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on 10 November 2016
Finally after a wait of 32 years from the previous "Now Voyager" of 1984, unfortunately gone unnoticed, the great Barry Gibb, "The most famous falsetto pop" he is back to excite us.
At a distance of 15 from the last of the Bee Gees album ( "This is where I came in"), Barry broke the ice after suffering the loss of two brothers Maurice and Robin.
"In the Now" suffered the first listen sounds familiar and not only to have it written together with his two sons Ashley and Steve. It sounds familiar to the sound that resembles that for half a century made famous by The Bee Gees.
"In the Now", the title track is a nice organ and percussion groove, an opening with the plan and that falsetto: a song "pop classic" revisited to try to be "in the present!
And then as the songs take shape there is a fine of nostalgia hit. In "Blowin' in fuse" and "Home truth song," Barry Gibb performs his famous vibrato on a base of acoustic and electric guitars, while "Shadows" turns out to be a delicate ballad with strings and horns with Spanish, "The last goodbye" is just as delicate and dedicated to the brothers like the beautiful “End of the Rainbow”.
“Star Crossed Lovers” a delicate ballad to fall in love with him songs and words.
In the Deluxe version appears two delicious songs, “Daddy's Little Girl” and “Soldier's Son”, two masterpieces.
Barry Gibb has been a song-writing machine and successful recording artist for decades and this album proves that he has probably reached his peak with twelve songs that cover all the emotional and musical bases. This album is a keeper.
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on 7 October 2016
It’s a little difficult to review an album by an artist that has so much history behind it with preconceived notions about what it should sound like. The Bee Gees have covered all the bases of musical styles from country to rock to ‘R & B’. Barry Gibb does not stray too far from this mix. ‘In The Now’ ranges from slightly saccharin ballads to forceful hard rock with a lot of variety – all Gibb style.

The first two singles released, ‘In The Now’ and ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ are strong in their own right and skillfully written and polished. One reviewer wrote that ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ is akin to Frank Sinatra’s ‘Something Stupid’, which may or may not be a compliment. ‘In The Now’ is a forceful song, pitching forward with earnest bridges and breathy choruses. The rest of the album is a little more exciting with strong surprises. ‘Amy In Colour’ is a psychedelic surprise while ‘Meaning Of The Word’ is a melancholy somber ballad that reflects Gibb’s sad family history. In fact, *‘The Long Goodbye’, ‘Diamonds’ and the truly heartbreaking, *‘End Of The Rainbow’ will prove to be timeless tear-jerkers Gibb is famous for, but with more heartfelt reality.

However, there are plenty of upbeat rocking surprises such as the urgent rocker, *‘Blowin’ A Fuse’ and the obvious nod to Bruce Springsteen with the absolute crowd pleaser, *‘Home Truth Song’. All songs with some great solo guitar work to belt the songs home and give them that ‘jump start’ that past lead guitarists from the Bee Gees years never truly had.

Gibb’s vocals vary quite a bit from strong to wispy, but given his age, stature and style, they manage to work to bring the songs home. The band is top-notch and Stephen Gibb’s guitar work excels. With all songs written by Gibb and his two of his sons, the lyrics and structures are fairly solid, despite a few clunky clichés. The deluxe set contains three very good older songs, but seem out of step with the album’s theme.

Barry Gibb has been a song-writing machine and successful recording artist for decades and this album proves that he has probably reached his peak with twelve songs that cover all the emotional and musical bases. This album is a keeper.

*Denotes stand-out cuts.
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on 17 October 2016
After hearing the title track I was looking forward to this release. And , although a Big GIBB Fan I think I am capable of being realistic with a review as I have not enjoyed everything released by any means. ( I dont think, "he is great ", "this is great" is particularly helpful or honest!!)
On getting the album I was faced with the familiar situation with Later GIBB Penned albums. It required about 7 plays to get myself into it.
However, once you have got over this little hurdle the pleasure begins.
A great selection of tracks here in a few styles. I think the stand out track here is "In the now" but this may be because its the most "Bee Gees" sounding song to me. Grand illusion reminds me of work on the "hawks" album for those who know it. (The backing falsetto in particular)
But now over a week on I think I have an album where I will be happy with 75 percent of the songs, which is good going as you cant please everyone all of the time.
I prefer the opening end of the Album to the closing end. But thats just me. I am not sure I gained much by getting the three track longer deluxe version.
Standout tracks: In the Now / Grand illusion / Shadows / Home Truth Song
Low Point: The Long Goodbye
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on 14 October 2016
At long last, Barry Gibb's much-anticipated comeback album. Thirteen years since the Bee Gees' final album and 32 years since his only solo album, here is In the Now. Barry's voice still sounds great and there is not one bad song here. Standouts include the title track, "Grand Illusion", gorgeous ballad "Star Crossed Lovers" and the moving tribute to his late brothers "End of the Rainbow". The deluxe edition features two demos that were available for download from Barry's website a few years ago.
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on 7 January 2017
Outstanding - I've always loved the Bee Gees music & regret never seeing them play live. This CD has influences I think from The Beatles, Bob Dylan & Cat Stevens - all who I love. Just buy it & respect the guy who has had so much unhappiness in his life. I hope this review gets through to this lovely family guy. I ;love the music - play on!!!!!!!!!!
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on 9 December 2017
As much as I like the Gibb brothers work this is not an album that demonstrates the sound that made them great -either as a group or individually like this offering. The style is still there but I'm afraid to say Barry's voice just can't hold the notes as he used to. A shame ads I was really looking forward to this album.
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on 28 February 2018
As much as I always loved the Bee Gees and have great admiration for Barry Gibb, this album will not be remembered as a masterpiece. I think his personal emotions are what we're hearing, rather than good quality lyrics and melodies.
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on 25 October 2016
A welcome return from an iconic singer, songwriter and producer. This album is full of melodic songs. Barry Gibb has always been able to write melodies that stick in your head and you end up singing them all day, and this is no exception. These songs are full of his view of life and the final song End of the rainbow is very poignant as it's dedicated to his late brother's. All in all a well crafted album, and one you'll be playing time and time again.
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on 14 November 2016
I love it, so moving, so many reminders of his life and his brothers. Great band backing him up and he plays and sings so well. Such a welcome album from Barry. Lots of tracks including some extra ones, all of them top drawer.
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on 17 December 2016
I love the track In the Now and I expected the rest of the album to be in the same vein, a Bee Gees sound. But it's very different and varied and it's taken me a while to get used to it, but I love it now.
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