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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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After really enjoying First Night (the free prequel to the Seductive Nights series) I couldn't wait to spend more time with Clay and Julia in Night After Night. This is the first full length book I've read by Lauren Blakely and it definitely won't be the last because it not only lived up to my expectations - it utterly smashed them! I absolutely can't wait to carry on reading this series so I'm incredibly relieved that the release date for the next book is less than a month away.

If you've read the prequel (which I'd recommend before picking this book up - it's free so you've got nothing to lose even if you're not sure about whether to try the series or not) then you'll already know that Julia and Clay have fabulous chemistry and you can definitely expect to see more of that in this book, but, while they have a whole lot of insta-lust and things certainly heat up fast between them I'm so happy to be able to tell you that they take time getting to know each other before they start even thinking the "L" word. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing them spending time together outside of the bedroom, these are two characters who actually know how to have a conversation about something other than sex. Shocking isn't it?! So many erotic romances focus just on the bedroom and forget about a couple spending time together and just having fun so I loved that we get to see Julia and Clay do both. Of course the bedroom scenes are red hot too so you're not missing out in that department either!

Another thing I loved about this book was the lack of unnecessary drama. There were a few moments when I was worried that something or someone would cause an issue between them just to raise the tension but thankfully I was concerned needlessly. There are things from both of their pasts that could cause problems between them but Clay is very good at being open and honest about his feelings and telling Julia exactly what he wants. Julia is more wary of sharing her secrets but only because she worries that Clay will be in danger if he finds out about her past. She is caught in a very difficult situation and she hasn't been able to confide in anyone the full extent of her troubles because she is terrified of dragging her friends and family into her mess. She's also embarrassed that she ended up in this position in the first place and doesn't want anyone to think badly of her because of it. I don't want to say much about the mess she's in so you'll have to read the book for more information but I will tell you that although she takes her time she does slowly start to trust Clay and let him get close enough to get a peek at her secrets.

Julia and Clay are both fabulous characters and I devoured Night After Night in one sitting. It's the kind of book that will raise your temperature and leave you in need of a cold shower but it also has some really sweet and romantic moments (can someone please tell me to find a real life version of Clay because I want one!). It's going to be very interesting to see how they deal with Julia's past in the next book, can she trust Clay enough to open up to him fully and let him help her? Even if she does I can't see an easy way out for them. After This Night is at the top of my wish list and as soon as I've read that I'm going to start working my way through Lauren Blakely's back list because I believe I may have found a new favourite author.
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on 18 April 2014
This is by far or of the best books I've read. I love Clay and Julia. He is amazing I loved the way they spoke to each other and the whole story was so well written it kept me hooked an at the end left me thinking ..... is it May yet? Amazing book that I would recommend to everyone
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on 28 April 2014
Scorchio is the word! Move over Christian Grey. Clay Nichols is IN the house! Thoroughly enjoyed this hot, sexy read which also tugs at the heartstrings, at the same time. I was practically shouting at Julia to "Tell him! Just tell him!" Julia is a strong female lead and I love how tough she is and her smart mouth. She knows that it would be complicated to get involved with Clay, as she's carrying lots of baggage, but her toughness begins to crack under the onslaught of his obvious desire for her, and how he behaves when they are together. Already have "After This Night" on pre-order - can't wait to read it. Definitely recommend for all romantic erotica lovers!
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on 18 April 2014
I'm really enjoying this series. I totally love Clay, he is just the perfect man, sexy,passionate, loving, understanding I could go on and on and on........... I like Julia too. Their relationship is great and love how they compliment each other. Now that Clay knows a bit about Julia's troubles I wonder how he will tackle it even though he told her he couldn't do it! Can't wait for the last book. May it too far away!!!
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on 16 April 2014
Great read, hot and steamy, both as feisty as each other, but if Julia still refuses to accept any help I'm not sure her relationship with Clay can survive!
Looking forward to the conclusion.
Highly recommended
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on 6 June 2015
A very sensual romantic story from start to finish with very steamy moments when they were able to get together as they lived a long way from each other. There was only one thing that was getting in the way of the relationship was the fact that Julia was being coerced by a Chinese drug baron by playing poker to pay off a debt that her ex boyfriend owed the Chinese guy and had skipped town and left Julia with the debt to pay. Not wanting to tell anyone close to her about this problem not to put them in danger, it was getting in the way of her relationship with Clay and he can,'t deal with another relationship that he can't trust, because of his ex girlfriend's lies and deceit, although he becoming very close to Julia and leaving her is going to break them both, but he can't let that happen twice to him. So he leaves. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
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on 21 January 2015
I really, really want to try a purple snow globe. In fact I am thinking of starting a petition to get Lauren Blakely to reveal the recipe or I will make one up myself.

The sex is smoulderingly hot. Julia is sexy as sin, but annoys the hell out of me. She is hard and badass in the bedroom telling Clay exactly what she wants and taking control but when it comes to Charlie she lets him control her even when it threatens to break the amazing thing she has going on with Clay. I don't get it!

I was shocked and not prepared for the book ending on my kindle at 93% and would have issued an expletive if I didn't have two impressionable boys within ear shot.

Needless to say I will be buying After This Night on the 12th May.
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on 22 October 2014
Night After Night Review.
Bloody hell I'm glad this book comes with a warming because a change of knickers will needed several times. I swear this book could be female Viagra it took me forever to get thought it. (Not in a seedy way, I just had to stop a lot before I burnt is that HOT) kept getting distracted (if u know what I meant wink wink).
I absolutely love Clay he is the perfect gentleman and treats his women with respect she is his queen but in the bedroom dirty mouthed champion sex master emerges and he F**KS like the devil he is not all hard filing in the bed room he adores his women worshiping every inch of her body he is a passionate man and he sure makes love like it slow and sweet.
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on 1 May 2015
Well what a sizzling affair but apparently Julia is a bit too hot to handle and even though she's begged Clay to trust her he can't.
I really thought she'd fess up but at the moment she's too scared to reveal anything cos Charlie the mobster will kill anything that prevents him getting what's owed.
Thanx for the cliffhanger lol.
After This Night (Seductive Nights: Julia & Clay Book 2)
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on 7 July 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, the only thing I would say is that perhaps a bit more story and less description of the sex scenes, they were a bit too long. I know there is more to the series, I just hope we get a bit more involved with the characters, but I will keep reading them.
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