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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2009
A big improvement over the original - the best difference being the removal of that annoying 30day time limit - you still have the day/night cycle, but now you can play it at your own pace, rushing through it, or slowly building up an army of pikmin.
Plus the addition of 2 player modes, and the Wii controls - make it hard to fault.
If you liked the 1st, you'll love this - if, like me, you were put off the 1st by it's unforgiving nature, then you should find this one a lot more enjoyable.
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on 11 June 2012
after hearing about a 3rd episode coming soon, i had to try the first two.

it's a nintendo game allright, simple concept and design makes you wonder why it's so much fun to control an army of small creatures to accomplish your goals.
the magic works so well you get carried away, the loss of a dozen of your pikmins in one hit can make you really angry.

this episode is practically twice as long as the first one, and corrects a few problems that were present in the first one in my opinion, like the deadline that is absent here.

it's a must (speacially at a small price) if youre a nintendo fan.
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on 27 May 2009
I never brought myself a Gamecube so, Pikmin 2 is a completely fresh and most enjoyable gaming experience for me. You take control of Olimar and Louie who are looking for treasure with the help of many Pikimins which they can command. The Pikmins are very cute and everything is controlled with the most fantastic Wii controls that I have come across. In fact the Wii controls are so brilliant and easy to use that, I can not imagine Pikmin 2 on the Gamecube being as enjoyable to play. How do Nintendo manage to produce so many great games time after time and come up with lots of new ideas too. Pikmin 2 may be a update of an Gamecube game but the graphics still look very good and are very cute too. For me Pikmin 2 is up there with the Mario and Zelda games for it's sheer brilliance.
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on 23 July 2009
this game is truly fantastic I really enjoyed playing through the game. I loved the way that it introduces all the different Pikmin to you for the first time. When I read some of the reviews on here I was thinking of buying the game I have to say, that if your reading this for the same purpose its worth buying.

Game play:
the game play is truly brilliant with excellent additions like the treasure detector which really helps when you you get white (poisonous) Pikmin which can dig up unseen items so if you have that item it really helps. The different planets are all different and have new enemy's on them some of them even have bosses without going into caves they can surprise you but it is great fun.

The camera:
The camera is great, when you press Z you can put the camera behind you which is good if you can't see where you are properly which doesn't actually happen very often because when you do go behind an edge of a wall or something you glow red if Olimar and blue if Louie in short its good.

the enemys:
Most of them get harder as you progress so they always seem just the right difficulty for you. and you don't have to battle the bosses, but it's worth it because they give you good items like the treasure finder (above).

Some people might say that the storyline isn't that fab, buy I think that its brilliant. basically your company space Holocate haul company has taken out a massive loan and needs to repay it when the president says he's going to sell olimars ship the ss.dolphin he reallys the fate of his ship and he drops a peice of treasure and ots worth 100 pokos then you fly back to pikmin planet and start to recover your debt

2 player:
the two player is brilliant, the only down side is that you can only attack one of your opponents Pikmin at a time apart from that getting your opponents marble if good fun. It also has a good variety of maps to play on.

I have mentioned the item finder before in the review but the items called treasure like the battery that i found on the first level is called a courage reactor. Plus a rubber dug is called a rubber ugly. The items are fun to collect.

The pikmin come out of an onion which in itself is brilliant, but they are cute and well graphicated others might disagree put i think that they are. and the flowers that you get pikmin from are a good addition to the game and are fun to use.

i never played on pikmin 1 so i haven't experienced the a parentally
really irritating time limit so you have to complete in a set time. but in this game you can complete it as slow as you want of course there's the daytime timer that limits the amount of time that you can be exploring for, but you can just go back the next day and continue where you left off. When you are in a cave the timer stops until you get back out again

in summery this is an absolutely fantastic game, sorry that this was review was so long but i thought when i saw the star rating going down to four i thought that i would defend it and try to get it back up to five, because it deserves it. and i do recommend that you buy it.
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on 9 October 2009
i gave this as a present to my husband and he appreciated it very much! he's a nintendo fan and he thinks this is a great game! His nephew also loves playing this game! highly recommended!
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on 25 May 2012
I've always been a big fan of the original Pikmin, but for some reason never got around to buying the sequel. I finished Uni lately and decided to treat myself, and am pleased to say that the game more than lives up to expectations.

All the best parts of the first Pikmin game are here, with a few upgrades that make the gameplay even more fun. All three colours of Pikmin are back, as well as two new ones, purple and white (I won't spoil it but they have special abilities of their own). There is also a multitude of new enemies specifically designed towards each colour.

The addition of caves is a bonus, and makes the game a lot more challenging, since you have to last until the end with the Pikmin you came in with. There are also special monsters that only exist inside caves, which give you special prizes when you beat them.

The main difference to the original game is the removal of the time-limit, which makes the game a lot longer. You have more time to sit back and enjoy exploring the new levels, which are more interesting and complex as a result.

The other change is the addition of Louie, the cute little sidekick that Olimar's boss sends with him to explore the distant planet. Louie is a stroke of genius, as it allows you to split up your Pikmin team and forage seperately, getting more done, and some challenges require teamwork to complete.

Not much else to say about this - basically, if you liked the original you will love this. It's very addictive and maintains everything that made the first Pikmin so great, as well as having enough differences so as to make it fresh and interesting. Highly recommended, whether you've played the first game or not.
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on 16 April 2011
This is a excellent game. Im from america, and i hacked my wii so it was able to play imported games. So far I love it i have the original for gamecube and was a great, so when i found out it was for wii (New Play Control) i was thrilled and just had too get it. In this game you take control of olimar and louie, usally it is very helpful. For example when you take on a boss, you can double team him with all 5 different type of pikmin(red, yellow, blue, purple, white). My personal favorite is purple pikmin, they are really strong and help you take down enemies fast. Also you can team up in challenge mode, with a friend to defeat different caves, or do a matchup in battle mode, its kinda like capture the flag. If you dont already have this game for gamecube, get it its awesome!!!!!
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on 25 November 2013
pikmin 2 is a great game it is a very different style of game so that is a good change to see. it is a good challenge at times but not impossible. well worth checking out and pikmin 3 is even better!
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on 30 October 2011
Pikmin 2 was an all time favourite game of mine. Unfortunately, the GameCube disc got damaged, and after seeing the unbelievably high prices for a GameCube replacement, I bought this. It arrived swiftly, was securely packaged, and the price was very reasonable. This game itself is brilliant. The storyline is great, new objectives in the game and dungeons mix it up, and even the smaller things from music to graphics are astounding for a GameCube era game. My only criticism would be due to the Wii remote controls, it is sometimes hard to accurately aim Pikmin, but other than that, a great game and I would recommend to everyone!
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on 21 April 2013
This Game has always been treasured in my mind from when I was young I would always enjoy just sitting down and playing it.
At first I was skeptical because of using a Wii controller, I thought it would make the experience unnecessarily harder.
But god I was wrong it make the experience more fun and easier.
I recommend this to old time Pikmin 2 players and people new to the game and assure you will be taken by it like I was.
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