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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2003
This program is probably the best of its kind - which unfortunately isn't saying much, as partitioning programs are a dodgy lot. Partition Magic 8.0 is a very well-presented program and straightforward to use, and potentially very powerful. Most systems will be OK with it. But partitioning is a tricky business, and as with other similar programs, the NTFS filesystem used by XP and NT can cause hiccups in the form of frequent stoppages and error messages. Plus, it has one serious glitch: with some, not all, XP set-ups, it throws out Error 1513 (relating to file recognition) and refuses to partition.
PowerQuest's technicians are polite and responsive but don't actually have a solution to this. Their only patch is from version 8.0 to 8.01 - which most buyers, me included, will already have. Running ckdsk /f as recommended by the technicians also doesn't work - and most people would have done this before attempting any partitioning work in any case.
The fact is, for some of you out there, Parition Magic won't work. This is poor from a well-known company who shouldn't make claims about XP compatibility that they can't uphold. After extensive web searches (e.g. check out the reviews on, rather than - they seem to give a good overall picture) I have discovered that I am not alone. This saga seems to have happened to many people trying to use PM8 with XP.
No partitioning program is perfect, and some are frankly lethal, so I will hang onto this one in the hope that PowerQuest come up with a suitable patch. I would advise potential buyers who have recent Win XP systems to wait for the next version and/or keep a sharp eye on web reviews rather than risk splashing out on something that might be useless to them.
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on 29 January 2004
It is certainly true that Partition Magic 8 is the best partition manager, "the standard in partitioning"! However, unfortunately it is still not perfect, despite being the best.
If you want to partition your hard drive, install multible OS, this is the program for you, however BEWARE. Partition Magic 8 has worked well for me, and is preety good. As claimed, it can be used to resize, copy, make, merge, etc partitions, which it does well. I have successfuly used it, however there have been problems, which have easily been fixed, but requiring time!
The graphical interface is super, and it is easy to use. Unfortunately wizards dont work if you have a reiser fs linux partition, but ext2 work. If you are a new user, you will quickly learn how to use this product. The drivemapper software easily allows you to change drive letters, if you need to.
There are some utilities that come with the program. Diskeeper can be used to make backups of the drive, although I didn't use it as cd and ither backup media are too expensive. The other utility is BootMagic. This is functional but extremely ugly, and thus I dont use it, but use Grub instead.
As for problems, there are two annoying problems I have experianced. One causes windows to load but crash before the boot screen, which can be fixed by repairing windows with the windows XP setup, and no data is lost! Another problem is in linux! Partition magic doesn't update the FStab file, which has to be done manually, but that's ok for linux experts.
In conclusion, I would say that Partition Magic is an excelent utility for partitioning hard drives, however there is plenty of room for imporvement. If you want to partion, go buy it, but take CARE!
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on 9 June 2004
I have been using this software for many months and havent had any problems whatsoever.
I noticed one of the reviewers referred to this software as a one-trick pony, and I can see how that would be true in the majority of cases. But I could no longer live without it. I use it very frequently as I am constantly needing to add and reassign disk space, and I do a fair bit of mucking about with different OS's.
As for the errors ppl have reported finding with winXP, the only thing I can say is that I've never seen a single one in over 3 months. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I always make sure my disks are in good condition before I do anything? I always run a diskchk and defrag before starting, and have never had any problems.
Overall, the best :D.
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on 11 February 2003
a very well done piece of software which comes with a proper manual that actually explains not just the software but the basics of partitioning which, considering the damage one might cause, is a very welcome addition. The software itself is easy and intuitive to use and the ability to run the program from cd without OS makes system configuration and recovery easy. Also, the programs helps according to what should be done (e.g. install another OS, back-up disk, etc.). If you intend to reconfigure your harddrive... a must have.
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on 12 March 2003
This product is so useful, I really do not understand how I managed without it.
I have a number of partitions spread accross multiple drives which need space re-allocating from time time.
The Windows XP disk management feature is not very helpful about making this type of change.
Partition Magic shows you what you have chosen to change, then either applies the change on the fly or will script itself into the boot up and make the necessary changes.
Bundled are useful utilities to allow your PC to boot to multiple partitions, which is useful if you are testing other operating systems or new versions of windows.
Another useful utility is the drivemapper which will reconfigure your applicatons if a drive letter has been changed due to partions moving, or being removed. I have not managed to fault this utility yet !
If you wish to manage partitions on a regular basis, a very good buy.
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on 21 February 2006
I bought a used copy of this software from Amazon Marketplace , and it has paid for itself in terms of allowing me to recover otherwise unrecoverable data or to put off buying a new hard-disk for a while (and thus benefitting from the falling price).
Here are some things I have managed to achieve with Partion Magic:
(1) Dividing my laptop hard-disk into seperate partitions after the supplied Windows XP install disk insisted on creating one large partition on the hard-disk. This is advantageous as it means if the Operating System crashes on, say, your C: drive you can re-install Windows (using a proper install disk) on another partition and then access the data on C: that you hadn't backed up. I have had to do this twice with Windows XP and Partition Magic worked well.
(2) Rescuing data from a deleted Windows 2000 partition.
(3) Turning my PC into a dual-boot machine when I had to use 2 different versions of Windows to access different pieces of software. It comes with 'BootMagic' which offers a simple menu when you turn your computer on so you pick the OS you want to use. You can also reboot to another partition from within Windows.
(4) Resizing existing partitions without destroying the data in them.
The Windows interface is very informative which helps you achieve what you need to do. The printed documentation is excellent compared to most software these days - you will need printed info if you have no working PC to run a CD on!
In a real emergency you can boot from the CD and run a simple DOS-like version of the software, in which case you will find yourself consulting the written documentation.
Before I had Partion Magic I had to make to with Windows Partition Manager and a simple program that came with an old Linux distribution I had which was complex to use and easy to make disastrous mistakes with.
This software isn't guaranteed to solve your problem. But maybe the chances that it will are good enough for it to be worth buying.
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on 21 June 2007
Partition Magic is rubbish. I tried using it to partition a USB stick which I installed drivers for so that XP thinks it's a hard drive. Any little change I made caused Partition Magic to decide to reboot my system - completely retarded. It always complained about problems with the partition table and when it "fixed" them, made a bootable USB become unbootable! It is spastic! Don't buy it! Unless you hate yourself and like to make life a misery.

