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on 27 January 2014
I was unlucky enough to receive an unit with lens focusing problem (poor convergence).
This is known issue affecting only few early units (according to Optoma).
Anyway, the unit has been sent back to Optoma and repaired and returned quite quickly. The issue is fully fixed.

The projector is great. Especially considering the price.
Having moved from 720p model, the resolution simply blows away.
Black levels are very good. Light is uniform. Focusing sharp.
There are a lot of settings to play with (although the menu navigation is less than intuitive).

One thing I was slightly disappointed is that it's not possible to use 120Hz in 2D in native resolution (1080p).
Gamers out there will know what I'm talking about...
Still, the input lag is not noticeable, and the projector is good for gaming (at 1920x1080@60).

Some people have correctly noticed that the projector has slightly steeper offset/angle than the specs say.
That means, you'll need to mount it slightly lower (ceiling) or higher (standing) to get picture with no key-stoning.

The included remote is very handy to use, however its back-lighting is probably visible from space....

- excellent price/performance
- very good picture
- good brightness
- long lamp life
- lots of settings
- very quiet (barely audible in 'eco' mode)

- some units were affected by lens problem (probably only early ones though)
- 120Hz mode not available on native 1080p
- offensively back-lighted remote
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on 15 May 2014
I bought this because i love 3D and only DLP technology gives you perfect ghost free viewing, for the £500 i paid i consider it a bargain and it's as good as other DLP projectors that cost three times as much, this is down to the fact it is a single chip projector and uses the Dark Chip 3, other single chip DLP projectors costing up to £2000 also use Dark Chip 3 for their images, the differences come in the implementation of the chip, the design of the casing and the quality of the lens, this projector has a lower quality lens than for example a Benq W7500 but you still get 90% of the performance.

Now onto the bad part, you will not get a great image out of the box, you need to carefully calibrate this projector to achieve anywhere near the potential it has to offer, out of the box the images are far too bright and have too much yellow in them, colours are just not right and there is noise in the image, some careful calibration will get you a great looking 2D and 3D image, i used a specialist meter and computer software to achieve this but even a simple calibration disc like Spears and Munsil or Disney's WOW disc will help you improve things.

Be aware some people are prone to the "rainbow effect" it's bands of colours that flash across the screen and this projector only uses a 2X speed colour wheel for 2D and a 3X speed colour wheel for 3D, i don't suffer from the rainbow effect, nor do 90% of the population, if you do you will know within hours of viewing something, i don't see any rainbows at all so i am immune to the issue, get a demo if you think you might be troubled by the problem.

My settings below are based on a screen size of 100 inches, a bulb with over 100 hrs on it and a 1.0 gain screen with dark walls, floor and ceiling, they may help you get in the ball park and achieve a better image, you will need to go into the advanced colour menu to do this.

The projector will save separate 2D and 3D settings even though it does not mention this in the manual, to save separate 3D settings you do need to have 3D enabled or you just end up overriding your 2D settings.

2D settings.

These are my setting as calibrated using my meter and software, be aware small differences between each model, the screen and the room will mean these settings will not work on anyone else's projector but they might get you in the ballpark, i decided to calibrate with Dynamic black set to low since it adds much to darker scenes.

Settings with Dynamic Black set to On and Low, Brilliant Color set to 1. Bulb set to High. Colour Space to Auto.

I always start by setting to Reference and then the Gamma to Film, this gives better grey scale performance according to my meter, this shows as User when you start changing settings, make sure format is set to Native and zoom and keystone are at 0, keystone is bad.

Brightness 0
Contrast -9
Sharpness 9
Color 8
Tint 0
Gamma Film
Brilliant Color 1
Colour Temperature Warm
Dynamic Black Low

Advanced Color Menu Settings Below.

White R -11
White G +4
White B -9

Red Hue - 12
Red Saturation -3
Red Gain -13

Green Hue 27
Green Saturation 12
Green Gain 7

Blue Hue 13
Blue Saturation -9
Blue Gain -5

Yellow Hue 37
Yellow Saturation -11
Yellow Gain 17

Cyan Hue -26
Cyan Saturation 0
Cyan Gain 9

Magenta Hue 22
Magenta Saturation -8
Magenta Gain -15

3D settings.

