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on 19 August 2014
Purchased this item and it arrived really quickly, so props to the seller, I also have to give them some credit for dropping me a message telling me that the projector might come with a euro plug and offering to replace it for free - unfortunately I did receive a euro plug, but I had an adaptor anyway, so that's a non-issue.

First and foremost, the picture this gives is utterly fantastic: with about a two and a half metre distance between the wall I used for testing, the image was crystal clear and I was blown away by just how bright and vibrant all the films and games I tested were.
It's worth noting that this features a neat "reference" mode, which automatically sets the projector to the colour and brightness values given by the source material, which I found gave great results when I tried this feature with an episode of Gravity Falls: the show's wide and varied colour pallete was rendered in lovely, rich, warm tones, as it should be, so I recommend trying this as a starting point for your movies.
Moreover, the black levels on offer here are great - watching the dark knight yielded deeply satisfying levels of inky blackness where appropriate, and at no point did it feel like the blacks were engulfing the rest of the scene

Next, gaming performance was superb, as I noticed absolutely no input lag when using my PS3 and PS4 and the colours and movement were handled very nicely indeed, making this a good alternative to a new TV, which may well cost more.

Finally, I was startled by just how well the projector handled 3D.
Annoyingly, the unit was set to VESA sync by default, which made me worry my DLP-link 3D glasses didn't work, but a quick flick around in the menus gave me the most strong and convincing 3D effect I've ever seen in a home cinema setup, beating a Samsung TV hands down and completely wiping the floor with my existing TV.
For what it's worth, I have found that DLP link glasses work great with this, and would recommend getting a pack of four or five of them for yourself and your buddies.

The only issue I have with this is that the projector does not give you the option to adjust the throw area, as the projector seems to throw with the top of the image going up and the bottom of the image about level with the lens, although you can choose "ceiling mount", which will invert the image to facilitate projection with the unit upside down, so this should help you get round placement issues if you must place the unit in a higher area in your house, just it's a little bit inconvenient to have to turn this upside down to get the desired result. That said, projecting from a table gives fine results.
The zoom and focus options are also lacking a little, but the unit focuses well and the zoom is mostly adequate, though an option of a shorter throw would be nice.

Overall, a cracking projector and worth the money: the lamp is STAGGERINGLY bright, the colours and movement are great, the response time is top-notch and in general, this fails to disappoint.
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on 25 June 2014
I'd been using a Sony VPL CS-20 (800x600) for the last nine years. A few months ago I had to replace its lamp because it ran its course, than a few weeks back I sent it for repair, but finding out that the lens was broken, the repair shop wanted 980 euros to repair it. I though I could buy better with less money than that, so I started looking around for a replacement projector that fit my needs (I was disappointed to conclude that Sony no longer has that slim, power-focus, power-zoom, wonderful model updated to Full HD, but seems to only be creating projectors for people that are willing to pay €3000+ for them). The first noticeable differences were the quality of the image (of course, going from DVD to Bluray is noticeable) and the contrast, much better in the Optoma than the previous Sony. I can't really see the difference (yet?) between DLP and the previous 3LCD technology that I was using. It is wonderfully bright and can be enhanced using menu options. It's not as noisy as the previous one, especially because the opening in the device is in its front, and when I'm using it it sits in front of me (also good because that way the heat goes away from me). It's not the lightest or smallest of projectors, especially if you're considering putting it in your living room table, but if you're going to use a ceiling mount this should not be a problem. It has multiple inputs for all your film, DVD, photo, computer needs, including 2 HDMI, Video, RS-232C and VGA. I've not used the 3D capabilities of it, nor do I intend to do so in the near future, so can't say anything regarding this. I miss the auto-focus (it's not always easy to get it right), but not the auto-zoom (and also, my Sony tilted mechanically, not by hand, and could be controlled with the remote for this feature). Keystone correction (vertical) works like a charm and I've used it with a PS3 and watched a DVD with it and both perform very well. The remote control is also very useful and backlit, and is even more useful if the projector isn't near you. There's a quick start guide that will get you up and running in no time, and there also a user manual for those that want to know what they've bought.