Unfortunately in order to post this review I had to give it one star, it deserves -5

Acronis Disk Director is far superior.

It makes tons of changes, hides/unhides partitions, formats, converts filesystems, makes partitions active or not active, has a much nicer GUI, is easier to use, doesn't cause loss of data, much, much better product in every way!!!
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on 10 August 2005
This really is a great price of software, letting you easily do pretty much everything you'd possibly want to do on your PC. I've now got 3 operating systems on my 160 Gbyte hard drive and it was effortless to set up,
The utilities are very use full and easily accessed. But my one big gripe is Boot Magic. It works but it not easy to handle. When adding a new partition to the menu to boot from, you need to use the partition numbers to choose what is what, but these numbers are quite different from the numbers reported by Partition Info (another utility), so bit of trail and error is needed. Its easy to get it wrong and if you do, instead of installing an OS in a new empty partition, you could overwrite a partition you want to keep and really mess things up.

Hence its gets 4 out of 5 stars.
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on 6 March 2004
Bit expensive for what is basically a one trick pony but if you're after hard disk partitioning this is for you. Very easy to use and as the ad goes "does exactly what it says on the tin".
If Fdisk partitioning is a leap too far than this is ideal but most of the extras are a bit unneccessary.
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on 26 August 2006
I bought Partition Magic 8.0 almost exactly this time last year; I added first class postage and the total came to £28.19. A year later I happen to come back to this page and find that the item once priced £24.96 is now £46.99, almost twice as much! I am bewildered as to why a piece of software now fairly old, has doubled in price over a year. I have written this review partly to warn costumers of this gross overprice as I feel that Amazon is ripping off people who want to buy this software.

Despite that, this piece of software is brilliant, it has allowed me to chop and change operating systems over a year, changing partition formats and sizes. Its DOS like program has also come in handy; this allows you to run a program from the CD or floppy disk through the BIOS, changing active partitions and so forth.

BootMagic isn't as great, although it allows you to do what you want, its quite ugly and awkward to set up.

Partition Magic is one of those applications which you use frequently to change this and that and I find it comes in handy. Buy it, but wait for the price to drop first.
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