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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2007
The story is great as with all the Oceans predecessors and I thoroughly recommed it.
I wish I had just bought the standard DVD though rather than spend £22 on this so-called hi-definition movie. The video quality was comparable to standard DVD and most definitely not what I have come to think of as high definition. I have over 50 Blu-Ray and HD-DVD movies in my collection and this is by far the worst picture quality despite it being VC1 encoded. I am not trolling when I say that this appears to be standard DVD quality. To compound this there is not even a high definition sound track. We have come to expect uncompressed LPCM or other HD sound of at leat 5.1 or even 7.1 channels if we are lucky on new releases but on Oceans 13 we are given as the only option the old Dolby Digital 5.1 - yes the same sound format that we get on standard low def DVD. Where is the HD sound? Where is the HD picture? I wish I had Saved my money and bought the standard DVD of this movie. I am sure it would have been no different as a viewing experience and I would have had change from a £20 note for a nice bottle of Rioja to accompany it.
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on 8 November 2007
do not bother buying this load of tosh on blu ray the video quality is absolutely appaling seriously the film grain is both irritating and appalling and the colour reproduction is probably the poorest ive seen to date in some scenes the faces look reddened in natural lighting and others they look almost plastic i am not at all pleased with this films blu ray outing and i can tell you as of my friend bringing round his ps3 and same model tv as mine the dvd looks alot better with the ps3 upscaling (to 1080p) enabled on the ps3 dvd settings in fact just buy the dvd itll save you the hassle of sending back the blu ray thats what i did took it back to tescos and bought the dvd instead and it is far better so this blu ray gets a measly 1 star only because i cant give it zero
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on 4 March 2013
this in my opinion is the best of the Ocean films, it is superb, this is one of George Clooney`s best films and the rest of the cast are brilliant
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VINE VOICEon 10 July 2008
The received wisdom of movie critics says that Ocean's 11 was really good, 12 sucked and 13 falls some where in between. Personally I thought 11 and 12 were both OK for typical 'throw everything at it' Hollywod productions; lots of big names, flashey camera work, stylistic editing, some stunts but nothing much I could connect with like a story, characters or some drama. But this movie.....ei ei ei, it's terrible!
For one thing, it makes very little sense. I get that there is a bunch of 'cool' white men and a couple of racial stereo types out for 'revenge' by ripping off a hotel owner, but two minutes in to the film I honestly didn't have a clue what was going on because of all the hi-tech babble involved in setting up the con. The 'good news' is that you don't have to understand this movie (writers probably didn't, the cast clearly don't) you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. But that `s the big problem with Ocean's 13, it ain't much of a ride!
Heist movies have a simple format, you have to think that the gang have everything worked out,, you then have to think that fate gets in the way and all is lost before a final rescue by serenity or a last minute twist which reveals that 'the hand of fate' was part of the plan all along. But for any of that to work the audience has to be kept guessing, that's the ride, the "will they, won't they?" effect. As other reviewers here have said O13 is a smug film which lacks any kind of tension and what plot twists there are fall flat, one fails to make sense after the final reveal (if that's not really the police then why do the team have to hack the data of 'known criminal associates'?). It feels like a film that is just going through the motions.
But worst of all are the final few minutes. Al Pacino and George Clooney share a dull as ditch water confrontation, completely lacking in any kind of threat or sparkle.
The scipt insists that "This Town (Vegas) has changed." Maybe, but Hollywood is one town that clearly hasn't when sequels to sequels of remakes like this get multi million $ marketing budgets but scripts that lack any kind of human warmth or interest. Hopefully 'the powers that be' won't have made enough cash from this film to justify Ocean's 14.
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on 25 May 2012
Usually when I spend money on a blu-ray it takes me a long time to decide. This is because I often find they are very expensive. If I buy one and don't like it I punish myself and savagely beat myself for days. I cause so much pain to myself.

I risked it for this, and it was worth it. I saved myself from such a beating, from my own 2 hands.

The plot was rich and great, and not poor like oceans 12.

I don't hate myself, and more importantly I can go to bed not worrying about having to inflict pain on myself :)
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on 6 October 2008
Grainy, unsaturated, unclear, blurred edges, terrible white balance, pixelated - all words you can use to describe this Oceans Thirteen release on Blu-Ray. It's absolutely terrible - DO NOT BUY THIS. It literally mocks you for spending a few hundred pounds on a Blu-Ray player, and a thousand pounds on a HDTV just to receive VHS-quality video and sound.

For the record, I own a 40" Samsung Series 6 HDTV, a Samsung BD-P1500/XEU - Blu-ray Disc Player connected with a high-quality platinum HDMI cable.

Comparing this release with the many other Blu-Ray films I have, it's not worth the money at all. If you really must own this, buy the DVD version. It's cheaper, and you will get the same quality sound and picture.
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on 18 August 2007
Ocean's Thirteen is actually the first Ocean film we saw, one rainy Sunday afternoon in the cinema, and it inspired us to watch the rest of the series. Although it starts slowly, the tension builds as the heist grows ever more elaborate, with the cinema audience so still for the last hour you could have heard a pin drop. Well worth a look.
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on 12 August 2013
Overall, I enjoyed this film and the plot was good. According to other reviews this was the best one out of the 3 and although I didn't see the others, I bought the film because of the type of film as enjoyed the originals and when you see the cast list you think it must be good but have learned that you shouldn't be swayed by the cast rather the plot. On the plus side, you do not need to see the other films to watch this as story stands on it's own but if you need to know how relationships work with characters in sequels then really you still don't need to see the others either as the script and voiceover by Clooney will explain the reasons behind the heist and the buddy system. On the negative side, colouring of this film was annoying as it was sepiaesque with colour !! Overall, good film, same old acting from Clooney (boring!) but worth the money.
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on 17 May 2014
Silly but suave and a fine evening's entertainment, just like the first two in this trilogy. Lovely players. Shame about the producer's comments in the special features, he sounded like a true bread head. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...
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on 16 January 2014
good value for you money this film ,i like all the ocean's films ,i have two in dvd format but this one in blu ray is the best for quality as you would expect ,it follows on from the first two, good might even change the other two to blu ray
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