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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 11 December 2014
Great Product
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on 23 March 2013
In my view the Nokia 920 is the best mobile on the market.

I recently upgraded my other half's mobile to a 4G iPhone 5. Very nice phone, and I have purchased hundreds of pounds worth of Apps over the years and I've also owned an iPhone, but the iOS is old and its static app icons are poor. Andriod, I had one phone and ditched it within 2 weeks, awful operating system (feels like other Google products; like a beta) and I find it ironic that the flagship HTC One has overlaid what looks like Windows Tiles on top of Andriod.

The Nokia's screen is big and bright, its build quality is second to none (I was suspicious about it being plastic, but its body will far outlive the glass back of the iPhone), the maps software is cool (saves me data costs when going abroad) and most importantly its running by far the best mobile operating system there is. Its alive, I never appreciated what the reviews meant by its complete integration with your social tools (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc... to the reviewer who criticised the Facebook app, why bother with the App? when its already integrated). Yes the Marketplace is lacking apps there is no doubt about that, I'm gutted as I have to play games on my iPad, but as a mobile goes, what you get out of the box and for making calls / texts / emails (which is the purpose of a mobile) its large keyboard, great screen and instant access to your contacts from numerous social sources makes this phone 'the' mobile to own (unless you buy your mobile for Apps).
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on 26 July 2013
This smartphone has a good construction (although a little heavy, but soon got used to it), it's very beautiful, has a wonderful screen and it's able to perform excellent photos/vídeos. Although it has few applications, offers enough to the great most of the users, in my opinion.
I chose this smartphone because I really like to take pictures and in this respect the Lumia 920 really has a unique feature compared to other smartphones. The videos that it makes are also very good, and, in my view, are far ahead of the vídeos than other phones, approaching professional cameras/camcorders.
I also like Windows Phone system, while acknowledging that he still has a few limitations-but which smartphone does not have? I recommend this smarthphone, so, for those who like photos/videos, want a rugged and beautiful phone, and do not require many specific apps. That said, I have not been a lack of any application so far, and there is always some alternative windows phone shop. As I said, I believe that the vast majority of users would be okay with a 920 lumia. I'm very happy with my Lumia 920.
I'm sorry for my english...
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on 23 August 2013
I've had this phone for about 6 weeks now, I have to say that switching from iPhone was painless. It has a great camera and takes lovely low light shots, and the screen has a beautiful high resolution display with deep blacks and colour contrast.

I love the design, way cooler than the iphone 5 and the build quality is superb, I like the weight and size. The battery doesn't last as long as my old iPhone 3GS but I think this is mainly because I'm using it more for things like watching films.

Games from the Xbox selection are highly polished and run flawlessly - mass effect, Halo are excellent

Switching to windows from ios is simple and quick, you can use the transfer my data app to bring the contacts accross to the new phone. To Sync music and videos DoubleTwist works really well, it uses your itunes library and offers pretty much the same functionality (playlists etc). Plus you can keep using itunes as your source of music.

Whilst there are less apps available than for IOS there are still loads, and the ones that come free with the phone such as the offline navigation apps are superb.

I really like the windows 8 OS and user interface. It's slick and really intuitive, and I think Nokia and Microfoft should be commended for actually trying something new and different rather than just trying to copy ios like most of the android based phones.

