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on 31 March 2011
I first ordered a more expensive replacement £30 'alternative brand' battery (different brand, different supplier) and it would not even work with the Canon charger so I had to send it back. Because of that I did not have high expectations of this one, the Powerplanet brand, as it was even more moderately priced at under £20.
Well, I was mistaken (happily) - the Powerplanet seems a really good battery.

I have only been running it about a week but it has had heavy daily use and is holding up well so far. It seems to take a couple of recharges/use in the camera to settle down for an accurate 'percentage left' reading but I also found the same with Canons own brand battery that came with the camera.

This battery works fine with Canons own charger and acts in my 7D camera just like the original battery. It registers normally with the camera and the 'remaining percentage charge' display in camera is fully operational.

I use my camera a great deal so I have now ordered a 2nd of these batteries as this first one has been a real success so far. They last a long time on a charge so it will mean I don't have to take the charger etc. with me when I go away for long weekends etc.

Edit 1 - additional info:

Some weeks later and I have been using these batteries heavily and they are excellent, so far I have gone up to 600 photos one one day just using one battery and it still had more than 40% charge left in it. In the orig review I forgot to say they each came with a handy clip on cover to protect them when not in camera/charger.

Edit 2 - additional info:

I have ordered in the last 18 months several PowerPlanet brand batteries for both my Canon 5d and 7d.
This model battery is the one that fits the 7d.

I have found them all to be reliable, long lasting in use and to hold up just as well if not better than the manufactures own. I have ordered some more today as I am doing all day shoots and wish to have a large supply of spares, to cover several days without recharging. The first sets I bought (mentioned earlier in this review) are still acting as if they are brand new and have proved to be very reliable long term.

Very happy with this brand.

Found my review of these batteries while ordering a different sort for my other camera and see a lot of people have found it a helpful review so I thought I would add some more follow up. I am still using all the 7d batteries I ordered from PowerPlanet and still have not had a problem with any of them. They are still outlasting the Canon one that came with the camera and my cameras get very heavy use, its unusual for both cameras not to be used most days. I will be ordering some additional batteries for my 5d shortly, to replace the ones it came with originally and I intend to stick with this brand for those as well. Hope this additional update is helpful.
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on 23 May 2017
No problem with my EOS70D recognising the battery, and it charges as you would expect. Unfortunately it only lasts about half as long as a genuine Canon battery, but that's why it's cheaper. You get what you pay for.
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on 23 December 2015
These have been brilliant for use in my Canon 70D. I shoot video with my camera, so battery life can be an issue. With these spare batteries I've got the power i need to keep shooting without that worry of running out. The batteries are a good fit for my camera and i haven't noticed any real difference between this product and the ones i got with the camera.
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on 2 November 2014
Between 150 and 200 photographs and its flat. Canon original does close to 400. It doesn't hold a charge as long as the original so you need to ensure its charged before use.
For its price you can't expect it to work as the original but I did expect a little more than that. I can't recommend this as a replacement or even as a back up. It will probably be flat when you go to use it.
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on 27 May 2013
Used on my 7D, first two uses it gave around 600-800 shots but now it's up to 1220 shots. for £10 you can go wrong, why buy a canon one at silly prices. only thing is how long will it last. build to last. camera had no problems with the battery. i would say let it run out instead of changing half empty as it may create a memory. camera use is just shooting without live view and just normal viewing of rear screen and so on. will give it some hard use soon.
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bought two and both seem to be just fine so far.
much better than some cheaper ones i got on ebay.
Similar to original battery but i'm not really sure, i didn't measure the time with either of them.
Ordered another 2. :)
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on 22 April 2017
Reasonably price replacement.
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on 2 March 2015
I use these with my 5D Mk3 with no problems whatsoever.

Why pay more - when these are fine
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on 14 December 2014
Works perfectly. Exactly as described. Would buy again.
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on 7 August 2010
Bought this from the seller, ordered it on Wednesday and arrived Saturday morning, very happy with the delivery times, added bonus it was free postage even to N Ireland.

As for the battery its works perfectly, I charged it and shot with it this afternoon in the studio to try it out, it charges in the Canon Charger and displays info on the camera, it even counts the shutter releases and displays the battery information, I checked and it had shot 800 images and was displaying that it had 63% left, this was on the 1st charge and its about the same as Canons own battery, I am very happy, as its approx 1/3 of the price of Canons.
I shall give an update if it goes pear shape, but as it stands, its works perfectly unlike the Ex-Pro battery that was more expensive and didn't work, had to return.

Highly recommended.

I decided to run the battery until it had 2% power left and checked the shutter count, the Battery had delivered 2387 shots in studio conditions, lens used for the test were Canon 50mm f1.4 and Canon 85mm F1.8, flash heads/strobes were triggered via Elinchrom Skyport trigger system, Raw and Jpeg small were captured and processed to sandisk cards, I am very impressed as the back LCD is switch on and I also spent time showing clients sample images from the shoots,

So still very highly remommended. :)
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