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on 27 August 2017
Goes a bit too much into the science, when all I wanted was to find out how to sleep through the night. It did hit on sleep restriction which seemed the only bit of advice. I bought it whilst waiting for the sleep restriction element of the author's Sleepio website. Said website is okay, but apart from the sleep restriction I found the other advice a bit woolly, ie, pretty obvious. And the site is 100% about getting to sleep not staying asleep which is much harder to do; same as this book really.
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on 12 March 2018
I’ve never written a book review but felt compelled to write this in the hope the Prof Espie reads this as a thanks for helping me cure my long term insomnia that has had such a negative effect on my life.

I started the book 11 months ago and can finally say now that my sleep is deeper, longer, more predictable and satisfying. It’s not a quick fix and I didn’t feel the full benefit for about 6 months but that is such a short period of time in comparison to my many years of tiredness.

The book is clearly written with the Professors kind, understanding voice and is scientifically based which gave me confidence to keep going even though it was hard at times. I’m so glad I persevered and kept to the programme. It’s changed my life and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you so much Prof Espie.

A few tips for those in colder climates , the programme involves getting out of your warm bed quite a lot in the early weeks so starting in spring might be a good idea.

As there are some questionnaires to complete, a physical copy is preferable to having it on the Kindle.

Also, if you need support from others going through the same CBT programme Prof Espie and other experts have set up a web site called Sleepio. It takes you though the same stages as this book and there are supportive discussion forums with many other people doing the course. It costs approximately £200 for a year and includes a weekly question session with a sleep expert .

Good luck to anyone deciding to begin this CBT programme, you won’t regret it if you stick with it!
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on 11 July 2014
I have had insomnia and bad sleeping for ten years, nothing worked, including hypnotherapy, pills etc.
This worked! The book is quite long-winded and the program is 6 weeks, so you have to get into it, and the depth and slowness is what makes it work. Basic concept is sleep compression (all hours of usually broken up sleep, in one go, so you go to bed at say 2am, get up at say 7am), only use bedroom and bed for sleeping (ie, stay out of room and bed), and a load of other things that are supplemental and change your attitudes to insomnia, which works with the main effects to reinforce.
Recommended most highly, even if you think nothing will work.
Also, this book comes from the Glasgow sleep centre for sleepy scientific studies, and was recommended to my by my doctor, and is not the usual dodgy self-help fare.
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on 30 April 2016
Working as a therapist, I have used this book for clients with insomnia and found it an invaluable tool for professionals and non-professionals alike. I've found it works fantastically as an adjunct to therapy, and even provides structure to sessions for therapists to use with clients whilst the client reads the book at home. It includes all you need to know for understanding the factors that keep insomnia going and how to address these, step by step. The CBT techniques are clearly explained and sound, evidence-based rationales are provided. It's written in user-friendly language that is clear and non-patronising - very readable. For people with insomnia and those working with people with insomnia, I'd highly recommend purchasing this book.
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on 9 July 2016
I have suffered from insomnia for 12 years and tried everything...except reading this book, Colin you totally got what I was dealing with when no one else really understands insomnia, I cannot thank you enough. Don't get me wrong this is not an easy route it is hardcore at times and I definitely don't always do what is demanded from the book but when I do it works, thank you.
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on 2 October 2013
I've never written a book review before but had to with this book as it is proving a real help in curing my Insomnia. I've had it five weeks and am well on the way to being cured. The author is very experienced and has a real understanding of what insomnia sufferers go through. It's reassuring to realise that my insomnia problems were in no way unusual.

There is clear guidance on 'sleep hygiene' and CBT techniques which work plus a workable staged plan to follow week by week to gradually normalise your sleep. I highly recommend it.
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on 2 June 2016
My Doctor suggested this book to me. It is well worth every cent you spend and every minute you immerse yourself in it. It is so personally written I could have sworn Dr Espie was in the same room giving advice. I have been a chronic insomniac for 37 years. I had reached the very end of my tether. When I read chapter 4 I cried my way through it. Finally! Someone with knowledge, empathy and practicality. Buy it now.
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on 6 October 2017
Long winded! I am struggling to get into this book (which was recommended by my doctor!) I was hoping for some positive advice quite early on but am still wading through charts, statistic etc.
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on 14 January 2018
Half way through the book I’d learned a lot about the science of sleep but little on ways to combat my insomnia. I could quite easily have given up at that point but so glad I persevered as the second half was full of sound advice and practical solutions which have given me real hope for the first time in ages. I’ve already recommended the book to others
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 August 2017
Great book using CBT to help overcome sleep problems. Takes a step-by-step approach with some exercises to complete. I am pleased with my purchase and would buy again.
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