Settings with Dynamic Black set to On and Low, Brilliant Color set to 1. Bulb set to High. Colour Space to Auto

Set Gamma to Graphics, this gives a little more pop for 3D, you lose a tiny amount of shadow detail, i do mean only a tiny amount but it improves 3D viewing immensely, These are only for 3D - Do Not Use For 2D. These settings work best when using the Optoma ZF2100 RF 3D glasses as they take into account the specific tint from those lenses.

Brightness 3
Contrast -8
Sharpness 9
Colour -4
Tint 0
Gamma - Graphic
Dynamic Black Low
Brilliant Color 1
Color Temperature Warm

Advanced Color Menu Settings

White Red -13
White Green 1
White Blue 9

Red Hue -14
Red Saturation -2
Red Gain - -11

Green Hue 27
Green Saturation 0
Green Gain 2

Blue Hue 17
Blue Saturation -4
Blue Gain -2

Yellow Hue 36
Yellow Saturation -16
Yellow Gain 3

Cyan Hue 14
Cyan Saturation 0
Cyan Gain 4

Magenta Hue -18
Magenta Saturation -3
Magenta Gain -7

I hope this post can help a few people with the above settings but remember that small differences in each projector, the age of the bulb, the room you are viewing in and the screen you are using will all play a part in the image quality and my settings will not work perfectly for you, they can only help you get a better image than the default settings.
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on 25 September 2013
Only received this last night and set it up very quickly. Initial impression are very good and it performed for the 15 mins I had it switched on very quietly. I was a bit concerned about the noise level as this is my first projector and i have heard some can be very loud.

Projection from about 9 foot makes an image of about 80" which was tested with factory default settings (didn't have the time to set up completely) on an off white wall. However the quality was still very good and once this has been set up in my new house with a 133" screen it should be superb. Tested it with Star Wars Blu Ray and have to say i was like a 8 year old at Christmas my smile was soooo big :-)

Very good product as it is sturdily built. Only slight gripe is on the instructions it mentions it should have came with a lens cover but after a quick google it seems this is the norm for the model and it is therefore not missing.

5 Stars for this quality product
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on 11 September 2014
Really awesome picture. Very bright and without noticeable rainbow effect.
1080p picture is just stunning an I am still projecting on a white wall - with no screen yet.
Slightly annoying is that if you have to install it under the ceiling, you really need to hang it. We placed ours n top of a shelf, upside down. You can disable the buttons in the menu (cool!) except for the power button. So when I lift the projector, to adjust focus and zoom, I have to lower it down very, very, very carefully, not to switch it off.
Noise level is very low - so low we don't notice it in any negative way and the projector sits just 1.5m above our heads.
3D picture is great and with a pair of cheap 3D glasses from China it works like a charm (just set the right 3D sync mode in the menu).
What I found not to work at all is the "3D Auto" setting - I hoped it would detect 3D SBS content and switch to 3D mode, but it doesn't. Possibly this works with 3D BR discs, but I don't own a BR player, so can't comment.
My wife loves the picture too. We had a 10y old SONY Cineza 720p before and the Optoma is soooo much better. I don't miss the electronic focus and zoom, since that's something you adjust only once anyway.
I deal with a lot of projectors at work. Often expensive "commercial" grades. They all look pretty pale (literally)compared with this little fella.

Update (10. July 2015):
I managed to enable "security" (idiot me), while fiddling around with the projector off its usual mounting place. As a result I could not see the entire screen and undo my action. Anyway, I ended up contacting Optoma support. They got back to me within 4 working hours and not only via email but also contacted me via phone. They were able to help me resolving this (user) error. Kudos to the Optoma support team.
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on 1 July 2014
I've been using this projector for a month now, watching both 3D and 2D films in HD on a 106" screen. I can say that it's a solid projection with vibrant colours and excellent 3D. I bought 4 pairs of SainSonic 904 Zodaic glass which work well with this projector once it's switched to DLP mode. The picture is bright enough even with plenty of ambient light and it's very quiet. There's a decent range of adjustment options, and an optical zoom the range of which was too restrictive for my purposes but this seems to affect most projectors and should be an element of your research.

