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on 7 April 2008
I own both Coronado PST and the PST CaK. So you may ask yourself why I would buy this book. When I saw it I thought I would buy it for the background history and to see what someone else throught and how they used the Coronado scopes.

Its a corker. Read from the beginning to end it introduces the wonderful sun based astronomy. If you think all this astro happen at night, think again. The beauty of observing the sun is that its warm, light and there is always something going on.

The writing style is good throughout. The infomation and prices are pretty up to date, although with all things, the prices have decreased slightly recently.

From the initial thoughts on white light, hydrogen alpha and Calcium K viewing, the book leads you to the technology(s) used, the differences, pros and cons. The reader is shown the most popular brands with a well thought out summary of each product.

Some may well disagree (as always) with the end results. However - it should be kept in mind we all like different coloured cars! The photographs are all of an excellent quality and help the reader see the differences and understand if spending a small fortune or small amount will get them the results they want.

Unfortunately - unless the decision has been reversed, the CaK scopes are not being made any longer (PST at least). So - if you want one be quick. The authors view that the PST is extremely good value for money will likely be echoed by every single owner. Fro 450GBP - its unbeatable unless you want to spend 1000+.

Ill leave it there. If you are interested or own the scope(s) I think youll find the book useful and informative.
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on 12 June 2013
Rather sadly I have to agree very largely with the comments of the reviewer, Kevin Kilburn.

The two things that irked me most were the fairly large amount of repetition and rather poor photographs used.

I've had the PST for a about 12 months and made it DS about 6 months back. It takes a LOT of practice to get good photographs. After struggling for a few months to get decent pictures I can now do it regularly and they are all better than many shown in this book. Many in this book I would not keep or show to other people.

Tony Smith
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on 14 May 2011
What a disappointment. It's poorly written, full of grammatical sloppiness and comes across as though written by a 10yr old in a far too personalized style that suggesting it was written as an advert for UK suppliers of Coronado instruments rather than for serious solar observers wanting more information on how to get the best from their instruments.

Pugh obviously knows little about white light solar observing, even less about the sun itself judging by the lack of technical information in his early chapters, and HIS pictures are terrible (Fig 1.2 is appalling). Within the first two chapters I was insulted by his condescending style and put off buying an `entry level` PST only good for `financially challenged' observers; except that I've owned a Coronado PST for 5 yrs and can see far more detail on the sun than he gives it credit for.

Only the contributions by the other more experienced observers saves Pugh's book. They deserved a better platform than this.

The Coronado PST is a cracking little `scope, the other instruments in the range no doubt better. That cannot be said about the book. Had I known before I bought it, I would have saved my money towards a double-stacking filter for the PST.

Kevin Kilburn
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on 25 November 2014
Reads like a Coronado rep's sales pitch.
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on 21 March 2010
I have observed the sun using a home made Baader Solarfilm filter and wanted to find out more. The results of using a specialised solar telescope are clearly demonstrated by this book.

As the title says, the Coronado range of telescopes are dealt with and in particular the PST. Some other specialist filters are also included. Various accessories are reviewed for use, and this leads to a slightly repetitious feel as some of the same accessories are dealt with for each telescope in turn. I would have liked the final chapters dealing with the nature of the sun expanded somewhat and some diagrams to illustrate the various physical features to be included, after all, the sun is the single object being observed with these telescopes. The pictures of the sun taken through the various telescopes are fantastic and show what can be achieved.

Having said all that, I personally found the book a fascinating read. I keep picking it up to browse for a bit more information. I am now just waiting for an excuse to be able to buy my own Coranado PST.
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on 26 November 2009
A wonderful read,everyone should own this work of art. Mr Pugh should have his own show,why is this man not famous?!

It is very interesting and I couldnt put it down for a second, the wife did get abit annoyed but id pick Phil over her any day.

The man is superb!
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