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on 1 August 2012
The Nikon manuals are a good introduction to the camera, but they don't let you quickly get the most out of it. This guide to the Nikon D7000 is accessible, very well indexed and beautifully illustrated. Julie Adair King takes the reader through an in-depth study of the features of the camera, letting the reader easily try out the tips and recommendations in the book. Pitfalls and problems are also highlighted. King's clear descriptions are easy to follow and have enabled me to come to grips with the upgrade from my Nikon D40X with confidence.

Highly recommended

Five stars.
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on 11 October 2011
A great book, much easier on the eye and on the brain than the Nikon camera`s hand book. If I`ve got a spare few mins between busy this and busy that I like to pick up the book and open at just any page and take in the info, the camera it`s self is quite a technical chunk to take on board even for a fairly experienced amature but this book explains it perfectly.
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on 16 August 2011
This book should be with all nikon d7000s when sold.It simplifies the manual and like all manuals they can be off putting at times.
The advice the photographs the tips and the warnings are all worth the price.
She really takes you around the camera settings and programmes and before long you will be snapping with confidence.
Silver Breeze.
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on 22 May 2013
Call me a dummy if you like but I have found "NIKON D7000 FOR DUMMIES" very useful. I have always been a Nikon fan and decided to trade up by buying a D7000. because I wanted to up my game and develop my photographic skills. I was more than a little daunted by the challenge and I wondered whether I had taken a leap too far.

However, having researched several of the guides that covered the camera I opted for "DUMMIES" as it seemed to be just what I wanted. I have been working slowly through the book and although I have not yet gone right the way through it I have not been disappointed with the contents. It is written in clear, simple language so that even a dummy like me can get my head around the handling of the D7000. If you are a photographic expert this is not the book for you. However, if you want a plain and simple guide that will lead the average amateur through the mysteries of the D7000 then this is the guide for you. Recommended.
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on 15 October 2011
This book has been an easy read to refresh the basics of photography with an eye on how these basics might be applied with a Nikon D7000. If this is the aim of the potential reader (whether it's a refresh or an introduction), then the book might prove helpful. In other words, this is a book "to start with" digital photography and the D7000, while I don't see it as a book "to go deeper", for both topics. And I suppose that this should be the case since if the aim would otherwise be a broad general understanding of digital photography, then the choice might be better directed toward general (still much satisfiable) accounts such as Ben Long's (Complete Digital Photography) or Dickman/Kinghorn's (Perfect Digital Photography(Second edition)), etc or even deeper with books on specific topics like composition, exposure and suchlike by Michael Freeman, Tom Ang, Bryan Peterson etc. Likewise, to go deeper about Nikon D7000 itself the best account I've found so far is David Busch's (David Busch's Nikon D7000 Guide to Digital SLR Photography).

A due mention goes to the pictures in the book: many of them are really compelling and well explained. Also, the print and paper quality are absolutely satisfiable, and since we're talking (or reading ...) about something where aesthetics and general sensorial experience is a primary concern, I definitely appreciated it.

One note for the avid reader: the publisher has many titles in its catalog talking about photography topics. One of these is Jeff Revell's (Exposure: From Snapshots to Great Shots). I would not suggest this latter to the owner of Batdorff's book and even more the viceversa, since they share textual contents (literally, word-by-word) in several points of the books. This is not to say the books are exactly the same, perhaps the idea was to create a variation of Revell's book specific for the Nikon D7000 ... And indeed, truth be told, Batdorff talks about just the D7000 in early chapters and wherever a suggestion is provided on how actually "do this" on the D7000.
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on 6 May 2011
A brilliant book, full of information aimed at both the first time dSLR user to the more serious photographer. Written in simple to read and understand prose, interlaced with both practical advice for settings and humorous quips to help the reader understand some of the more esoteric aspects of digital photography. This Kindle edition does lose out in some ways because obviously it's in "black and white" and so too are the pictures, where it is somewhat difficult to see the detail of such things as artefacts and colour casts. The camera menus are easily read even though they are unable to be rescaled with text but they can be enlarged by changing to landscape mode, should you find it necessary to do so, which also helps with the pictures.
The reading experience for me is great: no more opening the Nikon User Manual to put it down on the desk where it immediately closes itself when I turn my attention back to the camera; no more fumbling with both hands turning pages. I can have the camera in front of me and the Kindle to one side where I can turn pages with one hand and operate the camera with the other - absolute joy. I'm still learning to use the Kindle properly but even after a short time I find reading and using this type of book easy. PDFs are a different matter as not all can be converted (but that's another story). I would thoroughly recommend this book for both beginners to digital photography and to those more experienced but new to the D7000. Also, based upon this book, I would have no hesitation in buying any other book written by Julie Adair King.
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on 22 June 2011
For once I am disappointed, not with the service but with the book.
though the title NIKON 7000 is across the front of the book is isn`t really about the NIKON 7000 camera it is more of general book about improving your photography which could apply to the vast majority of modern digital SLR cameras. I feel therefore that having NIKON 7000 in the title is very misleading.
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on 11 February 2011
I suppose I better state now that this review is based on what level of Photographer I believed this book was aimed at. I assumed, from reading the descrption, that it was aimed at an Amateur - Intermediate level and above that was trading up from the likes of a D90 (for me it was from a Pentax).

If you use your camera, like I do, in Manual 99.9% of the time then this book is really not for you. Although very well written (hence the 3 stars) it focuses mainly on Auto and the semi-auto priority modes (this accounts for 80% of the book !).

I was very dissapointed as I thought the book would contain handy hints and tips for settings that a pro would use without the need for me to read my owners manual from cover to cover.

I have to thank Amazon, I explained my dissapointment by email and within hours I had an email back letting me know they would give me a refund if I returned the book, which I am doing.

If you use a dSLR on Auto or one of the Priority modes then this book will be right up your street !
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on 24 December 2011
This book is a duplicate of the D3100 version. I've found it to be written for a amateur, that requires a kick start into the entry level of dslr. Yes, it will get you up and running to start shooting with your D7000, but that's about the lot. Unfortunatley, you won't get the full potential from your D7000 with the purchase of this. Reason being, there is a hell of a lot more features and menus that this book does not cover. The book for this is ( mastering the D7000 ). And to be honest, if you have paid out the money you have on a camera like this, you most certainly want all round knowledge of it's performance and potential.
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on 9 June 2011
Really love this book, chapters well set out , and author gives a lot of tips,made me pick up and play with camera as I was reading and hopefully will improve my photography skills It is NOT a camera manual... Nikon do that! Much better than Digital Field Guide IMHO
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