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on 28 February 2013
I don't often recommend game guides, but when I do it's for this. Those mountains of stats and hidden collectibles tucked away under every nook and cranny can be frustrating to say the least, but this guide helped make things a lot easier and is a must have for anyone looking to get the most out of this game.

It chronicles all of the familiars in immense detail; from their location, all the skills they will eventually learn to what each individual creatures' stats will be when it's fully levelled up. A great guide for someone like myself who wants to compare and contrast each familiar and see which is best for a certain situation (a physically strong creature, a tank, a powerful mage etc.) and bundles it all together in a pretty and practical manner.

It also charts the location of every collectible weapon, armour and item in the world in an easy to follow guide with maps along with gorgeous artwork and a spoiler-free walk through guide, should you have need of it.

Helped me get the platinum trophy, highly recommended.
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on 25 March 2013
A very helpful book - detailed charts for all Familiars, information on all spells, puzzle solutions, boss strategies and much much more - yet a spoiler free walkthrough so you can enjoy the story! A highly recommended buy so you can get the most out of the game.

However keep in mind that the information on the DLC Gold Hurly familiar that comes with the guide is only available on the US Playstation Network Store, but it's available to download for free in Europe - so don't register with the code provided!
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on 19 June 2017
Very good thanks.
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on 1 August 2013
The book is a beautiful hardback edition which also came with a free download for a golden hurley. the guide itself is very detailed and had expansive maps and treasure locations boss guides and more. The guide also has a complete list of all tamable monsters and where to find them and what their favourite food is. This book is great companion to a beautiful game.
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on 17 March 2013
a marvellous guide for such a huge game and a valued reference material for all the things found in this game
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on 8 July 2013
as great and as pretty as the Final Fantasy guides
lovely little book makes the game even more enjoyable.

Lets do this
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on 25 March 2013
This is the first JRPG we've played and this guide has really helped us get to grips with the different strategies needed for the different bosses and areas. The familiars guide is particularly useful and we now are levelling up familiars that we would have passed by. Unlike another reviewer, we have managed to find the secret treasures using the maps as a guide to the general area (I agree they are quite small) but then we've referred to the walkthrough which explains where the treasures are by telling you what features to look for.
I've given this five stars as without this guide I don't think we would have understood all the nuances of this game (and would have been stuck on the Al-Khemi boss).
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on 26 February 2013
I have been using this guide for about 16hrs in game. It is well written and ok to follow however some of the pictures are super small especially for the secret treasures in the world map. I used a picture and description but could not find the odd treasure which was a pain.

Also please do not bother registering for the free DLC as it doesn't work in Europe, however this *exclusive* familiar is available on the PSN network for free so just get it from there.

Overall good guide though it suffers from trying to cram everything in.
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on 26 April 2015
As many people have said, this is a very nice-looking, informative guide. I certainly found it very helpful while playing Ni No Kuni... and I played it A LOT!

The reason why I'm giving it four stars instead of five -- and indeed, the reason for this short "review" -- is because of my main gripe with it, which is that it's a guide for an "ideal" version of the game, by which I mean that some of the advice is inaccurate or incomplete because it's based on how the game mechanics are *supposed* to work instead of how they actually do. So I'm going to moan a little about that instead. :)

The two biggest examples that spring to mind:

1) As anyone who has played the game for a while knows, the AI for teammates is surprisingly broken, especially given the level of attention and polish devoted to the rest of the game, and the fact that the AI teammates are crucial to the battle system at the core of the game (and as such their AI deficiencies are glaringly apparent). The guide, however, doesn't even acknowledge this, though surely the people who wrote it must've played the game. It does talk about the AI tactics, but with the assumption that they're all working as they should. (In reality, the AI-controlled characters will squander their MP as though they're secretly competing in some kind of MP-squandering race, healing every tiny injury and using needlessly-powerful attacks until they've got nothing left, leaving them cripped for the remainder of the battle and subsequent battles unless you waste restorative items on them.) It would've been better if it had described these flaws and detailed workarounds; instead, I had to turn to the Internet for help with these issues.

2) The casino is an easy place to get rich quick, especially when playing the card game, "Platoon", because the AI strategy can be exploited if you know some straightforward rules about how it behaves. The casino section of the guide, of course, simply describes the various casino games and how to play them, offering advice that's out-of-touch with how the games *actually* work. In the end, I ended up learning far more about the real game mechanics by using a free guide on gamefaqs.

These types of issues sometimes made the guide feel less in-depth than it should have been, sometimes feeling like a fancy game manual. Some people may think these complaints unfair, but if you've used guides by the likes of, say, Piggyback, you'll know that many would actually offer help (and "guide") the user in these areas. Case in point: the Piggyback guide for Dragon Quest 8 *does* explain how to exploit flaws in that game's casino AI. :)

Ultimately, a guide is meant to help you play the actual game you bought -- flaws and all -- and not some fictional, marketing version of the game. It's still a very useful guide, with lots of useful information in it, but it could have been even better.
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on 9 August 2013
i ordered the item on Monday and got it on that Friday ( it was supposed to be at least a week) so i am very pleased with the quick order. so far the book has beaten all my previous expectations as this HUGE guide is well worth the money. it has a simple easy layout with enough information to help you on your way but not spoil the games storyline. the extra part at the end of the book gives you a interview with a few creators of Ni No Kuni which i found was a delightful bonus as i am a massive fan of studio Ghibli and so loved the detail of the artwork. i cannot wait to actually play the game :D
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