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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2009
Easy to use and contains questions you will get during the real test. After the practice exams you get a chance to review your answers for any wrong ones and there is a helpful 'Explain' button to point you in the right direction. So just how good is it?... I took my theory test yesterday and got 50/50. 'Nuff said!
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on 8 April 2009
Excellent product which gives the best possible insite to taking your motorcycle theory test. all questions on the cd can appear on the actual test and its clearly the best product to prepare you for your theory as its produced by the DSA, the people who make the motorcycle theory test. about a week of this and i passed :) and its cheap too! full of bonus materials too like digital highway code, mock multiple theory tests, revision subjects and how to prepare for your theory/practical tests.
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on 2 May 2009
Is a great way to pass your theory! easy and quick...

take 3/4 mock tests and you should pass your motorbike theory test no problem!

Loved It (y)
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on 27 August 2009
DVD comes with revision questions, mock exams and also history of results so you can see you're improving, including ratings on type of questions so you can see where you're good and weak...only problem is that questions are not in the catagory that you would assume.

Doesn't help that I think the whole theory test is waste of time and proves nothing apart from making the governemt some more money, however this is a bit of biscuit taker when this DVD should come with hazard perception as well.

Theory test, whether for Bike or Car is really easy and this DVD isn't really needed, all questions are common sense (apart from a few, where the writers of the theory test should be shot as they are simply putting in incorrect or stupid questions in) and anyone with a 10th of a brain can answer these questions.

People should pass question bit of theory no problem, and if you can't - you shouldn't be driving - end of story. The problem is the hazard perception bit of the test where even people that can clearly drive and have been for years fail the theory (where car drivers that have driven for years then decide to get motorbike fail the theory for example - like me, but luckily I passed first time even with this stupid hazard thing).

Hazard Perception is flawed and the government shouldn't be allowed to program any software, anyone normal will see the hazard and then click, but they don't get any points because they see hazard too early. Hazard perception should be ripped from test completely but you want to pass, do what I did in theory test hazard perception:

Everytime you see hazard click and then click in 1 second intervals 4 times to make sure you get points...worked for me.

Advise on this product:

- Don't bother getting this unless you're a simpleton and worrier, question part is a joke and anyone can pass with common sense....if you don't - give up driving. This DVD does it's job though and gives you revision and mock exams.

- Spend money on hazard perception DVD and perfect that until you work out how to get system to know you saw the hazard properly. If you don't score top points - don't worry that you're rubbish, you're not, you just didn't click enough to let system know you saw it!

Last point to show you what I mean about this theory test thing being a joke:

Real Question on DVD and in Actual Test:

You're at approaching a zebra crossing and you want to indicate to the pedestrians waiting that you are letting them cross, what should you do?

1. Flash your lights
2. Honk your horn
3. Wave them across with Left hand
4. Wave them across with Right hand

Ok, they say the answer is 4. Right hand.

Now this is a joke.

Point number one: They preach you should never wave or indicate to anyone to cross, go or anything else, so this question contradicts everything they say. So as far as I'm concerned all answers are wrong!
Point 2: Even if you ignore the first point...This is motorbike theory, if on a motorbike you wave someone to cross in front of need your right arm to use brake as far as they're concerned I should wave them across and then run them over because I can't brake as I'm too busy waving them across!! Absolute stupidity from our government...we have monkeys in charge.
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on 29 April 2010
not really sure how up to date this software is, as the title says valid until 2011 , but the product itself says 08/09
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on 17 June 2009
This is an excellent training aid that is very easy to use and understand. I put the time aside to use the cd a couple of hours a day, and ended up passing the test with a score of 49/50. The only reason I got one question wrong was due to my own cockiness.

Would highly recommend this product to all that are planning to take their Motorcycle Theory Test, but also remember to buy (and read) an up to date copy of the Highway Code. The more knowledge you equip yourself with, the more of an edge you will give yourself; not only in the test, but also in every day riding/driving.

Good luck to all with the test :)
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on 30 July 2010
I bought the item as it was listed as (valid until sept. 2011) its only when I received the item I read on it "From the Driving Standards Agency, containing every question you could be asked in 2008/09"! I than went on TSO website and found there was newer version contained "case study questions" which is now the part of theory test, I was really disappointed to learn this, but my son said not to worry they are same questions in different style and should not be problem for preparing for test using this CD, well will shortly know the outcome if it provided with all the questions or not.
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on 15 June 2009
I'm still working my way throught the test questions, in the limited time that I have. The cd is quite useful, but I also keep a hard copy of the Highway code on my desk, for a quick glance during the day. Hopefully soon I will qualify for my DAS motorbike licence on a 650cc !!
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on 29 June 2014
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