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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 November 2015
The first film was one of my favorites as a child so I was really pleased to watch it with my nephew recently and he also love it. I'd never seen this sequel so got this for us to watch as he enjoyed the first one so much. The original was a fantastic fantasy film with brilliant sets and characters and is still a great film for kids today seeing it for the first time - for someone who grew up with that original film this sequel is clearly not a patch on it and never reaches anywhere near the same level of greatness, but as a sequel for young viewers its perfectly watchable and enjoyable and my nephew loved it which was the main thing!
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on 7 January 2003
While not in the same league as the first Neverending Story, this was still pretty good and is even more redeemable now that I've seen the 3rd installation (what a horrible movie!) in the storyline. It does suffer from the sequel bug a bit, though, seemingly needing to dip into the character bin and fish out some names and faces that were interesting in the first, adding in faces like Rockbiter and justifying this by giving him Junior - of all things. Still, there are plenty of characters and places that are added anew to make up for these little indiscretions and I need my excursions into Fantasia to reignite my childhood visions.
Our tale again follows the follies of Bastian the Everfearful as he tries to deal with the loss of his mother and his subsequent terror as he finds himself plagued by heights and can't join the swimteam (not exactly on the same level, but still hurdles for the young hero). While feeling a bit down because of interactions with a father he loves and yet feels is forgetting the mother he loves, Bastian returns to a beloved bookstore and again is called by the book. Here he finds himself confronted by a new enemy, Xayide, and something nameless that once again threatens to erase the land he loves so much. He also finds himself with a new ability to aid him on his quest as well, one that allows him to gain anything he wishes for, but at what cost does such power come?
While this is indeed a child's movie, I still found it enjoyable on many levels; thoroughly enjoying the scourge of Xayside and the minions that helped promote the darkness she births. If you haven't seen any of these, though, start with the first and continue forward though, stopping before you hit the third and hoping Bastian will save you from its presence without ever telling you about it.
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on 18 February 2010
This DVD has not been released in the UK yet so until or if it does buy this version. It automatically comes up as english in any dvd player in the UK along with the menu and eveything else. The picture is good and although there no specail fetaures it's still worth the buy. If you loved the first film then i recomend this. It may not bear up to the original story but it borrows from the book of the same name alot more. None of the original cast is back and although they do not meet up to the original bastion or atreyu they are the next best thing.

Ultimatley this film is a kids film and appeals to that audeince much more then is predessor, you may find your children or child in the family enjoy this film more then the previous and you enjoyed the previous more then this one. Still as NES fan i loved the film it manages to stand apart from the first but mantain some of the original films beauty.

Unlike NES 3 which choose to leave atreyu out of the story and change the book cover and the look of the ivory tower. this film tries to be like the first.
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on 29 January 2001
It is a very good book, everybody should read it. The 2nd movie, on the other hand, is not as exciting as the first movie, and it unfortunately loses the plot. The ending in the movie is once again completely different to the ending in the book, and the movie does not have half the storyline that the book has. In many places it makes up it's own storyline to fill in the gaps where there would normally be a very good story.
The Neverending Story II, The Next Chaper tries to pick up from where the first movie left off - right in the middle of the original novel. It's another Americanized version of a fantasty story, and unfortunately does no justice to the real story. I would only recommend this movie to anybody who would be too lazy to read the 2nd half of the very good novel.
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on 26 July 2013
This was a film my children loved and now I have it on dvd for my grandchildren and they love it too. some of the characters are a bit scary for very young (or those of nervous disposition) but on the whole a wonderful fantasy film
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on 6 August 2015
The title itself, The Neverending Story has been at the center of my childhood since I was 4. And really the 1984 movie captured my heart, The Neverending Story II, which is a follow on from the book by Michael Ende, does complete the story as the beloved '84 film only covered one half of the book.

This Neverending Story does do it's job despite not being done by a big name director. It is enjoyable and despite its critical reviews it gets I think the Second installment is important as it does finish the story where the book is concerned.

This movie I give a 5 because I feel it deserves it as it is one of the underdogs of movies, yes it will never be as famous as it's 1984 cousin, but this does try and be up there, and because of it's effort and story it does belong near it.

But as a full on fan of the Neverending Story, I recommend the book or the original movie, but this film is great for the family I believe if you want to have a good movie on a lazy Sunday.
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on 1 June 2013
Bought for a family member as a gift, they are more than happy with the purchase and had no complaints.
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on 30 August 2014
I didn't realise this WOULDNT play in the uk it was obvious a fact as I live in the uk would have been nice for the seller to email and say hey you do realise region1 is America none Europe now I have a dvd I desperately wanted sitting in a cupboard as I cant play it
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on 14 April 2014
We bought this DVD as a birthday present for our granddaughter she has yet to see it, however it is in English as per the information supplied before buying the DVD
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on 22 March 2014
I wanted never ending story one and two for my children I was very disappointed as the DVD was not comparable in the uk and will not play.
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