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on 9 October 2011
I have just finished this book and I am excited to continue my journey with it's help. The message of the book could not be more precise by describing the situation which we are facing in our recent history. But the greatness of this book is not only this. It has guided me from the past into the future, by giving deep insight - based on scientific evidences - about our evolutionary process, our role as human beings and our unimaginable potencial's to become so much more we can think of. New Consciousness for a New World is a light in a dark room. The knowledge of the author is so broad, he reaches holistically all level's in life - so the book is really genius - as it really connect's the dot's! It is scientific and mystical, contains information about the latest technology's which are highly influencing our way of living, and also introduces the ancient knowledge of the indigenous elders.

While I was reading, I felt that the energy was flowing from the pages into my entire Mind and Body, which created a spiritual umbilical cord between my Soul and I should say ...the fundamental Truth.

I believe the author is a catalyst, a channel - this book contains everything what we should know about our own empowerment, our unlimited possibilities. The most beautiful about his book I think is that it not only offers informations about what happened before and what is the situation now, it offers solution in many areas in life for the future. Like a reflector, it is sending signals, it is up to you, if you can grab the opportunity - as these times are not only about chaos and collapse, but it is also the time of great breakthrough's as well. The book summarises many already existing role model, how some pioneers are working on developing new way's in urban living, great examples about existing sustainable development's, etc... so many things can be done, have to be done for the future of our childrens generation.

I recommend this book for all, who feel the urge to participate in our big shift, who feel, it is time to awaken now and do the bit, what everybody can for co-creating a new and much more conscious humanity, where truth, love, forgivness are some of the basic values in any human's heart.
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on 18 January 2012
Having read this book in it's entirety, I can say that it is a rehash of pretty much everything out there that represents a certain viewpoint of spiritualism and it's relationship to the world.

Having said that, the information presented is in some parts a bit too 'new agey' and rolls many fragments of learning, ancient or otherwise, into a book that is a little terse in style. The sentences are short and tiring by the time the book is finished.

Like many other books of it's ilk, it panders to wishful thinking along with some ideas of what MIGHT happen. There is no doubt that the world is going through a transition right now, and as the book suggests, it is sorely needed. The book also suggests along with some other books out there (that are better written, such as 'New World New Mind: Moving Toward Conscious Evolution by Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich), that the human race does need to take conscious hold of it's own destiny. The big problem is that the human race is too embedded in it's own ideologies to make any rapid changes. This book suggests there are outside agencies at work that may force us into making changes, that humanity is not capable of bringing on itself.

It's a pity that real truths are mixed up here in this book with assumptions and little fact. A great book spoilt by going overboard on the new age stuff. But, pick through it, and for those that have traveled this route before, there is some valuable info in there too.

I finished the book thinking that something was missing. That 'something' is the spark of a true contemporary master who knows what is real, and what is not.
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on 24 October 2011
I found Kingsley Dennis's book exhilarating: everything you want to know about what is going on in the World, how to prepare for a new paradigm and how to secure a 'breakthrough' rather than a 'breakdown'. Crystal clear information on the whole spectrum of necessary knowledge, from ancient wisdom to contemporary research, from self farming to mind control, from quantum biology to spiritual enlightenment. An essential guide book for an evolutionary journey into our future.Pure energy.
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