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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2013
Cracking little camera; aesthetically pleasing; sturdy build; comfortable to hold and use; clear, sharp LCD; rapid startup; easy to setup without the manual. Will be a lot lighter and easier to lug around, than my Canon EOS450D. Only one minor is necessary to adjust your left hand grip to utilise the pop-up flash. One more thing, but not a fault of the camera...Amazon lowered the price by £10 AFTER I took delivery.
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on 13 March 2013
Received my Camera yesterday so this is my first impression.Looks good and feels good + it fits into the bag I had for my previous Pocket camera.
The controls all seem quite standard and easy to use and I was able to turn it on and take some sample pictures without reading any instructions.I was greatly impressed with the quality of the on screen display and the images when transfered to computer with the enclosed USB cable.I also connected the camera to my TV with the enclosed cables and the images were perfect.I have seen reviews where people have a negative comment about the flash popping up where you hold the camera but to be honest I have no problem as I turned the auto flash off so it does not pop up and the images are sharp and clear without it.Obviously you can easily turn flash on as and when required so you will be aware it is going to pop up. I read the instruction booklet that comes with it but to be honest it only gives the basic functions so you will need to go to download a full manual from Nikon website. There you will find everything you need to know about the camera and how to use all the features. I would suggest that maybe you should download this manual before purchasing to fully apreciate all the features of this camera.
So far the only negatives I would mention is that it does not come with a mini HDMI cable which you would realy need in order to view video on TV.I was not able to see how to take 3D pictures from the manual that came with the camera but the info is in the Online manual.
In a nutshell a awesome camera loads of features no technical problems so far.
The HDMI cable is Micro D for connecting to the camera. If you wish to get additional battery just check the mHa as the cheap batteries are less mHa they are only 850 as oposed to 1050 .
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on 17 August 2013
Bought if for my husband before going for holiday so that he's not bored while I'm taking long exposure pictures on my SLR, I was worried he'll be bored watching me so I wanted him to have his own camera. I need to say I ended up using it few times. It's very light, stylish and very decent in low light. I was struggling to get the correct exposure in the aquarium with my SLR so I grabbed this compact and been using it for the rest of the day :-) I was impressed how well this little camera is coping... Even at higher ISO the quality of the pictures is very decent. I felt in few pictures that the colours are bit 'washed out' but I just set the White Balance to cloudy and it was much better. I have't had a compact for few years now but sometimes I feel they are all pretty much the same so I'm not sure whether I could get similar specs camera cheaper. But I'm glad I got this one, very happy with it so far.
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on 16 September 2013
Only time for a short review but thought I'd say how impressed I am with this camera. Bought it as a more portable option to my 10 year old EOS300D. I've only used the Nikon once as I only received it at the weekend, taking a couple of dozen shots and a video, but it didn't take long for me to be sold on it. Solid build, very intuitive to use (basically out-of-the-box) and the picture quality is superb. Amazing that this sub £200 camera takes better photos (at 3X the size) than my old 300D which with the lens cost well over £1K. The 18X zoom is equally impressive and I was very surprised to be able to take clear, crisp photos at full zoom whilst being battered by a 50mph wind on the Lake District fells. The HD video function is superb - simple to use, quick to save and with excellent definition. The only possibly downside is that the lens shutter that covers the lens when the camera is off, slick as it is, looks like it could trap dust if used in sandy or dusty environments. I would have preferred some kind of fuller lens-cap-like coverage. All in all exceeded expectations so here's to hoping it proves as sturdy as first impressions suggest.

