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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2013
This really only has one function but it does it perfectly. I can now see the picture to be taken on my Samsung Galaxy 111 phone and fire the shutter of my Nikon D600 from a distance with no wires. This is exactly what I wanted. The unit is so, so small but has a tether to attach it to the camera strap and a protective case which also fits on the camera strap. Excellent design and really simple to set up. It would have been nice to control more of the basic camera functions from the phone but I knew it didn't when I bought it so no problem. Hopefully the app will be expanded to do more. In the meantime I have to give it 5 stars as it does what it says on the tin and does it beautifully.
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on 16 October 2013
This thing is tiny - you'll need to use the supplied wrist strap cord to tie it on to your camera bag so you don't lose it! It comes in a small plastic casing to protect from the elements when not in use, which is handy. Very simple to set up and use - even I managed to get pictures to my phone within minutes of unwrapping the packaging. It does drop the connection now and then, however, so if you want something that will transmit high volumes of pictures continuously then this is probably not going to meet your needs. But for moderate numbers of pictures where there is no absolute urgency it's great.
I got this mainly as I wanted to be able to send pictures to my tablet. Unfortunately the tablet I have (Sweet) turns out to be incompatible with the App needed ("Wireless Mobile Utility" by Nikon) to operate the transmitter! I even got the guys at Sweet Tablets to check this for me (which they did, very efficiently). So my word of caution is - check the compatible devices before you buy!
Despite this I decided to hang on the WU-1B as it is a nifty piece of kit and if I can persuade my wife to buy a compatible tablet I'll be quids in again!
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on 2 January 2013
I'm using the wireless adapter paired with an iPhone 4s with iOS6 installed. I'm finding the wireless adapter really very good. I bought it so that I could take pictures with my DSLR and then transfer a selected image(s) to my phone, do a quick edit in Snapseed (if you haven't tried it, it's brilliant! Free (I think) on Android and iOS), and then upload the image to Facebook/email/Twitter etc whilst on the go. For example, when the 2012 Olympics were on I wanted to share the day with friends as the day progressed but was limited to uploading photos to Facebook taken with my phone - frustrating when I had my previous Nikon DSLR with me that could take better quality photos in a wider range of circumstances. This little adapter solves that problem.

I have my camera set up to record raw files to the card in slot 1, and medium res jpeg files to the card in slot 2. From the phone app you can choose which card to read from, my phone cannot process raw files and the files are huge anyway, so I set it to read the jpeg card, and do a proper edit on the raw files once home in front of my computer.

The unit does use up a lot of battery power on your phone and camera. I wouldn't recommend leaving them permanantly connected (by default they disconnect after 300secs, at least on my unit anyway) This is explained in the user manual (which Nikon for some reason have chosen not to include with the wireless adapter - it would be a good idea too, Nikon, because it addresses a lot of the problems/questions people are having). To maintain the wireless connection, both camera and phone have to be permanently on, preventing them both going into power saving mode in their normal ways. The manual can be found here: [...]

The manual also explains how to have the wireless adapter connected and use the camera normally (ie use the viewfinder and change settings). Connect the camera and phone, start the Nikon app, select 'Take photos' and then at the top of the screen press the little camera/cog icon. You can then choose to control the camera shutter via the phone app/liveview on the phone screen or via the camera/viewfinder (and for the images to just download to the phone).

I've found I prefer to use the camera as normal, and then when there is a natural break in what I'm shooting, to wirelessly connect to my phone, browse the images and select the ones I wish to do a quick edit on and then upload to (for example) Facebook.

I guess you could use the adapter in a studio with the camera shooting in camera mode (as described above) and the images streaming to a tablet (I've not tried this, so no idea about compatibility), but I don't feel it is made for this - it isn't fast enough for one thing, and the range could be a limit too. If you want to do that then get a piece of wireless equipment that is more suitable for that job, or connect via USB cable. My opinion is that this adapter is for consumer purposes only.