One very happy customer and glad to see a return to form for Nokia
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on 6 November 2013
camera - 5/5
camera on low light - 5/5
video rec - 5/5
video rec on low light - 3/5
uploading mp3 - 1/5, can only be done with ZUNE app on Windows platform. This app does not see my phone on my Vista and I couldn't find solution as yet. As Ubuntu user I have no way to upload music so far.
maps - 5/5, can be used off line which is great when you are abroad, you don't have to roam to find your hotel. Just don't forget to download maps for country you r going to.
apps - 4/5, quite a good range but be careful as some apps do not close and still work in a background draining the battery. (Can be controlled in phone settings)
battery - 0/5, playing angry birds for an hour discharges battery to 40% from full. When playing the phone gets hot.
With bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, data ON - battery wont last even a day. Listening to music will last only about 4 hours.
Charging takes several hours comparing to NOKIA N95 which was charging full in 20-30 minutes.
Interesting is, you can locate/lock/erase your phone if it gets stolen even if the simm card was replaced (I think).
In addition - after 4 months I have small scratches on the screen!!! It was suppose to be scratch resistant.
It's just like if someone made a good product with some cheap parts.
After 4 months of using it I can say I don't like it - mostly because of the poor performance of the battery. It's just frustrating.
My previous one - N8 was performing much better.
Would I recommend it? Not with this battery...
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on 20 November 2013
I've been looking for a smart phone for some time, and finally decided to purchase the Lumia. I'm 70 years old, and not necessarily in the group which purchases this sort of item, but as I'm up to speed with a lot of modern technology, I could see that there were some aspects of this phone which could be very useful. the first and most important points are "is it unlocked" and "is it truely SIM free?". I took a gamble, as for some reason, Amazon, and many other retailers don't tell you if a phone is unlocked. The Lumia 920 I bought from Amazon was unlocked and SIM free which was great, though the next one purchased may not be for all I know. So at £230, it is excellent value compared with a year ago when it would have been twice the price. Why a windows phone? I have a home network with three machines all running W7. The phone connects easily using WiFi, but rather oddly is not visible as a drive on the system. It is visible under "devices & printers", and you have to connect it using a USB cable. If you've had a Nokia phone before, and been using "Nokia Suite", this is not available for the 920, so you can delete it! You need to create a Windows Live account with Skydrive, and then copy your contacts from your old phone via Nokia Suite/Skydrive, to the 920. It worked seamlessly for me. I got a SIM card from GiffGaff, activated it, and the phone worked immediately, I also had obtained my PAC code from Vodafone (my old network), filled in GiffGaff's online form, and my number was transferred with no hassle from Vodafone to GiffGaff during 24 hours. GiffGaff are a virtual network operator with a nice simple interface on the web, I feel it's been a good change. I shall be moving 'er indoors onto the same system shortly. Now, about the phone, there are many comments around about battery life in the community. If you don't take advantage of the battery saving facilities available on the phone then you will only get 24 hours in my opinion. If you use the battery saving options, and read and understand how it works and what it does, then two to three days is quite possible, with no loss of access to emails, texts etc. I have ordered a charging plate, (works by induction) which means you can just drop it on the plate when you come in, and it's always ready to go - no plugging in! The W8 software on this phone is a dream in my opinion. It so smooth, and works very well. On the apps front, the Windows phone undoubtedly has many less than the major competitors, but I'm sure more will come along. lastly, it's not that heavy, I'm comfortable with it in my shirt breast pocket. I think it's great. I need to mention that I have no connection with Nokia, Microsoft or GiffGaff. I would be happy to answer any queries, I'll check for responses for the next couple of weeks.
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on 20 March 2014
After a bad experience with my HTC one (mic stopped working, as well as other issues) I've decided to go back to windows phone, an OS I know and love, so why not go with what I'd heard is the best handset around? Here's my findings as well as a comparison with the HTC One, a phone which I see more and more people using these days.

I haven't owned a Nokia phone since the glory days of the 3330, a phone known for its ease of use but mainly its flawless build quality, durability, and style. Nokia have not changed their philosophy after all these years. The phone looks gorgeous and feels rock solid in the hand, it honestly feels like you could hammer a nail with it (don't). The phones back is a very strong plastic which is very resistant to scratches and drops, the screen is also gorilla glass meaning its incredibly tough, this standard is echoed by the One, using aluminium which is great, but is prone to denting and scratches are easily noticeable.

The phones screen is beautiful to look at, a perfect display for windows phone, so far everything I've tried viewing on it from HD videos to photos has been great, its a 4.5" display but it looks bigger, probably due to it being surrounded by black all around, with the 3 windows buttons below. The screen is also incredibly sensitive, you can use the phone with 5 pairs of gloves on! As I've seen done in a little experiment.

