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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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In this 2010 Sexploitation revenge movie [made in 2009 for c.$85,000 , Sister Sarah is present when a drug deal between father Bernardo and the Los Muertos Bikers goes wrong. Surviving the bad drug deal, sister Sarah is set to work in a brothel and turned into a heroin addict, but she seeks revenge on those who abused her.
In typical grindhouse style, this will offend many with it’s drug dealing Priest', graphic drug usage, drug processing, forced prostitution of nuns and brutal murder all in the first 9 minutes. Then it gets even more graphic but underlaying it all is a good story of corruption and deceit at the highest levels and one persons attempt to right the wrongs done to her. Politically correct this definitely isn’t but despite the violence, subject matter and soft porn approach, it does have a lot of dark humour and double-entendre’. The music is atmospheric, being similar in style to ‘Planet Terror’ but like that movie, this doesn’t take itself seriously.
The single disc offers play, scene selection and special features [original short, reverend doctor, the trailer]. Rated 18, the whole film is full of dark themes and sacrilegious to many, but also includes profanity, nudity [including full frontal], semi-graphic sex scenes amongst others. If you like the graphic violence and dark humour of Tarantino/Rodriguez/Weinstein type movies, then this will certainly fit the bill and the production certainly punches far above its weight earning it a sound ***** rating.
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on 28 March 2017
So bad it's good naked nuns and violence bad filming and acting.There is sex drugs violence in this nunsploitation movie and as I have said a poor quality film but that is what makes it good.
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on 23 May 2017
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on 10 May 2013
Bad acting

Poor plot

Poor imagery

But excellent with some genuinely funny moments and a plot that moves merrily along. Not so much a B movie but more a B+ one!
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The Catholic church is renound for misdemeanours and questionable ethics, though I'm not sure if they are heavily involved in drug production as depicted in this film. The first fifteen minutes of Nude Nuns with Big Guns shows how nuns staff small heroin factories under the supervision of priests. It's a fairly slick operation until complications lead to a nun being 'gifted' to a gang boss where she is subsequently drugged and used as a prostitute. The rest of the film is set a year later, and Sister Sarah is after revenge.

This is reminiscent of a Western, much of the music wouldn't sound out of place as you watch cowboys and the fonts used for any on screen text looks like it's straight from a 'wanted' poster. I wasn't expecting much from this film, the title and any promo material you may have seen makes this out to be a cheesy action flick - but it's actually well directed and often quite with stylish use of on-screen graphics resulting in a film which looks pretty good.

I've seen the film compared to Tarantino works and although there seems to be a definite influence it would be wrong to call Joseph Guzman a poor-man's version of Quentin Tarantino as he has his own style which works very well here. Quickly edited when it needs to be and interspersed with super grained black and white images with colour filters and slow-motion to add atmosphere at times - the film contains some impressive cinematography and it certainly doesn't look like the cheap feature the title would lead you to believe!

'Nude nuns...' is a violent film, but not hyper violent to the extent of many other shock-features on the market (particularly the Japanese ones like Machine Girl). The gore here looks quite realistic and it gives the film a brutal feel rather than one which contains over-the-top 'cartoon' violence. The most disturbing scenes are the ones involving sexual abuse, one in particular was particularly difficult to watch but it certainly succeeded in making you despise the bad guys even more. You really want to see Sister Sarah bring them to justice. This film may contain some powerful religious imagery but ultimately this is a violent revenge film which doesn't waste any excuse to show naked females, and they all seem to be very liberal with their sexual attitudes - this is never going to be regarded as a modern classic, it's not a great film but it manages enough quality to ensure it isn't awful.

This Blu-ray release looks good, the transfer captures plenty of detail and for a low budget film this looks better than you'd probably expect. The audio however isn't great. There's not much depth to the audio and although the music sounds okay, the dialogue often sounds a bit distant and some scenes look redubbed in post production (perhaps to make it more audible) and in those scenes the lip sync looks a bit clumsy. I suspect the lines were altered and in high-definition the mismatch between mouth movements and the actual words delivered are more obvious. For anyone wanting subtitles - there aren't on this disk.

