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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2010
Installed in one of our spare rooms it almost fills the back wall at close to 9 feet. The screen drop is just right for a normal size room too and it stops automatically at just the right spot for me. It's a fairly basic build, a bit utilitarian, and I imagine you can get something of better quality but you'd pay a lot more. The motorised mechanism is relatively quiet and shuts off automatically on full extension/closing. The remote control is a nice addition. My particular example was a little tatty and had to be cleaned in some areas (not the screen though). On the black borders of the screen, it looks a little washed out and touching in the black with a marker or something helps the overall appearance. Maybe this was just mine. Watching Blu Ray films through my Optoma HD200X, the contrast and colour are superb and the "brightness" of the screen is just right for home theatre.
All in all, I feel this is value for money.
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on 7 September 2015
The reviews for this screen are lumped together - regardless of size. My review is for the 120" version of this item.
Firstly, the smell. Some describe it as 'chemical', some describe it as 'plasticy'. The optimists out there will hope that people are exaggerating and that those describing it as 'plasticy' are the more accurate reviewers. So much for optimism. The smell is undoubtedly of chemicals and it is much much more than simply an annoying smell. If you walk up to the screen and sniff it, you will recoil uncontrollably from the sheer power of it. It's like sniffing the world's worst smelling salts. The problem is, logic tells you that the smell will go faster the longer the screen is left in the down position, so you start planning when to leave descended - ie while you're away at work, or when you go to bed. If this is the room you watch tv in, you won't want that screen down while you're in there. The chemical smell from ours was so powerful when it was down that we needed to shut the door at night and put a towel along the bottom of the door to stop the smell leaking out into the hallway and beyond.
I realise that all screens smell to a certain extent at first, but this is unbelievable. Clearly the screens are not left to cure long enough during the manufacturing process. Three weeks after getting the screen (and lowering it at every time the room was unoccupied) we were able to watch a film.... but in the morning my breathing was really tight, like the beginnings of an asthma attack.
The smell is going, slowly.....
Assuming you're not put off, and have decided if you get this screen you will hang it somewhere for at least four weeks before attempting to watch a film.... the screen itself....
The screen casing is larger than shown in Amazon... a kind of hexagonal shape about 5 inches in diameter and really solidly built.
NOTE - This screen is for wall mounting only. I say this because the holes through which the fixing screws go, are in fixed positions on the ends of the casing. In other words, unless you're incredibly lucky and your ceiling joists exactly coincide with the holes on the screen's casing, it will have to be mounted on a wall. (This may be true of most screens, I don't know... but I thought I'd draw it to your attention, because for some reason I was expecting some form of adjustable brackets).
With fore-thought, you can put this screen up on your own. If the screws are accurately (and I mean accurately!) put into the wall - protruding about quarter of an inch - you can raise one end of the screen to hook onto one screw, then go to the other end and raise that to hook onto the other screw.
Another little problem...
To get power to the screen, you get a 13A plug on a lead that goes to a small control box, (moulded connection) then a moulded lead out of the top of this control box to the right hand side of the screen casing. (A round, four pin power connector which I believe is called a '4-pin power pogo connector'). It is not an elegant solution, since the overall length of this arrangement means the 13A plug barely reaches the floor. Fine if you have a power-point halfway up the wall, but not for me - I needed it to plug into an extension lead, which it just about reaches. The 'pogo-pin' connector on the screen casing is a bit specialist, so dispensing with the control box and relying on the remote control isn't really an option.
It's a shame about these issues, because the screen itself is very good. If you've not owned a screen before, be aware that unlike cinema screens, home screens are if anything over-reflective, which means your room will be good and dark in the night scenes, but will be brightly lit in the daytime scenes, regardless of how well you exclude external light. This may seem obvious, but unless your room is draped in black curtains, the light from the movie itself will bounce back and reduce the blacks on normal shots. You'll get the cinema experience all right, but if you sit there critically analysing the picture (which I did, because I bought an expensive projector!), then you will be able to pick a few holes. But like all screens and screen sizes, you adapt quickly and just enjoy the movie.
The tab-tensioning...
Only time will tell me if this is going to help keep the edges from curling, but on instinct, it looks like a pretty good arrangement. I'm optimistic about that!
Be aware also, how much longer the casing is than the actual screen! I was convinced they'd sent me the next size up in error (and was for a while, smugly happy). Because of the tab-tensioning arrangement, the casing is in total, 20" (50cm) wider than the actual screen, so make sure you've got the space!
Screen height... if you're worried about looking up at the screen and getting a stiff neck, don't....
The black above the screen is better than advertised - just over 14"
As an example - my screen casing is mounted about 85" above floor level. If the screen is fully lowered, the white of the screen can come down to about 8" above the floor - so way more than you'd need - you won't get a stiff neck.
The screen comes with a plastic tool that allows you to set where it automatically stops after one press of the 'down' button too.
I'm only awarding 3 stars purely because of the eye-wateringly awful smell. Don't underestimate that and don't imagine you will enjoy a movie the first day you get the screen up. If you suffer from any form of breathing issues I would say avoid this screen altogether, and also ask the question in relation to other screens.
If it weren't for the smell, I'd have ignored the cable length issue and probably given 5 stars, because mechanically, for the money, it's otherwise a very good buy.
We've had the screen 4 weeks now and although the smell is slowly going, it's still there, and still unpleasant. Hopefully I can update this review and award another star soon! Hope the above helps.
5 weeks in, the smell has completely gone. About time. It's a great screen now :) but I'll leave it as three stars because I think a five week wait to use a product is something the manufacturers need to deal with.
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on 17 December 2013
I bought this screen in February 2013, so I have had it for approximately 10 months, easily long enough to give it a fair review.

