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on 7 September 2015
... if you like a book which is completely formulaic and adds absolutely nothing new to the world of detective/thriller fiction, then this one's for you. It had promise at the start but got worse the more I read. Joe Venn is an ex cop/ex Marine who is set up on a false murder charge and co-erced by a mystery organisation into finding a missing professor. It's a lazy book, both in the plotting and the writing. Nothing is fully explained, not why he left the force, nor why the baddies are after the young pretty doctor who Venn (of course) saves many times, or what the various relationships are between the other characters. And to cap it all, there are a fair number of typos.
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on 11 May 2016
Confession time. I transferred this to my Kindle as it was free, A sprat to catch a mackerel as ever was. I have to admit that the first chapters were quite promising. We had a new 'hero' on the block, the type of man we need in a crisis. He ticks all the boxes. Ex marine, ex detective in a rough, tough city; good, earthy and trustworthy name. It's difficult to write an accurate review without giving away the plot, characters or denouement but here goes. Joe is coerced into finding a missing scientist and the reward for finding him will be his salvation. As the short chapters closed, we were more and more on the hook and that is, for me, skilful writing. We get to learn more about him, his strengths and weaknesses and we are introduced to other characters who all contribute to the story in significant ways. There is a very surprising twist about half way through that no one could have anticipated. I read on and on into the cold, dark night. Then it started to insult the reader. There were outrageous and frankly incredulous acts of violence that bear no relation to reality. I was reminded of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons when Tom would get sticks of dynamite to catch the cheeky mouse. The last chapters seemed to have been rushed and didn't give a satisfactory explanation about why certain characters had acted as they did and why they were never suspected. Fiction is supposed to have licence to thrill but this book stretched any reasonable credibility and that is its fundamental weakness. If you don't mind accepting some characters can defy the laws of physics and are almost indestructible, then you may enjoy this book. I probably won't invest in any other of this series. Shame; good start but author run out of steam and substituted a good yarn with thinly disguised nonsense.
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on 22 June 2016
I was just recently given a kindle as a birthday present and decided to start using it instead of blasting my ears out with music everyday on my way to work.
This was one of my first purchases / downloads from the kindle store and it has lived up to my expectations.
The writing was fantastic and had me hooked from the first page.
The characters are superb and you get to know everything about them - so much so it's as though they are real people.
There are plots, sub plots and all kinds of shennanigans to keep you interested from start to finish.
Very hard to put this book down and I will definitely be buying the paperback version as a way of a thank you.
Thrilling read from start to finish and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.


The world's longest poem written in the English language, entitled 'Maz'zaroth’, has now been published. Consisting of 367,000 words within 10,200 quatrains and including 137 colour illustrations it is more than just a poem. Maz’zaroth is a serious and controversial historical account of the world which suggests that mankind has not only been deliberately placed on the Earth but has over the millennia been affected by a series of extra-terrestrial intelligences, the knowledge of which has been suppressed by a number of world governments from the public domain. The author of the work remains anonymous.
Maz'zaroth re-writes the Bible in its entirety and in chronological order including the forbidden Gnostic gospels that were never included by the Church- a literary first. It shows how, within the Bible, many of the documented events actually portray a series of extra-terrestrial visitations. This however is merely the beginning of our history that develops through religion with the coming of Islam (of which the entire Qu’ran is included in Maz’zaroth), the wars fought between Islam and Christianity and the 'Secret Societies' that developed in the Middle Ages that have had profound effects, even today, in our everyday lives.
Maz'zaroth goes further and in detail describes how the Catholic Church in Europe decided to become a controlling power and how it was eventually unsuccessful in its battle with the 'Secret Societies' who regained their power over the church through banking. One can learn how these 'Secret Societies' have organised a clandestine government behind our visible governments and have been involved in some of the greatest atrocities upon the Earth, cleverly hiding their own tracks through the creation of organisations and committees such as The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Committee of 300, The Council of Foreign Relations to name but a few mentioned in Maz'zaroth.
It was John F. Kennedy who in 1961 warned the American people of the ultimate aim of these 'Secret Societies' that have been hundreds of years in the making. Members include many prominent politicians, business leaders, members of royal families and military leaders that have created and put in place 'a system' which many refer to as 'The New World Order'. Maz’zaroth demonstrates how the term 'Conspiracy Theory' is conveniently used by these 'Secret Societies' to deflect any blame or wrongdoing from themselves and how they are gradually controlling the world labour market through 'Globalisation'.
Maz’zaroth shows how even recent events in world history can all be attributed to the same 'Secret Societies', such as the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb, the assassination of prominent politicians such as President John F. Kennedy, First US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and other world figures, the cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, the governmental approval of smuggling narcotics into western society, the theft of natural resources from the under-developed regions of the world to the developed world, the instigation of wars in the Gulf region through the creation of a false enemy in Al Qaeda to generate fear in the public as an excuse to go to war.
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on 17 September 2015
omega dog joe venn crime thriller tim stevens 1st book by this author recommended by amazon and read the reviews all recommended this book brilliant one of the best books I have read. action all the way from 1st page till the last I now recommend this book.
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on 17 August 2015
Whilst the story and the character were good and I enjoyed it overall, there were just too many typos and other errors that just ruined the whole experience for me because i found myself having to reread many parts of it just to make sense of it and figure out what it actually meant to say. There was even one instance when the character was referred to by completely the wrong name!

The part near the end ( without giving away spoilers ) with the tall building scene was just too ludicrous and far-fetched to make me believe it too.
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on 23 July 2015
This is what I call a real story. The characters are very believable and, except for the bad guys, (of which there are plenty!) very likeable. The plot is well constructed and absolutely full of action; hardly time to draw your breath! It encourages me to want to read more of this character - and I will.The twist near the end did occur to me but it is generally well hidden and, somehow, satisfying. Bill Franks author of "Iniquity" "The Organization" "The Jesuit" and "By Fair Hand."
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on 31 July 2015
Crime action thriller is exactly what this is and I loved it! Ex cop Venn is coerced into taking on an assignment to find the missing professor! On his way he saves a beautiful medical student and managed to single handedly defeat rogue policewomen and the mafia!
The action is fabulous and well written, not too gruesome but moving the plot forward. The plot itself is clever and twists and turns with the ending revealing the answers to the questions the reader has asked. I will definitely be reading book 2! 👍
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on 2 July 2015
Possibly the best thriller I've read this year. Totally believable, the action moves along at a cracking pace and doesn't let up. Joe Venn is a character that deserves a few more outings. I'll be reading them when they appear. I absolutely loved it.
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on 30 August 2015
Followed the standard retired military/cop called back to find someone that the whole of the resources of the USA can't. Only to discover that the hunted is a good guy and the authority figure is bad. The hero changes sides and saves the world. Actually I've just copied and pasted the above from my review or Wired by Doug Richards which I've just read also.

Suspend disbelief about beating 20 Mafiosa or surviving a fall from an 8 storey building and this is a non demanding read. I've got the next in the series ready.
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Previously read Ratcatcher by Tim Stevens so was expecting a rip roaring adventure story - I was not disappointed!
Twists and turns all the way with Venn dispatching villains and his own brand of justice in a cold, effective manner.
Great stuff.
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