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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2014
I thought this would be another boring sci-fi action film. You know the sort; humourless, monotonous clones of all the other boring sci-fi films that have gone before. Well it wasn't. The action gets going right away and we are shown the monster from the very beginning. Not only is the film a sci-fi action film, it also manages to weave in some convincing humour and comic relief. It is a big Hollywood film but somehow it feels different, the pace of the film stops you getting bored; it isn't constantly pushing forward. I was getting so bored of watching sci-fi without imagination and this film has been a refreshing watch.
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on 3 August 2015
I wasn't sure what to expect with this, since films of this kind can be totally rubbish...but actually it was surprisingly good! The concept of the film was brilliant, characterization was well thought out so you really felt what the characters did and I have to admit, there were many really intense scenes that were totally insane. Good nail-biting action and fantastic visuals make for a superb film. I really enjoyed this and loved the fact that this was a clean film (with the exception of one use of the B word) and definitely family friendly. I would most certainly watch this again!
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The teenage boy within me would probably give this five stars for my love of monsters, robots and general big-scope city destruction, all of which is here by the bucketful and executed pretty well - this film is often visually stunning and looks great on the big screen with the volume ramped up, but it obviously has its flaws if you want to enjoy it as anything more than a turn-your-brain-off bonanza of big, bright punchy action sequences which are dominated by mammoth monsters from another dimension rising from the sea and battling giant human-controlled super robots trying to defend the major cities of earth. As an action packed Sci-Fi tinged monster fest, the film is great.

And while it wouldn't win any awards for the acting, screenplay, or the script, the film does its best to develop some of the main characters and their relationships but this is all served with lots of cheesy lines, typical cliches, average quality big-budget acting, plot-holes, and questionable decisions by the characters at all levels, so unless you're able to turn off from all that and just enjoy it for what it is then you should probably give it a miss. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the mayhem! Some of the big battle sequences (and especially the finale) look amazing and give it a good re-watch factor.

This film is fun to watch and does what it's suppose to but I'm only giving 3.5 / 4 stars as even though I didn't expect wonders, I did expect a little more depth and development from Guillermo Del Toro, but there's no questioning that it's a good looking film with a decent pace and enough action and story to keep kids (and big kids) entertained through to the end.
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on 2 November 2014
Great movie. Good actors, likeable characters, cool special effects, good story as well. For those who remember shows like Ultraman, this would be the update with better special effects, and more grown up fighting. Or even the Guyver live action movies on a much bigger scale.

We are not alone in the universe, but instead of attacking from the sky the aliens are using a portal to attack us from another dimension. Sending giant Godzilla type beasts. The army manages to Handel the first few, but as the beasts attacks become more frequent, a new measure is put into place. Giant robots. The problem is linking a human brain to the robot is too much for our neural system, so two humans are linked together and work in unison to share the load. Simulating the two hemispheres of the brain.

The other problem is mass producing giant robots is expansive and taxing all if the worlds resources. The program is put on hold. Now years later nothing else has worked but the attacks are getting more frequent. Now there is a last effort to the war once and for all using all the remaining Robots and pilots.

I really enjoyed the movie, it is pretty hard to go wrong with Giant Robot for me, but I was surprised my wife enjoyed it more that I did, despite her hatred for SciFi and aliens. She claims she liked the whole idea the effects and it was a bit different. That probably deserves a sixth star simple for the fact that she watched the thing loved it.
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on 9 June 2016
A fun last half made up for an understandably rushed beginning that nearly had me stop watching the film. Admittedly, a lot had to be explained and I wonder if the director was forced by the studio to do the lengthy prologue - maybe the director had the intention to tell us about why machines operated by humans were fighting huge monsters during the story in sort of flash backs but was not allowed to as the studios seem to assume that we are stupid and have to be told everything quickly or we will lose interest? maybe not, but the vast "exposition" nearly lost me and that would have been a pity as it turned into a good film).
Anyway, I loved the fighting, hated most of the characters at least until the very end, and was amazed by the special effects. I may be wrong but I almost sensed that the Jauger were a tribute to "Optimus Prime" the huge robot from Fallout 3; and that isn't a bad thing. An enjoyable 2 hours and I certainly didn't feel I had wasted my time watching it.
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on 17 April 2014
I rented this in 3D for little other reason than wanting to explore the special effects. What I got was a blockbuster of a movie, non-stop action and thrills with amazing special effects, really brought to life in 3D. The story is pure sci-fi but the cast, acting and edge-of-the-seat pace make it a 'join in' movie. You can't help but want to cheer on the underdogs, worry that this is one movie that won't end in success for the all-American (British actor) heroes. One of the best sci-fi movies I have seen in years.
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on 20 July 2016

Humanity is under attack from alien invaders who are traversing some kind of dimensional breach deep in the pacific. They're looking to move in, but first they need to exterminate an infestation - US! Oh. Yes, they're also giant sized! Think Godzilla proportions!

So, what do we do when they devastate our cities? We build our own giant robots to take them on! Jaegers!

It's Giant Robots versus Giant Sea Aliens - This film. Is. PERFECT!
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How many movies have we seen in which the 'Golden Gate Bridge' is
destroyed ? ....well, I haven't got an answer, however seems to me
it occurs during just about every disaster movie....and yes, if but
briefly 'Pacific Rim' joins that ''elite'' club.
The Film....Over-sized alien beings 'The Kaijus' begin to arrive on
earth arriving through a porthole below the waves of the 'Pacific'
Five major cities are destroyed before the military are able to combat
the new enemy.
The invasion continues, man has to come up with a monster of their own
....Giant Robots called 'Jaegers' controlled to do battle by two pilots
on board.
However, it seems this may not be enough to stop the 'Kaijus' coming,
the 'Jaegers' program seems too be failing, the world is on the verge
of defeat.
A former pilot is teamed up with an unlikely co-pilot to operate an
outdated 'Jaeger' to do battle.
This may well be man's last stand ahead of an ''almost'' certain alien
victory bringing about the end of human existence.
The visual effects which are indeed impressive make the movie well worth
The 2D and 3D imagery will almost certainly keep the film alive for viewing
Great picture and sound quality throughout.
A 3-Disc set which includes the usual commentary.........'Disk three' is all
about 'Special Features' with hours of content which includes,,,featurettes
providing in-depth looks at 'Kaijus' ....along with a look at 'Sets' 'Stunts'
'Sounds' 'Effects' and the Mythology of making the film....and so much more.
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on 14 July 2013
The biggest praise I can give Pacific Rim is the fact that I was grinning from ear to ear for the vast majority of it. Guillermo Del Toro's passion and flair are evident throughout and the attention to detail in both the Kaiju and Jaeger design deserves a lot of credit. Del Toro said his aim was to make you feel like an excited 12 year old again whilst watching Pacific Rim, he certainly succeeded.
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on 14 September 2013
I'm an intelligent, discerning woman aged 49, and normally I'd never go to see this kind of film, which I'd expect only teenage boys to enjoy. I'd usually choose a quality drama, an indie film, a chick flick or an occasional thriller. But...I caught this by chance....and to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, to the extent that I'd probably have happily seen it twice. I thought it was far more entertaining throughout than this summer's Superman film, and certainly better than Brad Pitt's Zombies. I've even pre-ordered 2 DVDs - one for me, and one for my teenage nephews. 8 or 9 out of 10.
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