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on 25 April 2013
I bought this product to replace a Netgear that i have had for years, and which kept dropping out.
Once plugged in the browser went straight to the set up wizard which was where the problem started, the set up kept freezing and I had to disconnect and start again, it took about 40 goes before I got through it all.

Having said that once set up it has worked brilliantly, and I have 4 computers and a wireless printer, plus the families phones all linked to it, and the drop out has been zero. It is also a lot faster than the one it replaced.

If the set up hadn't been so frustrating, I would have given it five stars
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on 18 September 2012
I've had quite an array of modem/routers over the years, my last decent one being the Netgear DG834N which in itself was good for the years it lasted, it started to get a bit temperamental after a while and require daily reboots.

Working from home I needed something more reliable so switched this with the BT Homehub I got when I signed up to BT Broadband. I was actually quite impressed with this but found that where I could once happily stream music from my Windows 7 laptop to the Xbox 360, the laptop could no longer see it. Long story short, it's an issue with the model of router I had and every clever trick I found to get round it failed, hence the search for a new router.

This modem/router had no reviews but there were plenty of glowing reports on the DSL version which I presume is essentially the same beastie. They weren't wrong, it's a great little modem/router, very easy to configure looks good and has a great range. It also has a base to allow it to stand on end which is better for me, it looks good like this also. I've had it around a week now and have had absolutely no issues, it works fine with the Xbox too. The config screen looks similar to the DG834N but is noticeably more comprehensive so I'm assuming it has a wide range of functionality.

Definitely recommended.
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on 6 April 2013
Absolutely brilliant. I have talktalk broadband. Not being a computer nerd I had some concerns at installing it. I need not have worried. The instructions were clear and concise. It talked to my computer (Sony VA10 All in one/windows 7) straightaway. I followed the on screen instructions without problem. It took probably ten miutes from switch on to operating. I had ready my Broadband User Name and Password but they were not neccesary. The Kindle connected to my Amazon account on switchon. What more to say?
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on 3 June 2013
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on 15 December 2014
Sent this router back because it came with v4 firmware which would not allow a backup from my existing v3 router to be installed. As this is supposed to be a hot spare for my network this proplem makes it entirely unusable. It is impossible (it seems) to get the previous v3 version of this router with compatible firmware so I returned it as mislabled and got a refund without qualms from the supplier.

My existing earlier N300 routers are pretty solid reliable bits of kit but the amount of devices hanging off this small domestic router means I am probably abusing it hence the need for a spare. I am upgrading to pro Dratek routers soon so won't be an issue any more but Netgear have been very good for 10 years plus now although I have gone through at least 8 DG834s and N2200 - N300s during that time.

Domestic useage wise hey are easy to set up and very reliable as long as you never ever switch them off unless you absolutely have to. Bit old hat now and superseeded by VDSL and Cable, still if you have an ADSL line it is hard to get anything in this class better than a netgear.

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on 12 November 2013
I've used a Netgear DG834g 54mbps ADSL2 modem router for 6.5 years and it's given me excellent service being especially good at reconnecting automatically to the Internet when the line drops, but we now use many wireless devices round our house and I wanted to extend the range of our wireless network. Unfortunately, this model doesn't have a push and connect button and I couldn't get it to link to my new Netgear N3000RP Universal WiFi range extender.

I then had great trouble finding a modem router that was as stable and reliable as my old DG834g - a Netgear GD834g would link to the extender, but when the Internet connection dropped I had to clamber up the stairs and manually reset it. A TP Link TD-W8980N600 wireless dual band ADSL2 modem router would also link to the extender, but I couldn't get an Internet connection atall (despite calls to my Internet provider). A Netgear wireless N300 with DSL modem router would link to the extender, link to the Internet but periodically drop the connection and again need manually rebooting. Credit to Amazon, they accepted all of these "useless" items back, but I was left thinking how good the old Netgear DG834g is, as I had to revert back to this each time.

I then noticed the N300 wireless ADSL2 modem router mobile broadband edition, being slightly more expensive than the basic N300, which seems to offer more fault tolerance than the above, so I ordered this and I think, after 2 weeks useage, I can now claim a satisfactory solution ie. it connects to my range extender and reconnects automatically to the Internet when the line drops (my wife can enjoy films without interruption again - phew!).

I haven't had to use the inclusive mobile broadband option, but it's there in reserve if needed. It also has an Internet useage meter plus the security options you'd expect from any decent modem/router. The only slight downside is the lack of any instructions, apart from a list of features on the box (although having had so much practice unintentionally playing with the other modem/routers I didn't have any problem here); having said that if you log straight into the router, it does vaguely guide you.

In summary - I'm very pleased and relieved with this.
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on 18 December 2013
i have owned buffalo routers for years now and decided to try something else. this is an excellent product. so far after 2 months we have had no internet crashes , improvement in quality of streaming on ipad etc and it was by far the easiest router i ever had to set up, roughly 5 minutes and it was up and running ! great product
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on 23 May 2014
I have previously used Netgear routers with limited success. This one has the benefits of n rated speed and coverage. It works well with iphones, iPad, smart TV, and laptop. The set up was not too bad either, but I would make sure you have all the settings from your old router printed out before you install this one.
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on 29 December 2013
I have always used Netgear routers and have had no complaints with the old one we have replaced - it has worked constantly and without fault for over 5 years and is only being replaced to get the benefits of n rated speed and coverage. Having finally got it set up it works a treat but beware, the set up was not straight forward and after much trial and error I had to contact my ISP to get certain settings. I would recommend making screen shots of all the current router settings before attempting to set up the new Router and even then you will need some help unless you do this sort of thing for a living.
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on 24 December 2013
Have now had 2 of these and both have burnt out. There is nothing wrong with my power supply (smoothed and protected). Smell for a while and then no internet. I'm now back with an old Netgear which I have had for several years, just wanted something a little quicker but not worth the risk of burning the house down. It could be just a bad batch but it does seem that more and more electrical equipment only last a short while. Be careful.
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