In a nutshell: Though 'Nuns With Big Guns' depicts a corrupt clergy where blind faith is used to abuse the trust of nuns and involve them in terrible crimes and contains something of a modern satire on how people often cherry pick the parts of the bible which support their actions - it is essentially a 90 minutes vengeance piece which watches like a cross between From Dusk 'Til Dawn and Unforgiven. It contains cheesy dialogue but nowhere near as much as I was expecting. It's a run-of-the mill guns `n gore film but with better production values and fairly good acting compared to the usual fayre. I expected this to be a terrible film and it turned out to be not quite as bad as I thought it would be.
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on 6 August 2013
This is a Mexican Grindhouse style movie. The church supports drug dealers by the manufacture and packaging of drugs. Nude nuns work in rooms performing the task. When a nun gets out of line, she is sent off and forced to work as a prostitute. One nun manages to escape and vows to take revenge becoming a one woman wreaking crew. Plenty of nudity, full frontal, sex, rape, violence. 4 stars for fans of Grindhouse style movies, all others should avoid this film.
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Nunsploitation made a comeback in 2010 with this film, directed, co-written, and also edited by Joseph Guzman. This is low budget pulpy B movie stuff and isn’t really that particularly good, but somehow you still end up watching it.

With a Catholic diocese running a drugs operation the nuns make the product in nothing but their headgear, whilst others profit. The whole operation is run with the assistance of a gang of hard cases. When Sister Sarah is caught snatching a packet of the finished product she is handed over to the gang to be used in one of their joints, but escaping she disappears, only to turn up a year later, wanting vengeance. For our nun has seen a vision from God telling her what to do, or rather she tripped after being forced drugs.

With some scenes of violence and rape there is probably enough action to keep you interested, but this is really a film for the lads, what with girl on girl scenes and nudity. In fact the plot does have a number of holes in it, but so what? The simple answer is throw in a bit of nudity. I must admit I was amused when the nun came to the rescue of her girlfriend dressed in a white habit, it made me think of the knight in shining armour.

I have seen worse films than this but this is one of those that are quite bad but you want to watch it anyway. With a rather open ending this is set up for a second film, but whether there will be one or not is another question, due to all the legal fuss that surrounded this one with pirating and copyright cases. Another title for this could have perhaps been ‘Lesbian Vigilante Nun’.
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on 24 April 2012
This is without doubt one of the most awesome films ever made!! If you love grind house style exploitation movies then you will not want to miss this!! The film is your classic revenge story about a Nun who is drugged and raped after being involved with drug dealers and manages to escape and has a vision from God to kill all those who have sinned!!! This movie is packed to the wall with female nudity, lesbians, Loads of awesome blood and violence!! Everything you want from this type of movie. Its very Robert Rodriguez in a few places you can see the influence, and the title score is dangerously close to planet terror!! Over all this is a fantastic straight to DVD film I would have paid good money to watch it in a cinema!! Great cast Asun Ortega plays the lead character a very sexy actress, good editing well directed and buckets of fun, blood and boobs, pure grind house exploitation gold worth every penny, gem of a film!!!!!
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on 23 April 2014
I bought this after catching a bit of it on the telly. Don't take it seriously. When viewed as a bizarre event it becomes funny and engaging. The Tarantinoesque touches add to the ludicrousness of the script and it ends up providing a giggle for those who enjoy movies like The Blob etc. Enjoy it for what it is.
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2011
With a title like this you know what you're going to get and Dangermouse's review tells you all you need to know about the story. What is suprising for a film like this is just how good it is. I've seen plenty of low budget movies and that's what they look like but here everyone overacts competently, its properly edited and the shots are well composed and lit. Suffice it to say this is grindhouse of a merchantable quality. That said it is also anti-catholic, violent and exploitative but hey, what did you expect? If you like revenge, violence, nudity and sex you'll love it.
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