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on 1 April 2011


There are many reviewers of the book by many loving fans, love it & hate it. Fans wanted more but this is the only information they 'get' from their QUEEN.

However at the end of the day, this is what Miss Summer wanted to write and yes I agreed with some reviewers, there are a lot that she could write about and tell her fans. Her researchers surely have provided enough information but that's about it! Just a pile of papers and link perhaps for her and Marc Eliot to 'just' view them. Still what is the problem? The book is on sale we buy it. Let's just enjoy it.

This autobiography was produced nicely. The book included many lovely photos, a bit of her 'life' tales... and her musical journey.
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on 22 November 2003
I adore Donna Summer and looked forward to this book with bated breath. Would she spill the news behind the rumour she writhed in apparent ecstasy on the studio floor when recording "Love to love you baby"? Would she say how she felt when the Disco Sucks movement started in the USA? Would she give us her complete story when it came to those alleged homophobic remarks?

The answer is a swift and emphatic NO!

This book is poorly written, offers no real insight into the world of Donna Summer and was a real let down. Of the three examples above, Donna mentions nothing of the first two and re the alleged homophobic remarks, sums it up in one sentence. Can you believe that? Here she has a whole book at her disposal to say what she wants to say and she doesn't bother.

That sums up the entire book for me. Shoddy, flimsy and not worth the money.
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on 2 December 2004
I have been a huge fan of Donna Summer for 24 years and counting. This is so captivating, I could not put it down once I'd begun.
The book is written in a style that will appeal to everyone, irrespective of if you like her music or not, or even if you are not into music at all. There are lots of rare photos, most of which tell a story of their own.
Descriptions of her younger days in Europe are so vivid, you almost feel like you were there. There is lots of warmth, humour and humility. An amazing adventure. Granted, she did not talk about everything some fans would have wanted her to in detail but I think one is entitled to choosing what to disclose to the world and what to retain for oneself. It can be a very painful process to open up oneself completely, especially concerning matters that hurt deeply, and it is easy to point at others when we cannot do the same ourselves.
Yes, she shares her Christian faith, but it is not in a preachy way at all. She is telling us what keeps her strong, who her Rock is. Other people turn to drugs, drink, sex, but Donna turned to God. I find it rather rich to be put off by talk of God, but not by talk of drug use.
I think this is a great book which reveals Donna Summer as the loving, kind, talented and giving person I have always perceived her to be. I went to see her perform in London in June with my cousin (he's not a fan)and he said 'She's so ordinary, not at all like a diva, and she's stunning!'
It is a book in which she tries to tell us she is a person like us, irrespective of her job and superstar status, and she succeeds. She also mentions some of the creative process behind some of her hits.
She was let down and or taken for a ride by those she deeply loved and trusted but one does not get a feeling of bitterness or hostility towards them from reading this book. This is an admirable quality which I pray I can acquire.
This is a book to tell you 'Hey, if I could do it, as flawed and insecure as I was, then so can you'.
A beautiful, touching read, full of warmth and humour.
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on 19 August 2004
As a long-term, hard-bitten Donna Summer fan, I was very disappointed with this book, made all the worse by the fact that it has been waited for for such a long time.
There was very little info that is not already known and, in fact, a great deal was skimmed over or just plain completely ignored.
Personally, I also found the constant bible-thumping annoying - 'I'm feeling down so god must be cross' or 'Things are looking up - god must be rewarding me' kind of stuff. Donna fans know she is religious, but Donna also knows that not all of her fans are.
All in all, I'll always love you Donna, no matter what, but Ordinary Girl? Ordinary Book..............
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on 25 March 2004
As a Summer admirer for a lot of years, I found out so much I didn't know about the lady from her autobiography. This is definitely a book about her personal life, not her recording career - let's not forget it's only a few months since Josiah Howard wrote his book about her career anyway, so that's all taken care of.
In many ways, Summer's autobiography complements the Howard biography - it really lives up to its name in describing Donna's personal journey through life, the people she has known, and, contrary to one of the other reviewers, I think she's been candid with her thoughts about the homophobia rumours in the mid 80s and why she handled it the way she did.
What I especially enjoyed in this book were the chapters when Donna describes living in Greenwich Village in the late 60s and then her subsequent years in Europe, before she hit the big time. Although I'm not old enough to remember it, Donna powerfully evokes the time of the Flower Power and the carefree existence she had in foreign lands - I almost felt sorry for her when she hit the jackpot with "Love To Love You" and had to return to America to fulfil her commitments as a superstar!
All in all, an honest, refreshing read.
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on 15 November 2003
Excellent insight into one of the most underated singers from the last 25 years. Takes you from Donna's humble start as a poor church going girl in Boston through to working with the likes of Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen.
The book is written with honesty and humour and shows why Donna is NO ordinary girl
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