoming Pack leader until a drunken Sara kisses him and calls him her "pretty man". He cannot deny his instant attraction to this woman; a fellow wolf shape shifter with the perfect characteristics to become an alpha female and lead by his side. Sara in turn is becoming increasingly concerned about some changes in her life; her leg pain is becoming progressively worse, whilst her strength and senses of sight and smell are increasing. Miki is convinced she has been marked by a werewolf; however Miki is mad as a hatter and constantly spewing ridiculous theories. Yet this is one wacky theory that may prove to be correct.

I absolutely love SL's "Dragon Kin" series, and I've got to say her "Magnus Pack" series is definitely its equal. The humour I expect from this author is abundant; particularly surrounding Sara, Miki and Angie as they squabble and bitch amongst themselves. These women can be seriously nasty and do not want and most definitely do not expect a man to romance them or save them from danger; at least not a standard man as each will meet and fall in love with an alpha shape shifter who has to work extremely hard to win their hearts. Although the heroes of this series are great, it is the trio of women who really make these books; sassy, mouthy, incredibly protective of each other, and seriously vicious when needed, they are the type of tough leading ladies I love to read about.
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on 9 November 2009
I think there should be a rule about reviewing books you haven't even read... one star just because you don't like how many pages it has? Lady Get a life...

Shelly Laurenston is my favourite author and it all started HERE with Pack Challenge the first of her books I ever bought. Zach is cranky, Sara is psychotic it's a match made in heaven! or hell.

This book is a brilliant beginning to a set of shapeshifter romance books which will have you laughing so hard you cry (or that could just be me) and if you love these ones do check out her G A Aiken Dragon books which are equally as funny and romantic

What I like best is that she gives her shapeshifters animal qualities, this becomes more apparent as the series goes on but they really are excellent books and it all started here with Zach and Sara
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on 19 August 2017
this is the story of sara and zach. sara is a human who is living in a town run by shifters she and her friends miki and angie are the only humans in the town. you can defiantly feel the friendship in this book. zach and his pack are in town to watxh over sara she is a part of there pack but she doesnt know this. she has scars from when she was young and she hides the pain. when she is at a rave with her friends she collapses with pain zach is near by and takes her to a dingy place he bleeds her .what happens next red to see. this is the first book i have read by this authour andwill definitely be reading more
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on 17 May 2011
Zach doesn't want a mate and just wants to concentrate on becoming Pack Leader. When his pack stop in a small Texas town to deal with some business, he meets Sara and she happens to be the reason he's there. Sara and her best friend's Miki and Angelina are spirited to say the least and when Sara gets's drunk one night to block out the pain in her leg, caused by an attack twenty years ago, she meets Zach after she's almost attacked and kisses him calling him her 'pretty man'. Zach and Sara are instantly attracted to each other but fight it because it's neither what they want, especially when Sara doesn't know what she is and has a Pride seeking revenge against her.

I laughed lots during this book, Sara is kick ass in so many ways and Zach's the bad boy you just wouldn't say no too! They are certainly matched in so many ways and i loved reading how frustrated they both became with each other and the fireworks when they finally give in..well sort of!

If funny, hot and shapeshifter's are your thing buy this book, i've already bought the second!! :)
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on 22 June 2014
Pack Challenge is a well written and very entertaining read. From the first page I was hooked on the action, romance and Sara’s awesome personality – worryingly a lot similar to my own!
Sara is a no nonsense kind of woman with a fiery passion for guys when she’s drunk.

The storyline is amazing and the passion is, to put in lightly, hot! The characters are all well written and have a very detailed personality. It shows just how much Laurenston has put into the development of her characters and her story.
Zack is one of those guys you want as your ‘book boyfriend’ or really boyfriend if that is at all possible – which sadly hardly ever is!
But let’s be honest here! If I say, hot biker guy with tattoos and a killer smile, would you really say you’d be able to resist?

If you like Paranormal Romance with a great storyline, a killer biker dude and passion so hot it can get embarrassing to sit in the living room with company while reading, then you’ll love this book!

Pack Challenge is the first book in the Magnus Pack Series and it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year!!!
If you’re looking for a good read with Werewolves, passion, action and one hell of a heroine then you’ll love this book!

It really is a must read!

Review by Jade Lloyd. If you'd like to read more reviews by Jade Lloyd check out her blog at: [...]
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on 7 April 2012
Pack Challenge is the first book in the Magnus Pack series and is a great wacky start. The Magnus Pack have come to a small town in Texas to get back a member of their pack who was taken away twenty years ago and who better than Zach Sheridan, soon to be Alpha, to come and retrieve what is theirs.

Sara Morrighan has scars and a crippling limp from an attack that killed her parents and being dragged across state lines by her fearsome grandmother. Her only salvation was being protected by those who live in the small town where she group up and her best friends Miki and Angelina. When her grandmother died things around her started to change, she started to change and didn't know why. Until she met a tall dark handsome stranger she didn't know if those changes were for the better as she soon discovers who she really is, where she is from and who killed her parents.

This book has everything you would expect from Ms. Laurenston. Humour in abundance, extremely hot sexy scenes and characters that you instantly like and learn to love and want to know more about. Pack Challenge is a very quick easy read and as the story develops it is difficult to down.
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on 6 February 2016
I thought this book started out well but the author massively lost it for me. Sara, who is the female H, was fine to start with but then got very aggressive and I know that the author wanted to highlight this but the females all seemed a bit, dare I say it, 'common'. Maybe the author is selling to a different audience or reflecting her own social background - who knows! I felt the female cat fighting to be very lower working class and unfeminine -reminds me a bit of a mud fight where the guys all look on. To reflect females displaying this behaviour was distasteful. I felt the males to be equally lower working class, if only because they felt this sort of behaviour was normal. Apparently to distance themselves from wolf pack behaviours they are 'shape shifters' just as well as the behaviour doesn't reflect that of a wolf pack at all - a bit more research would be good! All in all a massive miss for me, I thought it was rubbish.
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on 19 February 2011
As I seen so many reviews on werewolves/shapeshifter books I decided to try out some for myself and decided to try this one out and wasn't disappointed. It was hot, amusing, and mysterious.

At the start we find Sara being a feisty woman who doesn't know what is happening to her. She was spent years struggling with her injuries that was made when she was young and this has affected how she treats people. Then comes along Zach who causes all sorts of confusing things and she doesn't know how to react. The more time she spends with him she changes which makes everyone around her wary. Zach helps her become her true self and protects her life from the people that have been after her. During the story they get very close and it leads to some very hot and steamy scenes.

The story has sex, action, sexy werewolves and love. What more could you ask for!
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on 13 April 2015
I love re-reading Shelly Laurenston books they just have a way of drawing you in to the story and making you compeled to finish the whole series.

This is a great book to get you started on the journey through the entire shifter series. I love how all the books are slowly interlinking with each other. Once i read this one i have to always work my way through the rest of the Magnus Pack trilogy then think about whether i'm going to start on the rest of the shifter books.

With this one we have Zach a cranky alpha in the making and Sara a crazy girl who jumps in before even thinking about asking questions. Scratch that even after the fact she probably wouldn't event care what the answers are unless they involved her friends. They are perfect for each other in a very strange away.

Its were it all began and i love going back time and time again :)
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on 14 March 2014
I have been reading The Pride series written by this author and expected this to be as good. Unfortunately it wasn't, thought it fell abit flat. Pity, not sure if I will buy the next books as there are plenty of better series out there.
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