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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2010
I was sceptical about this phone when recommended as I have always had samsungs. I knew what I wanted from a phone and this had it all good camera personalisation and clear graphics. I was disappointed when I first got it home however as it was so totally new to me but once I got into the working of it and the help from you tube tutorial I have to say this is the best phone I have ever had. It has so many extra's; A voice tells you who's calling which is useful when driving or your phone is in your bag. The Ovi download site is great and easy to use and not as expensive for games and themes as my familiar samsung. The 8meg camera is of good quality and video's are even better not grainy at all. The main menu editing has a drag and drop facilty to personalise and edit your phone's main apps. I liked the fact I could view my e mails on my phone. I have the people I phone a lot on main screen that I can just touch and it calls them. It has voice dail that I am trying to work out ( just having my phone for 2 days and being an older person this takes a little more time) Some of the other large screen phones apparently use a lot of battery power and may not last the day (another requirment I needed was reliability) This phone however with its large screen I have had no problems with so far even with being new and playing around with it most of the day it still had power left so I am extremely surprised and thrilled with as better than I expected from it. What can I say this is brilliant and I don't think you'll be disappointed. I am converted from my beloved samsungs and am pleasantly pleased with my purchase.
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on 18 January 2011
I've been a Nokia fan for years, and have had my fair share of Nokia flops (the N95 was a brick-shaped disappointment and the N97 mini was bug-ridden, with a difficult to use resistive touch screen and also too big).

This phone, finally, brings Nokia back up in my opinions. The three pages worth of front-screen shortcuts is ample for putting apps at the front. It has a responsive capacitive touchscreen which outstrips its predecessors. The complaints I've heard about the menu systems being clunky and dated seem a little pointless when you think that anything you use regularly you can put on the sliding front-screen pages to give you the same feel as the iPhone. Which brings me on to my next point - if you love iPhones then go out and buy one. If you love real phones then this is one for you. Unlike the N8 and the N97s this Nokia has excellent signal strength and (despite the comments of a previous writer) I've found the battery life to be pretty outstanding for a smartphone (maybe they had a dodgy battery?!). I have run the Nokia for about 28 hours non-stop (it's still going) and at least 2 of those hours involved having google maps use the GPS and downloading data. I also regularly browsed the internet (although I have switched off the e-mail service as I find the browser-based e-mail services easier to use through my phone than Nokia's interface).

As a music player it has everything you could ever want. Loads of space (8GB) with the ability to add a 40GB card, an FM radio and (the cherry on the cake) an FM transmitter so you can listen in the car. The transmitter is OK but, like all small transmitters you have to keep finding new frequencies as the signal is interrupted by local stations.

The 8MB camera is excellent (and the auto-focus is very effective - with face recognition too). Unlike the N8 it doesn't have a zenon flash (it has two bright white LEDs that can also be switched on like a torch) - but again if you want a really really good camera with a proper flash then go and buy a camera!!

It looks and feels like a really nice phone. Very solid, with sleek lines (I've gone for silver and it looks very business-like). My HTC and iPhone owning colleagues have also said that they are impressed and surprised at how easy it was to use.

I would recommend going and having a play with this phone in one of the phone stores to see what you think - if you are used to all the other Nokia offerings I suspect you will be very pleasantly surprised.
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on 25 November 2010
I got my Nokia C7 about a week ago and I must say I am well surprised! The selling point for me was the sleek designed and the worldwide pure GPS based (and therefore free) sat-nav. I had some experience with a friends iPhone 3G and to be fair the Nokia C7 is not an iPhone! But this has advantages as well. In the following I will list some aspects of the c7 in comparison with the gold standard, the iPhone:
- The c7 is smaller than the iphone, which means it takes less space in your pocket but has a smaller screen as well. I personally like the design of the c7 and the build quality seems to be very good.
- After a few days of intensive playing the Battery now under normal use lasts about 2-3 days (I consider myself not a heavy user).
- The OS. Some reviews are complaining about crashes but that did not happen with my c7 at all. Compared to the iPhone OS the symbian might feel a bit slowish but in my opinion the working speed is still okay. The Symbian system is often criticised to be outdated but I actually prefer its organised structure over the pure app-structure of other OS's.
- Besides the brilliantly working sat-nav the c7 offers some other nice features: While the music player offers you the same comfort as the one from the iphone on the c7 you can access it right from your home screen and can even send the sound to your radio via the built in FM transmitter (which is quite nice for the sat-nav for use in the car as well).
- In terms of apps frequency , apple and android win by miles. However I do use my c7 for calling, texting, music, navigation and internet - what more do you need?
- The c7 comes with a build in 8gb memory which is less than the iphone, but I bought a 16gb card for 17£ which works perfectly well and if thats not enough you can just get a bigger one.
So overall the c7 is not an iPhone and in some aspects this is not too bad. So if you do not expect it to be one you will get a very nice device for about half the price. I am well pleased with my purchase.
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on 26 November 2011
PLEASE BEWARE....when you read reviews on purchasing sites for this product most people say the phone is great but they write their reviews after maybe a few days or weeks of owning them. I too thought my C7 was great until one day (when the phone was only four months old) it turned itself off whilst listening to music. It then wouldn't switch back on. I then went online to see if there were any known faults with the C7 only to find that it is a known fault and it is very common. I have now been without my phone for over a fortnight. Nokia were trying to repair it but now say that it cannot be repaired and they are going to provide a new one. Other people have written that their phone has been back for repair two or three times!!!

