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on 3 November 2001
Wow. That's pretty much all I can say.
I love this game! I've only had it for a few hours and already it's incredible. The intro sequence in itself is almost enough to warrant a review (perhaps not, but I loved it) - and the little Pichu is so cute when Suicune runs past it!! I haven't even got to Violet City yet and already I've noticed the changes. I'm a girl (yahoo! With a cute pink bag!), Pokemon keep moving when I'm fighting them (yay!) and I've already got a phone number from a guy who promises to give me things. *big fat smile*
So, anyway, the actual review. OK, the big differences in Crystal are that you can now play as a girl trainer (if you're a girl or if, like me, you're just fed up of being a boy) and also that when the Pokemon come onto the screen in a battle, they do a little jig! (Cyndaquil goes all flamey, Chikorita swings round its leaf, Pidgey flaps its wings, etc etc) I think the graphics have changed a bit as well, little redrawing perhaps. It has the advantage of having Gold/Silver's great graphical quiality with more freedom of choice. Also, apparently later on the Unown come into play much more, and Suicune has a bigger part to play (duh, he's on the box!). From what I've read, there's also a special thingy where you can get things off the radio, more people give you things (hands up all those who found it sooo annoying when there was never enough of anything in Gold/Silver) and there is also a battle tower, plus a PokeSeer who tells you where/when you caught your Pokemon and how happy it is.
Overall,if you're not Pokemon's biggest fan and have Gold and Silver, then you'd best steer clear and wait for the next generation (please, Nintendo . . . please!!!), but if you love it enough to appreciate the little tweaks and adjustments, it's a solid buy.
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on 30 May 2010
Ah the beauty of the Gameboy Color's graphics brought to life with the super fun Pokémon Crystal... What more can one say when you clock 154 hours in the game?

You can replace the battery,
You can catch 251 Pokémon!
It works with N64 Pokémon Stadium 2!
New Steel type and Dark type Pokémon,
Special is now Special Attack and Defence,
Breed Pokémon (HINT: Ditto),
Capture the three legendary dogs Raikou, Entei and Suicune,
Capture Celebi & More with Gameshark codes!!!!!

It is an enhanced version of Gold/Silver:
You get more Pokémon animations,
Some graphical and design updates,
Chose a Male or Female Character,
More depth for Suicune and the Unown!
The Battle Tower! Battle random CPU trainers of similar level!

The only problem I have (not the game at all) is that the internal cartridge battery (the one that keeps your saves and the time in the game) is starting to run out! (Being 10 Years old). THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY RATING FOR THE GAME!

As the game has been out for so long the battery starts to wither and die... But fear not Pokémon fans! There is a way to prevent your shiny-clad army of 100's from drowning in battery acid!

Search "Gameboy Mega Memory" in Amazon search (backups your savegames), I found one for five pounds... bargain!!,
Then Search online: "Gameboy color replace battery" and follow the steps of tutorials, make sure to pick yourself up a soldering iron (or instead electrical tape) and a CR2025 or CR2032 battery. Be careful!

Such a lovely Pokémon game to have, and when you replace the battery shall last another 10 years. The minor improvements from Gold/Silver may not persuade you to purchase this, however if you feel like you want to start again, I suggest purchasing this and selling Gold/Silver. You will not be sorry!
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on 9 September 2001
...wait until you see this!This beautiful Pokémon game has many many new features changed or added from the Gold and Silver versions,including Battle Tower and the Seer.Although most of the good stuff in the Japanease version was taken out by Nintendo in translation :( it's still a worthwhile buy,even if only to get your Marowak with Swords Dance or Cloyster with Spikes.Definately the best Poké game yet.There's only one thing left to clear up:YOU CANNOT CATCH CELEBI IN THE ENGLISH CRYSTAL.This and the Mobile Adapter were the 2 main things all English and American Pokéfans were looking foward too,but Nintendo had to go and take them out.Interestingly enough,when you enter a certain GameShark code,you find out that Nintendo translated it but didn't keep it in the game.Thanks so much Nintendo...
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on 8 July 2010
Pok'emon Crystal is the sixth game in the series and is known more as a "Director's cut" if you like , in the same way Yellow was, essentialy the same game but a few extra's.

For those of you new to the this whole Pok'emon shennanigans , in the 90's and early 00's a craze following of the Anime Pok'emon began, it follwed Ash katchum, a 10 year old boy in Kanto who lives alongside creatures known as Pok'emon. He wants to become a trainer , to battle using Pok'emon. There's two main objectives from it , one to become the ultimate trainer and two to " catch em all".
This is passed over to the games where you control new characters , battling through different areas to become the ultimate trainer.

I'll point out now that the bulk of the story, Pok'emon and gameplay is covered in my previous review of Gold and Silver, this review will just comment on the new features rather than a copy and paste job. Cheers.

This game was mainly bought by the collectors and purists, it threw in a couple of firsts for the series and led to changes later on the series.
The first addition to the game was the ability to choose the gender of your character, this had not been done before and the series and was actually due to the surprise from Nintendo that so many women were playing the game, It was mainly aimed at 10 year old boys. There was no real customisation added to this idea , you just got to be a punk sorta looking chick. Being a young lad at the time I wasn't to keen on this , I mean how could they expect a girl to be a Pok'emon trainer.

The second addition was more graphical, for the first time basic animation was thrown in to battle scenes, all be it in the smallest possible way. Now when you threw out your Pok'emon there leaves will shake or there flames will flicker up. This was a nice detail and made it feel more like the series , it definatley helped the game be more realistic and exciting in my eyes.

Two side story's were also mixed into the game, these involved Sucine (The crazy looking cover star) and also Unown. It's difficult to say much about these two storylines because one they were pretty paper thin and it would give it away but, I should also mentioned that the sub plots added an extra 1-2 hours each. It was nice to have at least something slightly different going on in the game , so It didn't feel like you were completely robbed.