Initially I was very happy with my purchase; under £90 delivered for a motorised 106" screen isn't too shabby!
It was delivered soon after purchase; it did take the help of my brother to install it, as it is a big beast. There was a bit of a smell after unboxing, but it didn't last too long and wasn't that bad as I remember.
I bought it to use with my new BenQ W1070, so I wasn't prepared to spend too much money to pair it with a budget projector.

I have been a home cinema geek for a couple of decades and have owned a fair number of AV units and large screen TVs in that time, but I have never ever really got close to creating the cinema experience in my living room. This was my first foray into the projection world and wasn't really sure just how much I needed to spend to get something half decent. In total with my screen, projector and leads it cost under £1000, far less than some of the TVs I have owned.

As I said I was very happy with the picture quality. It certainly is an impressive looking bright screen which may be a problem in a bat-cave, but it does have its advantages if you want to watch Sky soccer Sunday in the summer with curtains which aren't the greatest at blocking out sunlight.

Ok I'm rambling... let's sum up its good points:

1 Cheap, giant, bright screen
2 Good Picture
3 Motorised
4 Well made for the money

The motor is pretty quick and not too noisy. I have found though that it can be a little temperamental, on at least half a dozen times in the first week or so the screen came down or went up all by itself. I was going to return it because of this problem/fault, but then it settled down and this has only happened maybe a couple of times since. I have an inkling that because it is an RF unit, it may be possible that it could have been triggered by a neighbour's car remote! All of these screens seem to be controlled by RF, personally I would have preferred IR so I could program my Logitech Harmony One remote to control it.

After owning one of these screens, I now know why serious home cinema screens costs a lot of money. After a while these cheaper non tab-tensioned screens start to ripple and bow. This is exactly what happened to mine, it wasn't too noticeable at first but after maybe 5 to 6 months I could see a substantial amount of curl at both outward edges. My wife doesn't notice it and to be honest even now it doesn't detract too much from the viewing experience.
I can see it if the camera pans across the screen slowly but because I know the problem I am always on the lookout for it.

Bad points:
1 Temperamental motorisation (I may be just unlucky)
2 Curling at the edges
3 Bright screen (may be too bright for some set-ups)

In conclusion this is a well-made CHEAP screen which was ideal for me to dip my toes into the world of home projection. I know I made the right choice in getting a screen and projector. I use it every day and watch almost everything on it (my 60" Plasma TV is feeling a little neglected), Movies and Sport in particular look out of this world and finally at last I have managed to bring the cinema into my living room... I think the only person not too impressed with it, is my neighbour, as she is now hearing the full effect of my AV every evening!

Because of the curling issue, I am thinking of upgrading sometime in the near future, possibly to the Allcam 120" tab-tensioned screen sold here for £149. It does sound very cheap for a GOOD tab-tensioned screen and also the small amount of reviews are a little mixed. I just don't want to spend more than it cost for my projector on a screen!
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on 15 July 2011
Given the incredibly modest price point for a motorised screen of decent size, I was half expecting to have to send this back or add it to my collection of dust gathering 'good idea at the time' purchases!

It is, instead, happily mounted on my wall delighting me with the knowledge that I paid no more elsewhere.

I have a fairly high end 1080p projector, so if the screen was lacking I suspect the image would expose it.

No issue here, in terms of picture quality, 5 stars awarded.

My minor gripes are:
1) On the aesthetic: about an inch exposed at either end for the mounting bracket is not the most elegant design, would have been better if the screen casing had fully covered on hanging and the power cable protrudes somewhat too.
2) Limited cable: You can only power from the right hand side and, thanks to the attached control box, the cable is not long enough to run discreetly to the other end if that is where your preferred power outlet is. Until I get a friendly sparky to extend the cable I am therefore stuck with 'cable drape'!

