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on 8 September 2013
A life less ordinary is good, not a game changer, like director Danny Boyles previous effort Trainspotting. Although it has some nice touches, essentially it's an original rom-com. Cameron Diaz doesn't do anything extraordinary here, whereas in Very Bad Things she does. She is not in it that much, but her last scene, and the end of the film is so good. Essentially, if The Hangover was Jack Nicholson's Joker in Batman, then Very Bad Things is Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, much darker and murderous, with the odd laugh thrown in.
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on 4 April 2017
This was a present for my brother, he likes it.
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on 13 November 2003
In the first five minutes of this film, Robert (Ewan McGregor) is fired (from his job as a janitor), dumped and evicted. While confronting his ex-boss, he kidnaps Cameron Diaz, the boss’ spoilt daughter who ironically begins to call the shots. Meanwhile, a couple of angels have been banished from heaven, with their return dependant on making the ill-fated couple fall in love.
A fresh and inventive comedy, featuring some surprisingly competent performances and unexpected twists. An underrated and underwatched film, worthy of attention.
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on 11 February 2003
Another thing you should know is that this is not an average boy meets girl romance. It's strange and quirky to say the least; in fact the love aspect of the film is unconvincing and barely plays a part in the story, which is slightly odd as this is the point of the film.
No, the highlight of the film has to be Ewan Mcgregor who portrays a hapless janitor with such charm that you wonder why he has to be helped to find love.Oh and his good looks, puns, and hilarious acting is enough on its own to make you crazy about this film.
The story is about Robert (the janitor played by Ewan) and Celine (A rich woman/ psychopath!!!) both are bored of life, dreamers, and how fate intervenes in their lives. Angels, O'Reilly and Jackson to the rescue!! Or perhaps not, as their way of helping the pair to fall in love is just slightly unorthodox to say the least. An odd pair that add to the confusion of the plot, proving just how illogical and unpredictable fate and love can be.
The film features the gorgeous Ewan yet again revealing his talented voice, unfortunately marred however, by Cameron Diaz's flat notes. Although this film stars Cameron Diaz, yes she wears a swim suit in the first scene, big deal, I did not grow to like her character at all. She spends most of the time with a scowl on her face not allowing us to see the masterpiece of her orthodontist/ex Elliot. However, the film is not harmed in anyway by her presence as I thought it might have previously, being not the biggest fan of her work.
This film is a must-see for anyone that loves Ewan Mcgregor, so that'll be most fans of Moulin Rouge, Brassed Off etc..
WARNING!: This is NOT a normal love story, it IS weird, it IS strange, and most importantly it IS funny, amazing, quirky, fast-paced... need I go on?
Watch this film!
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Between 1994-1997, Ewan McGregor starred in three movies directed by Danny Boyle: 'Shallow Grave' (1994), 'Trainspotting' (1996) and 'A Life Less Ordinary' (1997). Whilst no where near as good or as 'classic' as the first two, the latter 'A Life Less Ordinary' is still a good film.

A black comedy set in L.A, Ewan plays Robert Lewis, an unappreciated cleaning man who takes his boss' daughter Celine Naville (Cameron Diaz) hostage after being fired and replaced by a robot. The characters are certainly the 'odd couple', but romance does quickly develop between the kidnapper and victim. Ewan and Cameron have great chemistry on screen as the characters form a very funny comedy act. Meanwhile, there are two policemen ('fallen angels') who are assigned by their chief to help Robert and Celine to fall in love with each other. Sounds cheesy and unbelievable? You bet!

This film does have it's many corny moments, but it's very fun and quite suspenseful towards the end with a few little twists. I did enjoy 'A Life Less Ordinary', it's a slightly above average movie and, as such, is certainly worthy of a second watch.

The DVD contains interviews with the cast and crew, as well as some behind the scenes bonus material.
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on 2 August 2013
A Life Less Ordinary was the next film in the highly-bankable combination of (director) Danny Boyle and (actor) Ewan McGregor. After the success of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, it was thought that they could do no wrong. Sadly, A Life Less Ordinary was not half so well received.

Critics accused it of simply missing the point and lacking direction. And, yes, I can see their point. However, that's not to say that it's all bad. It's about two angels, charged with the task of getting the most unlikely couple (spoilt rich girl Cameron Diaz and penniless writer and toilet cleaner, Ewan McGregor) to fall in love. What follows is a road movie involving kidnapping, quirky angels and robbery.

Perhaps the problem is that it was marketed as a romantic comedy. Yes, it has both elements (mainly romance), but not much comedy. What replaces the traditional laughs is more a surreal atmosphere more akin to a Monty Python film in places.

Personally, I liked it. Or rather most of it. There's not many people who seems to like all of it. I will admit that there were certain sub-plots that could have been left out.

It's not that funny, but its uniqueness does give it some kudos. Plus Diaz and McGregor make a cute couple, so, if you're a fan of either of them, this should tick enough boxes for you.
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on 22 January 2002
If you need a good laugh this is the film for you. Ewan McGregor is nothing short of Hilarious. Combine this, with the argumentative Cameron Diaz, and we have a recipe for laughter.
This is a love story, but with a twist. If you haven't seen it, its worth a shot!
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on 21 March 2004
I really didn't expect this film to be as great as it was, as it wasn't a huge blockbuster. But it really did exceed all my expectations. This is probably one of the funniest films I have seen, but rather than through gags, the humour comes from both Ewan McGreggor and Cameron Diaz's actions in the film. The wild scenarios in which they film themselves and the craziness of their actions and reasoning is hilarious. Look out for the scene where Diaz is held ransom by McGreggor, who isn't quite sure how it is all supposed to be done!
The acting is quirky yet brilliant, the soundtrack is awesome and in addition to the brilliant humour, there is plenty of action and romance too. Is there anything that this film DOESN'T have???? It even has the 'aaaaaaaawwwww[...] factor because Diaz and McGreggor look so cute together! Don't miss the chance to see this film- it really is brilliant!
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on 7 February 2004
My partner will watch anything. She taped this off the TV last weekend and I ended up watching it a few days later 'cos there was nothing on TV.
It turned out to be the best 2 tv hours I've spent in a long time. It's completely mad and had me laughing out loud as well as craning my ears to hear what appears to be a great soundtrack. Best scene is Holly Hunter's "angel" beating the wotsit out of her partner "angel" for his bad poetry.
And Cameron Diaz is pretty spiffy too.
This has the makings of a cult film - go buy it.
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on 8 April 2012
This film was a total let down watching it for the second time. I always thought it was a lot more funny than this in fact I found it quite dull and boring. I did not enjoy this film and apologise to those out there that do. My wife said to me "I thought you said it was a nice funny happy movie" In this phrase I believe it sums up our opinion of this movie.
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