The reason I've given it 3 stars rather than 5 is that physically it's extremely difficult to mount. I've bought 2 different universal projector mount kits and it fitted neither of them. In the end I had to fashion an interface from wood. The 3 bolt holes are of non-standard size (too small to have confidence in their strength) and they're too close together for either mount to accommodate. I had to buy bolts separately from a DIY shop even though the universal mounts are supplied with a range of bolts sizes. The end result is ok, but it took a lot of effort and if I wasn't a competent DIYer I would have given up and bought an Optoma mount. I suspect this is Optoma's objective but one supplier is never going to provide a product range suitable for everyone so it's quite mean-spirited to make it so difficult to use other's mounts.
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on 30 May 2015
I bought this around 9 months ago so I feel I can give it a fair review as it is used on a daily basis.
I mainly use this product for gaming (PS4) and I must say moving from 40 inch HDTV to a 120 inch HD projector is an amazing leap!
I have my projector permanently mounted on the ceiling around 4.5 meters from my screen and I can get 120 inches of viewing, with ease!
This product is well made although now discontinued by the manufacturer and when you attempt to set one up, its apparent why.
As mentioned in previous reviews, the corners of the image are very hard to get sharp at the same time and this seems to be a common fault for most, if not all models.
I have the above problem but because I was blown away by the image size and quality, I overlooked this small issue.
After around 7 months of using this projector, I was mid-way through a game and the product made a buzzing sound and shut off, displaying a lamp fail. After getting in touch with the manufacturer, I returned it within my guarantee and they fixed the problem, cleaned it up and sent it back to me. (how nice!) So be aware of these common faults and flaws when purchasing this item.
The picture quality is great (ignoring the focusing issue), it has nice deep colours and plenty of settings to tinker with to get your optimum personal preferences right.
The sound quality, for a projector is great too, featuring a 10W speaker, which is fantastic if you don't have any other outputs but if your'e looking for a real cinema feel - Invest in something with more power!
All in all though, not bad for the price and this model is a 3D projection model, (which I can't comment on as I've not used this feature).

I would recommend this product to anybody wanting a home cinema experience - relatively well priced and for the 6000 hour lamp life (eco mode), you can't go wrong!
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on 5 April 2016
Fantastic projector and well worth the very low price point. Good at HD and 3D. Most of them do seem to suffer from some lense effects which mean it is difficult to get a full in focus image around the outer edges, however considering the price point and quality of picture it is more than acceptable. I use this projector with an 84" screen and have excellent movie nights with crystal clear pictures and awesome sound from my 7.1 surround hi fi.
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on 31 December 2013
I am very glad I bought this HD131Xe projector + HDMI 1.4a cable + DLP-Link ZD301 and then ZD302 glasses.

Like many people I am sure, I spend a day trawling the net trying to find out if this package was going to work. I already had an old Infocus IN104 projector and a 2m wide screen, 3.5m from the ceiling mount and wanted something with a HDMI lead to plug into my newly purchased LG BP630 blu-ray player (bought for easy netflix watching but then struggled and failed to use a HDMI to VGA adapter with the old projector - note: it's impossible as the converters don't re-scale HD to VGA resolutions, lesson learnt). Anyway, it was not clear on the Optima web site or manuals if I needed to get the RF sync'ed glasses or these ZD301 DLP-Link glasses which Amazon were saying other people bought together with this projector. I can confirm that these DLP-Link glasses not only work but give completely flicker free results after a few seconds of self adjustment. Just start the film and press the button on the glasses (select DLP-Link as the output in the projector menu). If you press the button on the glasses then start the film they can sometimes require switching off and on again to get them sync'ed properly as I found out when I thought one of the lenses was not working on my new glasses. I have since gone on to purchase the ZD302 glasses which are superior in every way, including price!

Give your self the Christmas present you really wanted too!
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on 19 July 2015
needs a big room to get a big picture and the menus are slow (i think they are on most projectors) but the image quality is flawless - full HD/3D at any size. the built in speaker has its flaws but i think thats a back up really - i doubt they are intended for use without a third party sound system, saying that im still managing with the inbuilt speaker 10 months on so it cant be that bad, just hard to adjust late at night between too quiet and too lound (a bit like a phone volume the increments seem uneven)
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on 28 December 2014
Mind blowing.
This is our 3rd projector - the first in 1080p and 3D (Though we have a 3D Philips TV and were a little underwhelmed with the depth of the 3D - this thing blows it out of the water!).

We've had Epson and InFocus in the past, with our most recent being a 720pDLP from Optoma. This is without a doubt the best performing across all categories of those we have had before and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent home projector. We are projecting a 9' screen onto a lumitec painted wall - with excellent results even in the darker images of films like Gravity in 3D.
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