Other reviews have commented on noisy motor. I do not find this an issue, not least given I only drop and raise before / after a film so no big deal even if was loud (which I don't think it is).

Arguably could do with a little more weight on the base to ensure rigid flat screen, but no material distortion or swaying on my set up so again just fine.

These very minor gripes result in the loss of one star, but I challenge you to find an alternative that delivers so well for the price.
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on 12 February 2012
Anchor bolts that came with this are a bit generic, so I purchased my own anchor bolts at Homebase...for the price, this screen is incredible! there are no wrinkles or kinks in the screen when extended down...the metal housing was alot smaller that I anticipated..motor is not very loud, the remote is a nice addition, the glass beads make the screen brighter so you can lower output power and save bulb life:) Make sure you adjust the screen start/stop positions before you mount, as they are pretty hard to get to afterwards, if not impossible. I bought this with an Optoma HD300X...together they are a match made in HD heaven:) you cannot beat the price for the quality of this screen!
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on 29 June 2010
A fantastic product and amazing value for money as I did much research before buying a projector screen. I cannot fault this screen I actually found the motor to be very quiet as I can barely hear it when its running. It is actually 2400mm wide when you include the case and the plug on the side and most importantly of all it provides an amazing picture so long as the light levels in your room are low and your projector is up to scratch.For under £100 this is a outstanding screen!
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on 18 December 2010
this screen is brilliant, the motor is very quiet. its very easy to adjust the screen with the suplied hex plastic adjuster thingy so that the screen comes down to the required length and stops automatically.

I have it mounted above my window and it looks really neat when not in use. very nice design. easy to install though i did widen the holes so i could use 10mm coach bolts as i wasn't so keen on having it hanging from little screws. But that's just me wanting to ensure it didn't go anywhere even if i was hanging on it. Metal fixing brackets are very strong it was firmly in place with 2 bolts but i used 4 just to be on the safe side.

remote works from all around the room and even out in the kitchen.... handy control unit built into the wire half way so can be controlled wired or wirelessly if you have miss placed the remote.

screen is total black out which is great for my setup as it acts like a blind for the room when in use, as it comes down in front of the window. and with my HD ready 3D projector it looks fantastic. I have used this with Sky+HD and the PS3 using Playstation move controllers. It's fantastic!

I would defo recommend this product to anyone wanting to set up a flash home cinema. I am sure i will be setting a few more of these screens up once people see my set up...

Hope the review helps... I am a sky engineer so feel free to ask any questions if you need advice on ur own set up
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on 16 December 2014
I have owned this for 4 years. I only raise and lower it very occasionally and it always works fine and is quiet. I had to return the wall control unit on the first one when it arrived, but it has been fine since. I had to buy some angled brackets from B&Q to allow me to fit it behind a beam so that the main container was hidden as the existing brackets tend to be designed to place it on the front of the mounting area. You can also adjust the end stop on how far it extends which is useful. I have not used the cable that allows it to be connected to the projector such that it opens automatically but this seems a useful feature.
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on 3 September 2013
I read the reviews and the measurements. Checked the space all well but I hadn't accounted for the coving, luckily it fitted. I mounted on the ceiling into the joists using some very substantial screws (non supplied).

he casing is black so it is visible but that's not a problem for me. The control cable and switch is also black which obviously doesn't blend to light walls but that's the choice you make. I can not stress enough that this is big. The case is a good 3-4 inches longer each end than the screen so head the warning in the description it's BIG!

The case and screen seems well constructed. The motor is a little noisy but its not running while you are watching so that doesn't matter. The adjustment on up and down stops is a little fiddley and the instructions consist of an A4 sheet folded into a booklet with a few pictures with little info but you just attach it to a wall or ceiling and plug it in how hard can it be?

There is a good 30-40 cm of black boarder at the top so plenty to allow adjustment. The cable is only about 2m long which will reach from ceiling to socket providing the socket is directly underneath. (Extension cable required for me)

There is a chemical smell when new out of the box but it fades with time. The tab tension keeps my screen taught and even though it is hanging free, i.e. not against a wall I have no issues.

I am projecting from my EPSOM 1080p HD projector and the picture quality for me seems excellent. I am sure some geeky officianado of screens could tell me otherwise but Cars and Lord of the Rings look pretty good to me.

Fantastic motorised screen for the money. Highly recommend and did I mention its big.
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on 4 May 2013
Nice screen, motors work smooth and not very loud. Quality of picture is good. It smells a little of chemicals, i think it is a solvent or smth. but opened windows should remove it after a while. Please see pictures, I have installed it to a plaster ceiling using DIY fixtures because only to points of fixture is a nonsense for a 10kg screen. Hence 4 stars out of 5.
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