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on 24 August 2016
Waste of money. I have to take my BP every morning and then collate the readings and email them to my GP. I got fed up writing them down and inputting them to my PC, adding them up and calculating a monthly average. So, when I saw the Omron with USB port I thought "Aha the answer to a maiden's prayer." Wrong. The biggest problem and the biggest waste of time is the cuff. Now why they had to reinvent the cuff when there is a standard cuff which has been around for about a 100 years and works perfectly, I don't know. But, they did and it's rubbish. I take 3 readings and the machine averages them out. Because of the cuff I get a high failure rate, probably in the region of 40%. The only benefit from this is that it puts my BP up because it's so irritating. I suffer from low pulse and lowish BP.
That's the mechanical side of things now for the software. Several things wrong with it, for a start it's a codge. You can imagine the scene back at base "XYZ, our main competitors have brought out a PC connection and one can upload the BP readings to a PC". So, they rush out this simple piece of software which does nothing for the patient. I take 3 readings every morning and the machine gives me an average reading. When it prints out the readings it merely sticks out the 3 readings with no average. So what is the point of that? Nil I should say. So I have to add up 3 x 31 readings and find an overall average. That is just pathetic, but wait there are graphs. Unfortunately they print out so small they are almost unreadable and no matter what I try I can't make them bigger. No senior cardiologist is going to struggle to make something of the graphs or the readings.
On the bright side my GP practice uses the same BP meter but they use the old-fashioned cuff, there has to be a moral there and certainly I am going to look for a old style cuff. I'm also going to brush up on my Excel and see if I can't produce a half decent little app which will solve the problems mentioned earlier. BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO, SHOULD I?
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on 2 June 2016
It got only 2 stars not for the device but for the software and online support. Great blood pressure monitor, except if you want to use it with a Windows 10 computer so that you can get data into a spreadsheet or transmit it to a medic. Supplied software will not load into W10, spent last hour chasing the chance that Omron either fully explain why, and what to do about it, or supply some sort of patch. Zilch found so far which makes my purchase about half as useful as I would like it to be.
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on 17 February 2016
Third time lucky I've found a great Blood Pressure monitor. Cuff actually fits me well, and not too difficult to tighten (I'm big being well over 6ft and 20+ stones), and the automatic taking and averaging of 3 BP readings is a really useful function. First few readings seem about where I'd expect them.