Finally the games biggest addition is the inclusion of a Battle tower. This let you get involved in big battles like the Pok'emon stadiums in the Anime or N64 title.
The Battle tower was the biggest structure in the game and as you walked up to it the music was really epic and battle like. It has a shiny glass outer which looked really cool and was something very different for the series, for anyone who liked Pok'emon or watched it the battles were always the best bit , so this place added a more structured enviroment and more competitive than just fighting in the grass.
When you walked inside there was a big waiting area and a women at the kiosk would ask you which level you would like to challenge, now , the Battle tower was not an easy place to go, this was full of the best and the hardest trainers who made the elite four look like wusses. I personally could never beat the tower, and I have never met anyone who could thinking about it.
The women would take you via the elevator into a long corridor, you then walked a short distance to an open room. This felt a little like walking out of the tunnel to a game, as soon as you steped out the elevator you would psych yourself up for what was to come. Stepping through the door ,you walked into a room with a Pok'eball design tiled in the ground, the place was full of intense pressure and not made easier by the harsh or derogatory remarks from the trainers.
As I said this was not for the weak, Although you could fight levels from 1 to 100 the AI was second to none, countering everything you done and making it a big game of chess, which was great as it would be boring to win every time, every level had 5 trainers to take on.

So overall it was a hearty send off for the Game boy Colour Pok'emon adventures, but overall the game didn't really add enought to warrent buying if you already had the Gold or Silver version.
As a standalone game it was still top notch.

packs in a couple of 100 hours especially with the Battle tower
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on 19 July 2004
This review is about Pokemon: Crystal Version For Gameboy Colour.
The first "lot" of Pokemon was Blue,Red and Yellow. They were a hit, but people wanted more so Nintendo later came to Gameboy Colour again with "lot 2". This was Gold, Silver and of course, Crystal. They were another hit they had add-ons for sure: A Mobile Phone, A Radio, Two Regions, 16 Badges, Colour, 251 Pokemon, Day and night, Breeding Facility and New Dark and Steel Types.
The delay for female Pokemon fans was carrying on until Crystal came along. This game had the same up-grades as Gold and Silver and a few more: The option to be a Girl or Boy Trainer and new and improved battle animation. I think this means that Pokemon Crystal is the best Gameboy Colour pokemon game around. So don't buy Ruby or Sapphire just yet. Think about it.
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on 27 October 2006
Pokémon has stepprd into the Johto area. The game is basically has the same goals as all the other pokémon games, catch 'em all. However, this version is slightly different to Gold/Silver. It has moving pokémon, see a wild pokémon, it moves. I would totally recommend this game to anyone with an interest in pokémon as you can explore Johto AND Kanto. Plenty to keep you busy. Not to be missed. It gets the official Dr. Wolves stamp of approval. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
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on 10 April 2013
Hi guys, I haven't bought the game. But just a word of warning to anyone coming on here to buy them. These game is now over 15 years old. There is a very tiny battery (smaller than a watch battery) which keeps your save games. These battery's are now expiring! Meaning you cannot save your game any more. Gold, Silver and Crystal are 3 of the best pokemon games they have made. These batteries are changeable however you need a VERY small screwdriver and a specialized battery to do the change. By all means buy this amazing game but be prepared to have a little fiddle with it first!
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on 6 July 2012
This game, Pokemon Crystal is by face value a very forgettable game among the earlier waves of Pokemon games, especially when compared to Red, Blue & Yellow. Around this time the initial Poke Hype had died down a little and therefore this game was sort of neglected. However this game is an absolute gem and the definitive Pokemon experience available today. The game itself takes place in the Johto region 3 years after the events in Red, Blue, Yellow and the subsequent remakes. The game play is the same old Pokemon formula of open world exploration with a dash of Rpg battle system, where you capture Pokemon and fight other trainers with their Pokemon, your goal is to collect the 8 badges of the Johto league and become the champion, same old stuff am i right? Well what sets this game aside from the others is in Crystal version you are presented with the opportunity to go to the Kanto region after beating the Johto league, this in itself has only been done in the generation 2 games and the remakes,and is a cool feature which adds tonnes of post game content. This game is an old classic with enough simplicity for even the most inexperienced Pokemon players to play and get through without a problem, it also contains enough challenges for even the most die hard Pokemon masters to have a good stab at, with an added 100 pokemon to keep the pokemon hunters at bay and an added 86 moves to freshen it up enough for old time fans to give it a go and even 2 new pokemon types Dark and Steel for an added bonus!, Basically this game takes what was an amazing game and adds a whole new layer of story, new pokemon, a whole new region & another set of gyms to conquer! This game is the best one to date in my opinion and i would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thankyou for reading! 5/5 stars
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on 5 November 2001
The special edition of Gold and Silver is finally here and proves to be better than yellow was. Yellow was meant to be based around the tv series but only that you got a Pikachu and Joy and Jenny were in the game. But Crystal keeps to the same formula as a normal pokemon game with more features. The new feaures are exceptional. The chance for female gamers able to choose to be a female is a good new feature (being a female in the game changes what some people in the game give to you). The battle tower is a great place to train your pokemon and the chance of catching Sucinue in a normal battle instead of the annoying way you have to catch the legendry dogs. If you are a poemaniac or new to the world of pokemon then this is a excellent addition to you collection.
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on 7 November 2001
I thought Gold and Silver were good but this game is excellent the pokemon move which is so cool it will keep you glued to the screen for as long as the batterys last but then youll just go to the nereast shop and get some more I would really recomend this game if your a pokemaniac or you want to buy pokemon crystal as your first game
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