EDIT: The last sentence appears to be confirmed: accidentally dropped it onto concrete from head height and to add insult to injury kicked it about five feet. Aside from a couple of tiny paint chips on the lens surround it had no effect.
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on 15 November 2014
I bought this camera to replace my Nikon 8200, (excellent), which i accidentally left on the car roof and drove away. It didn't survive.
I have a Panasonic bridge camera which i use for most of my photography, but i like to take a smaller camera when i go walking, or visiting, something that wont be in the way,but will produce good results. This Nikon fits the bill perfectly.
It easily fits in a jacket pocket, but not so trousers or jeans. Thats because the 18x zoom lens would not be able to be accommodated in a smaller unit. None the less it is small enough to be unobtrusive.
But the important thing is its performance. Well, its pretty good. Image quality is very good, metering accurate, with decent contrast in the end result. The 18x zoom is plenty enough for 99% of situations, and its possible to shoot at full zoom and get sharp results, thanks to good image stabilization. there's decent wide angle too. There is no full manual control, but it has a range of scene modes, options for altering vividness, hue, exposure compensation , plus creative modes, all of which combine to give the user plenty of scope to be a little creative. Battery life is just about adequate and as the battery charges 'in camera', i tend to pop it on charge as soon as i get in so its always ready for the next outing.
Summing up, if you want a 'pocketable' camera that wont be in the way but allows you to 'point and shoot', and get decent results, then this Nikon is a good choice.
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on 30 August 2013
Simple to use, takes good photo's and movies. Lots of functions. Takes a little time to focus when zooming, but other than that a good little camera
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on 19 August 2014
I bought this camera after having researched at various websites for a hopefully unbiased opinion.
It had very good reviews and was selling well below suggested price.

I like it a lot and am still trying to learn all the things it can do, so mostly use it on auto mode. This is because there was not a booklet with it.
You can download a pdf file and print it if you want to use all your paper up. Not to mention the cost of the ink.
When you spend a lot of money on something I think it is the height of mean-ness to not include a booklet.
If there had been a booklet explaining everything, I would now be an expert.

I do not know if this is the latest trend to exclude a booklet but I fail to understand why.
I could copy parts of the pdf and paste them into Word but usually the little logos and diagrams do not travel. And quite honestly it would take a lot of my time.
To sum up, the camera is great, the lack of booklet is my complaint.
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on 23 July 2013
I am no camera buff but when it comes to sheer functionality this camera has it! It also has a good feel and seems to be robust

I find the features and the quality of pix to be excellent. The wide angle lens has a 'natural' field of view in that it takes the picture that you see.

The zoom also is very good and is more than enough.

I also like that you can create effects with the on board feature too.
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on 6 December 2013
This is an excellent replacement for my old compact camera which was unfortunately lost when I was on holiday. It has some unusual features like an effects mode which allows one to shoot in black and white with one colour chosen from a drop-down palette. The photographs I've taken so far show great detail and the optical quality is high (as one would expect from this manufacturer). So why not 5 stars? Well as far as I can see there is no provision for the use of an auxiliary flash unit and my early perusal of the full (online download) manual does not provide any enlightenment on this point. On price and spec I'd give it 4 and 1/2 stars!
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on 7 February 2014
Have been using this for about 6 months now and am very impressed. Bought to replace my old coolpix camera, this one turned out to be slightly larger - doesn't fit in your pocket exactly and a nice fitting case I still haven't come across - but I've found its size a bonus as it is easier to keep steady and it is still small enough to carry around. The best thing: it takes photos instantly, even in low light, even in low light without a flash it still takes excellent photos. The fill in flash option works a treat, surprisingly over quite large areas/distance. The wide angle lens has to be the best feature for me as I like the photos a wide-angle produces, a simple nudge of the zoom brings you back to a 35mm equivalent (or there abouts) which is fine for normal captures. The zoom is impressive, though at the far end it is pretty much impossible to take a steady shot without a tripod but I have been lucky mainly because its so fast at focusing/capturing.

The extra features like colour selection, lens effects etc... are nice to have and I do use them every now and then to create something different. The other scene selections seem to be beneficial, though Auto mode does fit the bill most of the time, you can choose between two auto ISO modes (125 - 400 or 125 - 800) which is handy, or you can set a specific value if wish but the camera does seem to choose pretty well, haven't noticed it choosing too low an ISO in low light or anything like that. You can also select different focusing modes.

Only experimented with video recording, the HD quality seemed fine, you can zoom whilst recording, the high speed shooting is quite fun but a bit of a novelty to be honest as it produces videos of quite small frame size. Still got a lot to experiment with this camera, allows you to be creative with your photos and gets you thinking about what else you can do. At the end of it all though, it takes good quality photos quickly with no hassle or if you want more control you can have it. Oh, battery life is excellent too and one downside, I haven't quite got used to moving my hand before the flash pops up, this does take a bit of getting used to.
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