All in all seems like a great choice for the price it has.

Also note, that if I had a bit more money to spend I would probably have chosen the BenQ W1500, whose characteristics I appreciate even more (and it is more stylish!).
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on 9 September 2014
Great all round projector. I'm new to the home cinema game and spent a long time comparing different budget projectors. I was limited to the 1.5 - 1.8 throw ratio. So the benq was out. I viewed the benq at richer sounds. Great piece of kit. I decided on this model due to the slightly deeper blacks. I use this mainly for gaming, movies and 3d. All very good. Don't get too engrossed in the reviews from the experts. If your new to the game like me you will be blown away at the quality. I have a 3d tv but this pj on 3d is incredible. 3d reviews always seem to be tested on the film gravity. IMO it's a very dark film which makes 3d very hard.
I've watched avengers and it was amazing in 3d.
Day time viewing is not an issue and the difference between economy mode and bright is very small. I tend to run mine on Eco mode. The colours again are more than good enough for the average home cinema person. Again the expert reviews say it's limited in colour control. If the average home user wants to dial in every colour then your going to have to spend £2-3k.
My only issue is that I have it on a 120" glass bead screen. 720p and 1080i (skytv) does look a little soft/blurry. At
This size you really do need 1080p to see the pj full potential. I've never really noticed the difference that much on my 50" tv between 720p and 1080p but when it's projected onto such a big screen the 1080p really shows. I would go as far to say that 1080p blu ray quality is just as good as the image you get at the cinema apart from the contrast in blacks.
My advice is go for it. If your new to the game you will not be disappointed at the quality. Everyone that has visited is blown away and all though jp were still blurry and dim. One friend was
Asking me where I got all the money from to set up my home cinema. He couldn't believe it all cost me less £700 with the screen.
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I bought this 2 years ago, and it is still going strong.
I have it mounted to the ceiling, upside down and plugged in to a playstation 4, macbook pro and home cinema system. I bought a ceiling mount seperately, but the projector has screw holes to attach the mount.
It features 2 hdmi ports for direct full 1080p connection. There is no scart connection on this!

The 3d is amazing and Avatar 3d really shines. You need to purchase 3d glasses and a transmitter seperately.

The projector is also short throw, which means i can get a huge 100+inch screen from around 3 metres away. My cinema room is very small.
I also dont use a projector screen. I have a dark sand coloured wall, and find that the image projected on to that is great. Apparently with a darker "screen", the black colours are better.

This is by far one of the best purchases i have ever made and it has been worth every penny.
Ive never had an issue with it.

It also comes with a remote control and has an inbuilt speaker (which isnt up to much, so is best muted and connected to a cinema system)

The lamp has continued to be just as good as it always has been.

I did a lot of research before buying my projector and with the full 3d, 1080p, this was the best at that time. I imagine 4k will be best by now, but if that is out of your price range, this is a brilliant option.
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on 18 September 2014
I have it fitted in my bedroom as a personal cinema. It's really good, clear picture, really strong and clear audio, the lit up remote comes in quite handy, and overall I'm quite happy I chose this. It's not noisy either and sits quite close to me and not a wiff. Highly recommended ! The only downer is no vertical lens shift.
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on 17 July 2014
I bought this projector for the World Cup. It is Absolutely brilliant. Great picture quality. Not too noisy a fan. Bright enough to view with curtains open on a sunny day (in a bright room). Installed ceiling mounted about 3.5m from wall we're projecting onto - giving a 100 inch screen. Standard Def TV is watchable, but HD TV and BluRay are absolutely stunning to watch. Since installing it, I've barely watched TV on our old TV (32" connected Samsung LED) since installing this projector. Definitely recommend.
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