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on 25 November 2017
I needed a new head for my Henry and googled around, figuring I would only spend a tenner - I am quite tight. Then I stumbled across the reviews for this thing and was intrigued but thought, "Nope, too expensive." I continued googling around but kept coming back to this - irresistibly drawn by the reviews. Eventually, I capitulated and ordered it.
Then I was sad because I thought about having spent twice the budget and how it was probably going to be a waste of money.
OMG. It's amazing! Everything they say is true.
It *does* feel a tiny bit flimsy but I will just have not batter around like an oaf with it and, actually, because it glides around so efficiently and easily over carpets, there really is no temptation to be rough with it.
Seriously, I love this so much I have babbled on to my long suffering friends on Facebook about it.
It's true that it cuts down the hoovering time and also that it is as good as an upright on dog hair etc.
I wish I'd bought it years ago.
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on 3 November 2017
So this arrived today. I vacuumed the whole house in half the time thanks to the fact thay I didn't have to keep detaching the tubes to pick up clumps of husky hair. It worked perfectly and picked up all hair on my carpets and hard floors effortlessly. It takes a bit of getting used to as I thought at first it wasn't picking up anything because the suction seems reduced. But that's probably because it doesn't try to suck the entire floor up which is actually better. Downside it didn't work on the rugs particularly well so my advice would be don't get this if you have a long pile carpet. Otherwise a perfect product.
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on 5 March 2016
Easy to de-clog using the trap door underneath. It picks up quite well, certainly better than the standard brush.
I bought a couple of extra suction tubes too so I can just change out the assembly rather than swap the heads - good job really as the old standard brush head did not want to come off the old tubes.
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on 29 November 2016
I was really looking forward to using this attachment, after having read all of the other reviews. And it didn't disappoint! I dread hoovering at best of times. Cat fur, dog fur, long hair strands, it is usually just such hard work to hoover it all up and it is very tiring - a chore I keep putting off until I absolutely have to. I used the new attachment today in the living room, stairs, bedrooms and upstairs landing. The carpet felt softer, it definitely looks cleaner. I am sure that as I use it it will continue to improve the feeling of the carpet, if today is anything to go by. I had to cut the long hair strands that it dragged off the carpet off the brush roller, but that is such a small price to pay. I used some nail scissors and in 5 minutes it was all clean and ready to put away. It is easy to use, glides over the carpet effortlessly. It has turned a tiring chore into quite a pleasant hoovering session!! Some people have said it is quite noisy, I didn't find it that noisy.
I am so glad I have bought it, wish I had known about it before!
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on 20 July 2016
This attachment is good if you suffer from back pain. It makes vacuuming with a Henry a lot easier. I must say however, this isn't as powerful as expected, and doesn't get very deep into the carpet pile.

This attachment uses "wind-power" to turn the bristles. Because of this, it works better when you shorten your metal pole (to reduce the distance between the vacuum and the attachment). I mostly use this directly attached to the plastic hose, bypassing the pole, which then makes the attachment actually work really well. It picks up hair very well.

This attachment falls-off the metal hose quite a lot, which is obviously very annoying. Perhaps some gaffer-tape would solve this, though.

Overall, I can recommend this for a quick-tidy up. But don't expect dyson-style suction.
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on 28 March 2018
The original nozzle we bought with our Henry seems to be a better quality but sticks to the carpet due to strong suction, however we bought this to alleviate that problem and it does work but not as well as we'd thought. The trouble is it relies on the suction to operate the brush spindle as opposed to uprights which have motors that run the brush. All in all it does do a better job on carpets than the nozzle supplied with a Henry, The reason I bought it rather than the cheaper unbranded models is that it has a smaller suction aperture than unbranded models and hence will give better suction and brush spindle performance.
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on 7 January 2017
Just purchased this brush tool. I have a Numatic Steel-Cased NSQ 250B-22 commercial vacuum cleaner and wasn't sure if this new tool would be suitable or compatible, as my model wasn't specifically mentioned in the listing. However, it fits onto the pipe perfectly and stays put. Switched on and in use I found it extremely efficient in picking up all difficult hairs, fluff, etc, that my standard brush tool leaves behind. The head glided around my various rugs (thick & thin) easily and made quick work of the general vacuuming task.

However, 👎 the noise it makes in use when lifting the head off the carpet/floor a few inches to go to the next section, is extremely loud until it touches down again. Not sure why this should be but it's very irritating and hard on the ears!

On my wooden floors the new unit seems rather clunky - there isn't the option to switch from carpet to hard floor as the standard head can do. So I wonder if this unit is designed more for carpets and rugs than a hard floor? There isn't too much descriptive details in the listing unfortunately.

There are a lot of positive reviews given on here for this product 👍, but also quite a few very negative ones too 👎. So it's with trepidation that, each time I use the new tool head, I'll be half expecting it to malfunction, as other reviewers have found to their cost! Let's hope not. I wanted a more efficient tool head and now I've got one - long may it last 🤞.
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on 8 April 2016
Well having read all the other reviews, I went ahead and ordered this product and to be honest I'm not disappointed with its performance, it is amazing for suction and picking up hair human/dog in our case.
As other reviews have said it is loud, it kinda wizzes and makes a wiring slight squealing noise, and yes it does collect hairs and they wrap around the whizzing brush and every few times you hoover you will need to cut the hair away with a pair of scissors. It also is on a funny or maybe just different angle as the original head and has less freedom of movement it feels a little weird hovering with it. It wont say hoover of a curby grip, or perhaps something like a large button? this will get stuck in the mechanism that helps the brush turn. I kept the old head for my wooden floors BUT all this said on our lounge room floor carpet it is soooooo easy to move around and picks up amazingly all the fluff dog hair you name it and I think its perfect for doing exactly what I wanted it for. so if you want it to pick up dog hair from carpet without it being hard work and you want to just go over it the once than this is the product you want and you wont regret buying it. I never review but I felt the other reviews let this product down. Happy hovering!
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on 12 May 2017
I purchased this because I trod on one of the two standard heads I have (I keep a second extension and head from an old Henry upstairs so I don't have to carry it all up). The head would no longer lay flat to the floor properly and when I saw this, and it had good reviews thought I would try it. It is amazing. I whiz round in half the time.
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on 25 February 2013
I've had a Henry for a couple of months now and love it. Brilliant vacuum, best I've had, and I've had a Dyson. But! There is one thing about it....it is SO powerful that on deep carpets its sucking itself hard down onto the floor and is quite a workout to push and pull it all round the house, even on low power mode.

The Dyson was a bit like this when you weren't using the turbo brush, so when I saw there was a similar thing available for the Henry, i ordered it straight away.

It works every bit as well as i'd have hoped! This new head glides across the carpet on the little wheels, pulled along by the turbo brush rotating, it really is SO much easier to use. Yes, you do have to use your machine on high power to keep the turbo brush spinning on deep carpet, but thats absolutely fine. It is now a pleasure to vacuum and i'm not sweating after doing it! It seems just as good at the actual act of vacuuming too, probably better with little things that are caught in the carpet.

It will need regular cleaning - these things always do, but thats quite straight forward and its good to see an inspection hatch to make it even easier.

Regardless of wether you have pets or not, if you have carpets, I would really recommend you get this, just to make the whole job a lot easier!
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