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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 1999
The Net Future gives expert advice about seven developments that are shaping the future of electronic commerce, virtual work communities, extranets, and global communications, to name a few. Chuck Martin gives a futuristic perspective concerning the revolution these seven trends will have on networks. Martin believes organizations that have the best business model will gain a competitive advantage.
Customers will drive businesses and determine this advantage. Their value will be significant to the revenue stream. In the Net Future, an infinite amount of data about customers spending habits will be recorded. Essentially the customer becomes data. The flow of information from customers to information systems to management will happen at the blink of an eye.
The e-business revolution will have a wide-range impact on businesses and personal lives. Most of what is going to happen are good things. Business net rules will change the way we think about information companies share, the importance of information content, and how the context of service will be related to value. Job titles will change (Chief Knowledge Officer) as the revolution takes place. In our personal lives, the Net Future will not change our intuition, common sense, biobreaks, and the way we relate to our family. Due to rapid advancement in technology, various industries and positions are at risk. These include entertainment, software retailers, the U.S. Postal Service, insurance agents, and yours.
I think the Net Future gives a brilliant insight to the future of networks and their impact on our lives of which we never seen, and will never see again. This book is excellent for individuals doing business on the web as a tool to help them sort out the complexities of Netiquette. In a corporate setting, this book is ideal for managers who desire to sort out the constructs of networks as a tool for managing in an e-business environment. In addition, due to the profuse changes in technology, anyone who reads this book should consider how management decisions are affected by rapid technological transformations.
Ron Cubit Pepperdine University Ed. Tech Doctoral Student
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on 11 February 1999
I didn't hesitate to order this book after reading Chuck Martin's most excellent Digital Estate, which I thought was original, thought-provoking, and economically written. There was little new in Net Future, however, with strategies to forming the "Netted Company" being ideas you'd expect from a book published in 1996. The book was filled with lengthy examples of companies using the net in ho-hum ways. If you haven't read Digital Estate, read it! You can pass on Net Future and go straight to Kelly's New Rules for the New Economy or Downes' Unleashing the Killer App. I look for better things from Chuck in the future.
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on 19 December 1998
This work is a good 1998 baseline for all executives in business as it will guide them in the integration of the Internet. Examples of innovations in corporate Intranets keep me up to date on what is happening as this information cannot be easily found elsewhere. Chuck's enthusiam helps the wary executive to embrace this new aspect of the corporate world. He seems to have a keen eye on where the Internet and e-commerce is going. This book acts like a guide to those working in the Internet industry so they may assist their executives in the acceptance of and migration to the Internet.
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on 3 December 1998
If you are looking for something new, from those who profess to know where our networked world is going, then you will be disappointed in this book. Mainly a rehash of "the net will be everything and everthing will be the net" stuff that most people who seriously study the internet and the networked world, quit writing (I thought) a couple of years ago. I recommend this book to people who need a few nifty buzz words and ideas to toss out at parties, but don't look here to find anything new or substantial on which to base the future of your career or business.
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on 20 December 1998
Picked up this book because I (a nontechie) am responsible for helping my company integrate online and real-world processes from a business perspective. It was exactly what I needed --something that can give me a practical look at how all the pieces affect one another, and where they're heading. One of the things I found most helpful was learning from what other companies outside my industry are doing--helps me broaden my perspective. It may not be detailed enough for hardcore IT folks, but I'd recommend it highly.
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on 17 July 1999
The entire net is on the verge of switching from static web pages to video content, and highband content, and I don't see how someone can do a book on the net future and mostly ignore this aspect. Net Future assumes that the net will generally be what it is now, but "more." It is not likely it will resemble what it is now for very much longer as wide band and video makes its debut. There is a fundamental change going on caused from the change to wideband that is missed entirely in this book.
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on 18 October 1998
Anyone who wants to know just how wide-ranging the Internet's impact will be on their business, their job, THEIR LIFE, should read this book! It gives concrete information about the cool stuff you don't hear about because it's behind corporate firewalls -- where the real Internet revolution is happening. The 7 Cybertrends organize all this stuff so it makes sense. I read Martin's Digital Estate, but this is even better...This is about how the Net will affect the rest of us...
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on 4 May 1999
It's very refreshing when someone fully understands a very complex subject, and can convey it in terms that the average reader actually understands. I think Mr. Martin's assessments will prove more profound than Larry Burris Technotrends. From a retail perspective, it is a virtual roadmap for success and differentiation. Enjoyable and enlightening...
Tom Jones Director, Technology, Raley's Superstores
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on 16 July 1999
I read this entire book last night. Couldn't put it down. Chuck Martin has provided a clear picture of the possibilities that are inherent because of the Internet. If you are in business read this book to see who is barreling over your shoulder.
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on 9 December 1998
Using living, breathing examples, Martin clearly outlines how our businesses must transform to provide true value to customers. The best chapters were the ones I initially thought least relevant to my business. Excellent work!
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