A phone isn't up to much if calls are poor quality, calls on the Lumia are a pleasure to have, audio is nice and clear and so far I've heard little background noise, thanks to windows phone's awesome keyboard, texting is also much less of a chore, the keyboard has been improved since WP 7.5, now making accurate word suggestions and quickly correcting any spelling errors, I also find I make less mistakes anyway, it just seems to know what you want to press.

Here was a confusing part for me, the camera. Today phones market themselves on having as many megapixels as you can possibly cram into a phone (this phones later model the 1020 is the most guilty of that). At first I thought the camera on my phone was broken! Blurry pictures all round, I then discovered that all you have to do is have a little more patience when focusing, and this 8.7 megapixel can easily match any 12 megapixel you put it up against! It's even bested the HTC Ones ultrapixel monster in my opinion, taking much more consistent photos when conditions are not at their best, the Carl Zeiss lens will deliver far more than you expect as long as you properly focus. Of course androids camera app is far more sophisticated and capable of much more varied shoots but I often find no reason to use any of the extras. I would recommend downloading Nokia Camera from the app store, its a clever little app which seems to be able to focus the camera faster, and more consistently. I will say that using the camera for prolonged periods does drain the battery quite quickly compared to the One.

Windows phone I believe is 3rd on the most popular operating system list, in my opinion the reasons for that are, lack of apps and lack of compatibility with the modern world (most TV ads with an app say available on play store and iOS app store), windows phone is ignored. If your the kind of person who prefers simplicity, good battery life and great core function, this is certainly for you. Microsoft seems to have done research into what people do the most on their phones, and incorporate them into the OS, that being, texts, calls, emails, social networking, music and games. The phone easily synced up my email addresses, and people hub found all my contacts information and updated Facebook within seconds, this was whilst I was still in town running off of my mobile data. However this is by no means an everything device unlike the big brands, Samsung, HTC and apple.. This handset knows its a phone, for communication, and does what a communication device should do to a very high standard.

Android can do everything mentioned in the above paragraph, and more. However I can't get away from the fact that sooner or later android phones all seem to just...break, something eventually stops working and back to the shop it goes, this has happened with every android device I've ever owned. Windows phone however just keeps on ticking, this is truly the sign of a well refined OS that's been completed properly as well as high quality hardware. I also found myself having to manually input my emails incoming and outgoing servers on android, which eventually worked, windows phone got it right first time, without any unnecessary messing around.

Should you buy one? if you want a windows phone then definitely, if you dislike everything about iOS, this could be an option for you too. If you do go for it, make it a Lumia, Nokia are the best when it comes to windows phone.
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on 22 July 2013
Unrivaled you ask? What of the new 925 or 1020 Lumias arriving? Or perhaps the new LG WP? Or even HTCs 8XT? By unrivaled I should say 'bang for buck' wise, it's superb and better than all the rest. Arguably the nicest designers in the Windows Phone array of handsets out there, Nokia have advanced from the brink of the abyss and come up with some superb Lumias. The 920, the flagship model, is one of their bestsellers and rightfully so. The 925 is also an extremely handsome choice, in the same way a Mercedes AMG SLS is a handsome choice compared to the standard AMG...it's nice for a price!

This model is made from delightfully un-tacky smooth-touch polycarbonate (plastic). It feels sturdy, meaningful, and responsive. The screen is vibrant, near-retina-pixel-density and very low latency. The hardware inside is more than capable of doing everything you want well, promptly and no nonsense. There is a camera, a terrific camera by Carl Zeiss at 8.7MP, with the quality of sensor to justify the high number of image MegaPixels. There is little static blurring and it holds out well with stuff in motion. Where it shines is low light capability, simply astonishingly well represented low light colours and contrast (gave this phone the final 5th star in my book!). You could actually finally replace your compact digital camera by using your smartphone!

