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on 24 September 2017
 As I said the main reason for this being a low review was the quality, as you can see from the images the casing is bent and there are noticeable imperfections in the canvas. These are not caused during shipping.

The mounting brackets are good, you’ll want solid anchors behind them if you mount on plasterboard but I just used wood behind it at either end into anchors then normal wood screws into the wood.

The motor is a nice level of noise. Not too loud at all but it is noticeable. My bedroom is above the Livingroom where it’s mounted and the noise of the motor is not audible from there. While discussing the motor it seems natural to Segway into the controls. The lead for the control box is not adequate in length. Even another 30cm or so would do the job. Unless you plan on the bottom of the screen touching the floor or having a high wall mount socket. Look into your options for extensions.
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on 8 June 2014
The screen arrived promptly. Just like the seller explains, these screens are huge so make sure you measure correctly and allow room for the casing. The screen fits perfectly into the space I had measured up. The motion of the electric screen is very smooth and extremely quiet. This screen is very easy to install. It arrived in a well packaged box although the one I received had no signs of damage to the box, there was damage to the white screen casing. There are 2 dents in it. One not so obvious, the other you can easily see. I did not contact the seller but I am sure they would have replaced if I had of asked. The minor damage does not prevent the screen from operating. I am also building an pelmet around my screen so I will never see the casing again anyway. This screen does have an very strong smell which is gradually going but is hard to bear at first. The screen looks very good quality and is black backed. The picture from this screen is outstanding. I am using an 3d blu ray player with high speed hdmi cables running to an optoma £500 projector. An fairly cheap set up but what an picture. The colours and depth of 3d are truly amazing. Looks like I am watching an high end TV worth several thousand pounds. You will not regret buying this screen. Very happy with my purchase.
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on 18 November 2014
Looks great, moves up and down smoothly and relatively quietly. Small criticism the mounting brackets add at least 2cm to the width at each side and the power connector comes out of the RHS so you need some space for that, would have been nice to connect at the bottom of the screen. Screen has a very strong smell initially but that seems to be going away gradually. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
I now have a BenqW1070 ceiling mounted about 3m away and I am getting a full width projection onto this screen. After about a week with the windows open and the screen fully extended the smell is just about gone.
The remote control seems to have more than adequate range with an up, down and stop button, they all are one press to activate the screen. There is a tool included for adjusting the automatic stop points (both roll up and extend). There is no 12v trigger, but I don't regard this as a requirement, just press the down button and then switch on your projector.
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on 23 January 2014
There is nothing I can say to fault this product (accept a minor issue). It was delivered next day, it arrived packaged like it came direct from fort knox, and it had all the bits to put it up. Ill get the little issue out of the way now, mine was slightly damaged to one of the brackets. There was a slight kink in the mounting bracket and the paint had peeled as a result of this but a slight tap with a hammer soon straighten it out. Now its up, you don't notice the peeled paint and it is holding the screen up perfectly. Moan out the way this is by far my most favourite gadget yet! Sit back a push the button and the screen drops down! Awesome! I am Currently building a fish tank into the wall to add to the bond villain effect and hey presto this will soon be the man cave I have been dreaming about since I was 10. Just to add this also works well with lightwaveRF gadgets if you buy the inline up/stop/down switch and wire it up (not as hard as it sounds) you can control the screen and all your other electrics with your iPhone. I feel like Dr. No with 2014 technology! Happy days!
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on 5 May 2014
The screen itself is very good, have had it mounted on a wall and seems sturdy enough.

Evenly white, black borders - nice screen.

However, the power cable and motor control box are not well designed - the cable isn't long enough to allow the control box (which is permanently attached to the cable at each end) to be mounted anywhere sensible.

Essentially you have to dangle it down parallel to the screen a couple of cm away in order to have the box mounted at a reachable height. You would not be able to mount it on different wall for example, which means it does distract from the big screen experience, and the main reason for wanting it to roll up in the first place - i.e. no wall clutter!
Because the cable length isn't adjustable, we're thinking of having an electrician splice some additional cable in so we can mount the box away from the screen.

It does come with a remote control, so in theory you could hide the cabling in the ceiling (if you have a void and mains) but the control box is also the receiver so that would still need to be visible - plus you'd have no backup if the remote went missing!

Good screen let down by cable clutter.
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on 13 January 2016
18months / 2 years and still going strong, Motor is on right hand side so something to consider is Power socket, screen itself is perfect can't fault it for the price.
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on 30 March 2013
I purchased this for a school drama room in order to give the room another use as a cinema. Like a lot of other reviews just make sure it will fit your room. In my case it is just perfect. It is quiet and the projected image from our HD projector is just superb. There is a chemical smell that lasted a couple of weeks but just fine now. Needs at least two to install it and the best fixings you can find to hold it as it is heavy and just two fixing points.
I have paid three times the price for equivalent products so a real bargain. Hope this helps.
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on 15 April 2015
Product works well - I' have had it for over 3 months now and the chemical smell is almost gone ...must have seen 30 hours of movie since Jan. The pictures look very clear. Very heavy to install. Rated 3 because had some issues with supplier communication, Amazon intervened and got it sorted- tip: thoroughly check the product before you open the packaging and if it has scratches etc ensure you simply return them - picked by supplier itself ofcourse.
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on 12 August 2016
It's the third screen I've owned, with each one a bit wider than the previous one. Why go for anything else ?
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on 1 December 2013
I have this paired with an optoma HD66 projector and I am mightly impressed. I am not going to criticise the product as nothing bad has jumped on me since I started using it and picture quality depends as much on the projector as it does on the screen. I only use it for watching movies. The remote is handy.
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