N.B. The USB link to the PC works well, but the software supplied on the disk is an old version and won't install - go to the Omron website and find a link to the Bi-Link software there to get the latest version - its now web based. You also have to download the Bi-Link Gateway software so you can download to the PC.
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on 16 March 2015
When it comes to purchasing, I generally look at what the professionals use. Ambulances are generally Mercedes based. As an engineer, I rated German and Japanese kit to be the best - Germans for mechanical - valves, anything where precision and reliability are important. For electronics and reliability, the Japanese are right up the top. Omron is a huge company renown for it's quality components like relays, Programmable Logic Controllers, optics etc. The best cars are German - Merc, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche. Japanese cameras and precision optics rule the world - Pentax, Canon, Nikon, so when it came to a BP monitor, I chose Omron.
Domestic stuff will not have the features of clinical gear and will not have the regular servicing and calibration, but the measuring principals are the same. Even in the GP surgery, BP measurements are subjective and depend on the clinicians ability to judge the sounds through a stethoscope. Even if the domestic gear is maybe not 100% precise or 100% accurate, it gives a good indication of trends, which is important for BP. As a well medicalised cardiac patient (hypertension, valve murmur, heart block and pacemaker), the Omron is an essential bit of kit. There are criticisms of things like cuff inflation errors, but it is down to you to fit the cuff tightly in the first place. Battery replacement is a thing of the past with a 6-V DC power supply - you don't need the Omron version - a reasonably quality AC - DC power supply at 6-V DC and the correct sized plug works fine.
The software is a bit dated now and hasn't been upgraded for years, it does the job and is good value for the price. I do two measurements a day and it soon becomes apparent what a relaxed frame of mind does for BP as well as the ill effects of getting angry or having a poor night's sleep - surprisingly, I find a drink (alcoholic) in the evening works wonders for BP despite the badgering of GPs to watch the units - the relaxation far outweighs any side effects.
I would have given 5 stars, but the dated software lets it down - still thoroughly recommend.
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on 5 January 2017
Purchased to replace an older version which hadn't been recalibrated since new. But on carrying out a test both units gave the same readings suggesting that it didn't need calibrating! Never the less I wanted the new one for its s/w and download capabilities which allows me to send the readings direct to my GP for her consideration and inclusion on my medical records following my annual check up. Its packed with all sorts of other features that I probably won't use but might be useful if circumstances change. It's smaller than my original unit and comes complete with a carrying case. Operation is very straight forward especially, if like me, you are familiar with these machines but there is a comprehensive instruction manual which will guide you step by step and give lots of good advice.
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on 25 June 2017
Ordered this blood test monitor a week or so back on my doctors advice to keep an eye on my blood pressure at home so as to observe a long term trend.
She used one of these in the surgery so I bought the same kit. It would have merited five stars, easy to set up and use, didn't notice any of the cuff/ windows 10 issues mentioned by others and am generally very pleased with it.
What marred the initial purchase was a faulty on/off switch which caused intermittent operation and some mornings and evening readings were missed because it simply wouldn't switch on.
However the very prompt assistance by Amazon in retrieving the old machine and providing a new one in 24 hours on a weekend is just outstanding. Well done Amazon.
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on 2 May 2017
I bought this product because of Omron's good reputation, unfortunately I got frequent error messages and failed to get consistent and reliable readings so I returned it. I believe the problems I was receiving were down to the design of the cuff. I was really glad I had bought the product via Amazon as the return procedure was painless, quick and hassle free. This for me is a good reason for buying from Amazon. I then bought a Braun BP 6100 which comes with two cuffs for different arm sizes. The cuff has a thin metal rod which helps to make the fitting of the cuff fool proof and helps to give consistent results, which in my opinion makes the Braun a far superior product.
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on 19 July 2014
Solid, well made and its clinical verification means the GP is satisfied that what I tell her is accurate.

I bought it because of its connectivity with Laptop etc and the supplied software that can record all results, and that I couldn't believe the cheap pharmacy monitor I already owned.

Word of warning though, as far as I can tell the included software is supported up to Windows 7 for MS users. That's not really good enough is it........

Come on Omron...most people on newer hardware are likely to be on Windows 8...and the way things are going not even on Windows these days....better software compatibility needed ---- SOON!!!

Minus 2 for poor effort at software....leaving it an expensive standalone monitor for those that cannot match Omrons IT requirements.
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on 13 December 2016
Thank you for letting me to comment about my Oromon M10-IT Uper arm. it was good at the begining but now it seems not fuctioning properly mainly the cuf . the reading not reliable means it gives me different reading any time i repeat measuring my BP . one day i measured my BP at home by Omro it showed to me normal but i was feeling too unwell i went to my GP who rechecked my BP found too high i rushed to A&E
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on 27 February 2015
I bought this having had a suspected stroke and definite hypertension and having been told to get my blood pressure down. I didn't know how to measure my progress and saw this on Amazon. It is very easy to assemble and to operate. As somebody else mentioned do not be put off by the size of the manual. It is multilingual therefore only the first few pages are dedicated to English. It appears to give accurate readings. There is some variation if you are doing three readings but I accept that as being normal. When I have visited my GP they have only usually done one reading which I think is probably due to time constraints. On a visit to the hospital the other day my consultant took three readings over about a five minute period and he had variations in the readings. He was using the same piece of kit as me. I had walked to the hospital and naturally my readings were higher at the beginning. The point is don't take your readings just after exercise or just after eating as it will give a high reading.

Getting an appointment with my GP is a nightmare and what this monitor has allowed me to do is to take along a record of a weeks worth of readings done am and pm to evidence that my blood pressure is going down. I haven't yet used the software as I have manually recorded it but that was due to the fact that two people in my household have decided to take their blood pressures with it and this would have thrown the readings out as they did not alter the setting from A (the main user) and B which would not have affected my results.

All in all a very good buy at a very good price.
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