Some final words; Windows Phone 8 is doing very well now and the app store finally flushing out. I wouldn't call it bursting at the seams, but with WP now in consistant 3rd place and BlackBerry slowly being forgotten about, it's clear to see Application development will be on the up and up! Already have most of my favourites (Twitter, Speedtest.net, GiffGaff network app, British Airways, iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Skype, Shazam and SkyDrive. Not bad, considering a year ago at least HALF of those weren't there yet. There are many more, for different tastes, with more to come soon! (Zello and Instagram to name two big ones in development stage).

Lots of bells and whistles: NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, LTE 4G capability, 32GB built in storage drive, Qi wireless charging built in, stereo loudspeakers (base mounted), light sensors, front facing 720p Skype camera, Dual LED torch ability and full compatibilty with both Desktop and App versions of the Windows Phone PC software (which is acceptable, needs some more work yet though!).

For around the £300-350 price point as of Summer '13, this is a competitive phone against the £540 iPhone 5 32GB and £280 16GB Nexus 4. Get it, Nokia's back!
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on 10 December 2013
Ok,I bought mine from Tesco, it was £70 cheaper than on here.
I did a review crawl, and thought I'd give Windows phone a whirl. I've had both Apple and Android. Liked both in different ways.

It was between this and the Nokia 720, which was lighter and a little smaller. In the end though the screen resolution, large memory, and better camera for an extra £50 swayed me. I'm glad it did.

Disclaimer; My last phone was a galaxy note, so I'm used to big. This is probably a big phone, it weighs about as much as the note, and has the same screen resolution, though the smaller screen means it looks sharper. I'm not put off by the weight. I can't imagine anyone noticing after a couple of days. In fact I found it reassuring, the phone is incredibly solid, more so than a samsung, and certainly feels on par with an Iphone.

Windows 8 works superbly, incredibly smooth, quick to load, beautiful for reading. It's less flexible than Android, but similarly contained as Apple. The tile screens are nice to look at, but I did like my android plugins for a quick reference for email and calendar. Overall though it's simple and intuitive.

Pictures look very good. Camera takes really excellent shots in all sorts of conditions, and is quicker than the Samsung, on par with the Iphone. Full HD vid looks good to. Dedicated camera button is good too.

Big memory means that 95% of users aren't ever going to need a memory card.

Battery: Well it's lasting as long as my note, so through the day with a few percent left. It's different to that though, it drains battery slower when in sleep, but if you play a game or video it can drop quite quickly.
I just used sat-nav, and two hours knocked out around 35% of the battery. This is better than my Note was, five hours worth is pretty good, and if you plug it in to the car there should be no problems.

Looks classy in black, the back is a bit smooth, but it's thick enough not to feel like you'll drop it.

I love it so far, if I had a wish it would be that the battery was a bit more robust, and would definitely feel like it would last a day whatever you did. Personally I don't really play games or watch videos on the phone so shouldn't be an issue.
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on 30 August 2013
Having had an iPhone for a few years I wanted to try something different! I've been using it now for a couple of months so my thoughts are:
Plus Points
* It is well built and while a bit bigger than my previous phone it still fits in my trouser pocket easily and comfortable
* I find the screen brilliant - very clear, vibrant colours and good to watch films on
* Camera is good and easy to use; best to use dedicated camera button as opposed to touching the screen to take a photo (see negative points below)
* Windows Phone 8 OS. Easy to use, simple, intuitive, live tiles are great, auto synch with SkyDrive etc;
* Decent battery life with avg use of music, txt, calling, watching films etc each day
* Ability to try apps before you buy (only real plus for the apps store!)

Negative Points
* Camera - if you touch the screen to take a photo then it can be quite slow to capture the image and you can miss that 'special' moment :-(
* Lack of Apps - well documented throughout various articles etc on interweb, but didn't really appreciate this until getting the phone. I'm sure it will improve, but for now the lack of quality apps and the whole browsing part is not on par with the ITunes store.
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