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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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This is a very short novella that ends at 52% of the download, the rest being snippets of LA's previous books, telling us about her achievements. I'm not knocking the latter or this book in any way, as it was well-written, but it didn't have any depth to it, and not much substance or background, and the way the reader is thrown into the tale did make me confused for at least 2/3 pages.

From what I could make out, Nisha is a 'no questions asked courier' in post-apocalyptic Earth, which in 2066 spun weirdly on its axis, killing off civilisation as we know it, and 300 years on, it's each person for him/herself. She's been tasked with a delivery, with instructions - a la Gremlins - not to give the contents water/light, similar, but of course, she just has do, and as the name suggests, a Drake/male dragon, Drakor, is revealed, and of course, they have to join forces and go on the run.

Danger is there, but it's fleeting and quickly forgotten and left behind. A day after knowing each other, there are avowals of love, which just sounded false. This would have been pretty decent as a longer novella/full length tale, as the brief mention we got of Nisha's ancestry and past was quite interesting, and with Drakor being kind of the paranorms, there was much potential there, especially in the way in which he came to power.

Readable, but no way a 5* read, and not a Keeper, unlike her Midnight Breeds novels.
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on 6 January 2013
I really enjoyed this, and am glad I paid the princely sum of 77p for it. I felt it stood well as a short story, and was overjoyed at the lack of zombies or vampires. Even so, I would definitely like to see it filled out to a full length novel, to answer a few of the "why's?" and "what happened next?"
Hopefully, Lara Adrian is just testing the water, and with enough positive reviews will take up the theme to book length.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 January 2013
It has been 300 years since the earth tilted on its axis, releasing not only devastation across the globe decimating the population, but also giving the opportunity for the Strange to emerge from the shadows and make their presence known; shape shifters, telepaths and the like. Heroine Nisha is a hired gun with a good reputation, and when she is asked to deliver an unknown cargo no questions asked, she takes the job. She has every intention of completing the transaction before she meets the cargo and discovers that the crate she is guarding holds shape shifter Drakor. They are quickly on the run together and as they face a growing number of obstacles they fall in love.

I liked the ideas introduced, the level of action and the romance; however due to the brevity of this novella, there isn't any time for any real character development. The backgrounds of the leading lovers are only briefly expanded upon, and considering Nisha's initial hatred of all the Strange following the murder of her mother, she too quickly brushes aside a life-long hatred to fall in love with Drakor.
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on 27 January 2015
I read most of Lara's Midnight Breed series and loved them... I was expecting more of the same from this book but unfortunately I was kinda disappointed...

The writing as always was excellent, the scene setting was great, I loved the whole post apocalyptic story and how The Strange had come to be a part of the known world... but...
It was just too fast... I know it says short story in the title but that was ridiculous!... plus... the story is only something like 57% of it... the rest is a bunch of teasers from Lara's other books.

I liked the main characters but because this was so quickly rushed through I didn't come to love them... and, come on... they'd known each other less than a day and they were professing their love for each other?...

On the whole it wasn't a bad read... it just left me feeling a bit cheated and wanting more time with the characters... give us more to fall in love with next time Lara.
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on 18 July 2015
Oh gosh, if this was the first Adrian book I read, I wouldn't read any more! I didn't even finish it, which is very unlike me.

The story started off really well, with Nisha delivering a package to 'men you wouldn't want to know'. However, it quickly went downhill when she helps the 'content' escape and immediately falls in love with him.

Perhaps, because it was a very short story, everything seemed really rushed?

I will read Lara Adrain's longer novels, but in future, I will stay away from her short ones.
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on 3 June 2016
I know this is a short story and as such the plot needs to move quickly, but to spend so much time establishing her dislike and then accept the change so readily?
I would have liked it to have been a few chapters longer to justify the changes she made.
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Short,sweet and a good premise for a possible series.
What irked me about this well written tale was the way the author decided to just throw aside the credible structure and throw in something overly dramatic.
Declaring undying love for someone you have only known for all of a few hours, especially when you're supposed to be a cold-hearted killer. No self-control what so ever.
'I lust you or hey incredibly lickable male species I want you to be my living ice-cream.' That I could understand.
Wailing 'I love you' quicker than the blink of an eye, it just made the story less enjoyable.
Despite that minor hiccup Adrian gives the reader a glimpse of her talent in this short sample.
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on 18 December 2012
Disapointed this is not free. Authors email advising it is free this week on many web sites. Shame on you amazon
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on 27 January 2013
Before I start I must say Lara's 'Midnight Breed Series'(vampires) is absolutely outstanding.
This story is set in the future. A world full of hellhounds,dragons etc. Nisha is a heartless mercenary and she's about to deliver her cargo to whom she doesn't really care. That is until her cargo starts moving. Drakor is a prisoner and he's going to die. Nisha starts talking to him and she suddenly finds her heart. They end up doing a runner. This book felt like a rushed job and I know Lara can do much better.
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on 6 August 2014
Wow, what a story. Very unusual but one I loved. Must read more of these kind of books. Pity it was so short but at the same time gave you a taste of things to come. Hope there is a follow up book.
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