UPDATE...... I now have my new C7 and still have problems. The phone keeps restarting itself and on three occassions has lost all my settings. Fortunately I have backed it up and can restore it quite quickly but I shouldn't have to. I will be returning the phone after Christmas!!
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on 1 June 2011
I have been an owner of several Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian phones over the years, and I have to say that this phone is in my experience is in a league of its own, it is excellent. Before purchase I compared physically in stores with many Android phones as well as the iPhone but the C7 is the package overall in terms of quality, specifications, price. For example, place an iphone side by side with a C7 and any objective person will see the C7 quality and design oozes and matches, even beats the iphone, and it is lighter and thinner than an iphone. If you want to join the herd and fanatics then go and buy an iphone or Android (and have Apple and Google access your location and personal data!), but if you are a more selective person and appreciate great technology and design, take a closer look at the C7.

I will not mention all the C7 features here, you can look them up, but the most surprising elements to me are the video camera which is High Definition 720p and produces amazing results given its lens size and phone factor - FAR better than the iPhone by a mile. Similarly the 8 mega pixel camera is excellent, including the special "fixed" lens which gives high quality and great sharpness from 50cm to infinity; very impressive and faster and more accurate than an auto-focus phone camera (which have 4 positions typically, not infinitely variable like a full size auto-focus camera). The only thing 1 in 100 users might miss is not being able to focus nearer than 50cm, but I made pictures of flowers, documents, wine bottle labels no problem at 50cm in good light or flash. The upside of this special lens is that it does not take time to focus, and does not require a thicker case, therefore the whole phone is very thin and sleek with no protrusions for the camera lens like the E71 and E72 which I used to use before.

Another jewel is the Navigation / Satnav software. It is very accurate, well designed and uses the excellent Navtec maps. All maps for any country in the world seem to be completely free of charge, and you can download them on to your device before travelling so that you do not rack up massive data fees like Google Maps that I used to use before...horrendous, not able to store any maps on the device.

Now to the OS and other apps. Nokia's only major problem is that their PR / Marketing department has failed them badly in recent years, they became complacent, however the designers and engineers have continued to excel. Then the so-called expert IT press which has paid reviewers and "journalists" pushing certain companies and products should be embarassed with themselves over their comments concerning Symbian OS on Nokia, but these guys know no shame! In my experience Symbian 3 works excellenty, smoothly. It is low powered yet delivers high performance and sails through all functions and apps painlessly. Similarly with the Nokia Ovi Store, I could not believe the massive range in great apps, and they seem to be more secure than Android since Google do not check apps in their stores unlike Apple and Nokia. Additional security comes from Symbian OS by way of prompting you if you want to allow an app to access specific user data - that's a great step from Nokia / Symbian if you want extra security or you might not feel 100% comfortable with a new or less popular app publisher.