You cannot use the wireless adapter to shoot and record video from the DSLR. Given the file sizes of HD video, I guess this would be quite a feat to transfer wirelessly and would use up the storage on your phone quickly too. I have no need to send video from my DSLR t my phone anyway, so I'm not bothered by this...

You cannot use the adapter to connect to your home router to wirelessly transfer the images to your computer, but it is much quicker to plug the card in to a card reader anyway (esp with the large files the D600 produces).

The app itself has crashed a couple of times, but I've had every app on my phone crash at some point. A restart of the phone has been enough to cure this problem.

I've given it 4/5 starts because I think it does everything Nikon do actually promise it to do, even if some of the options are hidden a bit in the app menu system. My only frustration is not being able to change the aperture/shutter speed via the app using liveview on the phone screen when the camera is set to aperture/shutter priority or manual mode. I hope Nikon enable this in a future app update (my feeling is they have deliberately not included this feature to separate this wireless unit from the way more expensive one that is available for the D800 and D4).

Hope that helps. I feel my expectations of this little device were lower (I wanted it purely for fun use, not professional use) than some people, so perhaps that is why I'm happier with it as it fulfils my need perfectly.

As Canon have demonstrated with their 6D, there will be a day when wireless is built into cameras as standard, and as Samsung have shown with their Galaxy camera, 3G will surely be built in to the camera bodies as standard soon too.
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on 2 December 2014
I think this is a brilliant little widget that allows you to share photos with your phone/ipad etc immediately after you've taken them. Great for holidays when you want to upload photos to save space on your camera card. The app for it was a bit touch and go at first, but with the latest update transfers etc. are very quick. It's quite small though, so if you are prone to loosing things (like me) attach it with a lanyard to something so it's easy to find!!!
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on 26 September 2014
great way to remotely control your nikon camera..

It's worth noting that you can't change any settings on the camera using this but you can take photos with it remotely, view what the camera sees and also transfer images back to your phone. For the money it's great value.
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on 28 April 2014
I have a Nikon 1 AW1 and bought this to enable me to transfer pictures to my smart phone (Apple 5s running iOS 7.1.1). Seems to do everything it promises. You plug it in the mini USB port and power on the camera. Did notice that the instructions don't seem to mention that you have to go and activate it in the camera settings, but after that it worked fine.
I downloaded the Nikon app from the Apple Store. My iPhone detected it as a WiFi source and one I had connected to it I could transfer photos from the camera SD card to the iPhone camera roll, I could also see what the camera lens was 'seeing' and take photos remotely using the iPhone.
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on 13 June 2015
Works really well. You may need to check it out on YouTube to find the best way to set it up but it is not too difficult. Download Nikon WMU or even better DslrDashboard (both free} for the WU-1B to transmit too. It would be even better id Nikon had fitted Wi-Fi to all its cameras though.
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on 13 July 2015
This is a terrific little product/accessory for your camera. Out with some friends recently on a trip abroad I was able to send photographs which I had just taken to their phones immediately so we were all able to enjoy and keep the results and boy were they impressed
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on 26 February 2015
I don't have a laptop at the moment so there's noway I can get the photos to the phone or post it on Facebook (lol) Now with the help of the device I do everything wireless even the selfies :D totally satisfied.
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on 12 February 2015
Great product for transferring pictures to phone (and immediately share them from your phone). Be aware that it reduces the quality (size) of the picture! For use on the internet, no problem; it's to my phone 1620 x 1080. But if you want to send it to your phone and print from phone, look for another solution! You need the free app from Nikon to connect camera with phone. If you find that your phone continually disconnects with the camera, let your phone/tablet 'forget' the other Wifi's and set it up to not automatically connect to a wifi network if there is one in range. I actually had no problem transferring 11 testphoto's from camera to phone, but I read everywhere that people have troubles with disconnecting and a minute later after I transferred the files, my connection was also gone. The tip about other wifi's solves this. It's reasonably fast but for big transfers, I would use a cable or swop SDcard.
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