Yes, there are some minor improvements that can be further made to this phone, but that is the same with ALL phones and there is certainly nothing major. I can see myself using this phone for many years, I hope.
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on 30 July 2011
My first order with Amazon and a smooth transaction it was.
Ordered the Nokia C7 which was already reasonably priced, infact the cheapest on the internet but careful consideration graced me with, in the meantime, a reduction in price saving another £20GBP! Great! Decision made. Submitted my order easily and quickly, received a dispatch email the next day and the day after the Nokia arrived, as described in a Nokia box with its accessories.
My only problem with this purchase is that the fone arrived by Royal Mail 1st standard which required no signature. I could quite clearly see it was a mobile fone inside the grey plastic mailing bag. Am I glad we have a decent, trustworthy postman who handed it to me personally.
For something of this value, Amazon really should send recorded/signed for to prevent less honest customers requesting another handset for the one that got 'lost'. I have actually signed for neighbours' books from Amazon, yet a sim free brand new mobile slips through the net - bit silly!
Anyway, happy with the fone itself and feel I made the right choice with the model and seller.
NB: If you find you can't send texts or make calls on this fone, and the messages get saved into the outbox leaving a 'sending text' symbol on the main screen, it is because the fone is set to offline (top right corner main screen). You can't send texts, make calls or receive calls in offline mode!
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on 26 February 2012
In answer to the reviewer who complained of too short a time with the phone to give a fair review I offer my experience with it. This was a purchase made because I'd dismissed the HTC/Windows as cheap and not well built, anything with android, as Google have enough of my personal information without giving them details of my mobile habits and the iPhone being beyond my budget.
The C7 had been on the market for a month or so when I decided to buy one and couple it with a GiffGaff sim which was slightly cheaper than an o2 contract over 24 months, but the phone was mine and free of o2 branding. It was a long term purchase which has to last a minimum of 2 years.

The new Symbian powered C7 was quite good out of the box though the phone did lack a little processing power; however it's first major update (Anna) did bring many improvements to the useability of the phone and it's second major update (Nokia Belle) has been a applied only in the past week or so; my review will come from this point.

The operating system is now super smooth and responsive with home screen and pages whizzing up and sown and left to right at a rate of knots.
All the usual smartphone functions are there including EMail, MicroSoft Office integration, Twitter & Facebook and all work well. The one area which disappoints is the web browser but on this update it is a lot better than it was. Opera mobile is available from the Nokia App store though.

Nokia Maps is integrated with the phone and I can tell you that it works better than any SatNav I have used; you can download maps for free for the entire world on your home Wi-Fi and then use the built-in GPS chip to find your way. Nokia Maps alone is worth the admission!!
You can control all connectivity from a pull down screen; you can turn off Mobile data and WiFi so there will be no bad bills when you come back from holiday. Bluetooth comes as standard of course and with the Nokia PC suite, it provides quick and easy syncing of messages and pictures onto the PC. It is strange that a Finnish company does not produce a linux version of the PC Suite though.
Also included is NFC chip and while it's use is very limited now, it might be more than useful in the near future.

The phone has a reasonable camera but that was not a function that I use very often; but as a music phone it is excellent allowing long listening periods using the earphone of your choice through the 3.5 socket. Even better; is the radio transmitter which means I can listen to the music on the C7 on the car stereo just by tuning to the same FM frequency as the phone. With space for a micro SD card of up to 32GB, you can have a huge music collection to take anywhere.
The management of the music covers and folders is very good and on a par with the Apple and Android devices.

The screen gives a polished and detailed view with really good colours and definition; the new update has bought a new set of icons which can be moved to any part of the screen. Big improvement this over the last update.

I now get 2 days before recharging if I have the phone on stand by all the time which is twice as long as the other half's iPhone. It make and receives call as well as you would expect a Nokia to do, though texting can be a bit fiddly on the touchscreen; one area which the iPhone is better.

So there you have it; at the current price and a PAYG sim, you can have a really excellent smartphone which has all the function you could ever want and built like a battleship for just over £15 a month over 2 years.

There may be those that will tell you that the operating system is a dead duck and that Nokia are moving towards Windows Phone; well that is all true but it still works very well though how much longer Nokia will support it is anyone's guess.

But I love my C7 and would buy another one without hesitation.
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on 1 April 2011
Does everything you need, phone calls, web, apps, great camera and video. On top of all this is a fine looking bit of kit. Just can't see why Nokia are getting so much stick, they make great phones.
review image
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on 15 November 2011
i have had this phone for over a week first it seemed complicated and awkward.i eventualy arranged my home screen(just the one)to how i wanted is possible to have email and facebook icons on your home screen and the icon lets you know if u have a message.i mainly bought this phone so i can watch bbc i player (it works well via wifi or even 3g,mostly)and also if i go away on holiday and dont wish to take the laptop.the music player has clear tones (various preset amp)and includes a headphone socket.battery power is good ,lasting 3 days or more,it is advisable to charge your phone a good several hours before u use it the first time..i have also used it as a modem via usb lead and the speed is good.its a heavy, large phone and not easy to sit down or cycle while its in your pocket.i am glad i bought this phone.
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on 18 April 2013
I going to be prejudiced here, i LURVE Nokia phones! This has everything and more in a sleek package and this is coming from someone who said: "i will never get another touch screen phone - they get on my nerves like you wouldn't believe!"
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