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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2008
I have used cafetieres, filter machines and before buying my Lattissima I had a Gaggia Classic. The Gaggia is a lovely machine for dedicated espresso drinkers but whilst the frother is excellent if you need to make a lot of coffees at one time it is a slow and laborious task. The reason for this is that there is only one heating block and so you either make all the espressos before frothing the milk or you do them one at a time. The first means you get cold coffee if you are doing more than 2 and the second way means you wait about 5 minutes between each coffee as the heater has to cool down after frothing milk before another espresso can be made.

Having struggled with this for a couple of years (I entertain often and always seem to need about 10 coffees at a time) I started looking into another solution. I realised the solution was a coffee maker with 2 heating blocks. I looked at a Kitchenaid machine. Very expensive but a friend has one and it makes lovely coffee. However I had started using pods in the Gaggia and loved the lack of mess.

I was aware of the Nespresso machines but only really took notice when I realised they had released a version that had a milk frothing function that was different from all the others.

I spent a long time researching it and in the end decided to retire the Gaggia and take the plunge! How glad am I? I cannot praise this machine highly enough. Lattes, cappucinos, espressos, lungos. Whatever you want in an almost constant stream with virtually no waiting in between.

I don't think the pods are that much more expensive than the ones I was buying for my Gaggia and for the conveneince they are absolutely worth it. I now only keep a jar of instant for the builders!

I often make 12 coffees in a row and get to sit down and drink mine before the first person receiving their coffee has finished theirs!
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on 4 March 2008
I ordered this machine with some trepidation as the reviews weren't 100%. I needn't have worried it is just excellent. The machine arrived beautifully packed and on opening it is a very pleasant surprise to find the `life style' welcome pack. Not only does this contain a set of the 12 different pods made but also included a latte glass and espresso cup. A rather posh, by sadly somewhat empty, ring binder was also supplied. I can also assume that at some stage members of the somewhat elite Nespresso "club" will receive inserts. So far there are pages on the various blends of coffee pods available and details on the "club".

The machine itself is excellent, very neat and compact with a sort of understated high tech feel about it. The indicator lights for example come in sequence and glow blue.

On switching on it warmed up very quickly, again the various modes come on in sequence as it warms up the two internal water heater things.

I filled the milk container, popped in a capsule, put the latte glass under the nozzle and touch the glowing latte button. It thought for a moment then nearly filled the glass with good quality milk froth, stopped, thought again and then topped up the glass with exactly the right amount of brewed coffee from the pod.

The latte was excellent, hot, and frothy on top, a layer of hot milk below and wonderful rich coffee at the bottom. As good if not better than a well known chain of rip off coffee shops I could mention.

After making various combinations of cup sizes and blends I tried the milk cleaning function which is very simple and effective. Just press the silver button for a few seconds and the nozzle and the innards of the milk system are purged with scalding water. Take off the milk container and pop it in the simple.

If you want a very elegant, dead easy to use way of making superb it! So far I can't see any downers.
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on 3 November 2008
I've had one of these since January - just scraping in to the last Nespresso Cashback offer!

I've been using NEspresso coffee systems for around 8 years now and overall think they're great. Just the right level of lack of hassle, plus good coffee. I think the quality if certainly better than the equivalent 'pod' type machines - only drawback is having to either buy the coffee online, or in one of their shops. Living where I do, this isn't always easy - and the local courier firm seem intent on damaging EVERY delivery!

I digress. The Latissima is combined automatic coffee machine, producing espresso, lungo, latte and cappuccino drinks. To make espresso or lungo, you only need to fill the machine with water and insert the capsule. For any of the milk drinks, there is a reservoir and special frothing unit which needs to be attached. There is a heated area on the top of the machine to store cups and a container for approximately 15 used capsules.

Pros - easy to use, the volume of all the drinks is customisable to your prefence - both coffee and frothed milk. It works!

Cons - Most of the cons centre around the milk functionality. It is impossible to refill the milk tank without removing the whole assembly - which doesn't seem the most robust of things.
It's a pain to get the frothing unit on the machine at times (as a tip, I find wetting the seals under the tap prior to installing the unit makes it MUCH easier).
Cleaning... no matter how hard I try, it seems impossible to get all the milk out of either the nozzle on the machine or the frothing unit. I now wash it immediately after use and run it through regularly, however even then it's just not easy to keep clean in my view.
Froth adjustment - only one setting makes sense, the middle one. Otherwise you get a) warm diluted milk or b) a load of milky steam.

Overall, a very good machine, however the whole milk assembly is not perfect. I'm happy with it, however I cannot give it 5 stars.
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on 20 January 2008
The main advantage with this machine over all the others (including the Siemens ones that cost twice as much) is that it has an inbuilt, automatic milk heater/frother. Also becuse it has a clean function, and the milk container and associated gubbins goes in the dishwasher it never goes manky. Also because the milk container comes off and goes in the fridge you don't have to worry about measuring the right amount. All in all a very good system.

The nespresso capsules are not so cheap and not all of them are fantastic flavour coffee, but they are the best of the pod systems out there and there will be at least one variety that you'll like.

The water container is located in a tray that slides out of the bottom which is good because you can't see it. The ones with a fishtank at the back only look good for as long as you can keep the limescale at bay - about 1 day around here. The tray is pretty cumbersome, but doesn't seem to slop too much even with early morning clumsiness.

Build quality is good so far (couple of months) with a good finish and no problems. I guess only time will tell, if it lasts more than two years then it's a bargain. Any less than one and it's a rip-off at £400.
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on 7 January 2008
The creamy white version is £50 cheaper than the chrome, just because of the chrome finish. Nespresso have told me that they made no other differences to the machines but to me - that's another 250 coffees! So I bought the other one. Great coffee each time. I love the memory feature so I set the machine to make MY coffee the way I like it! Do like that Nespresso introduce limited edition flavours now and again. Downside - capsules arent available in shops so have to pay £3 P+P to Nespresso each time. If Amazon could supply - I'd be buying from this site (Hint Hint)
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on 22 November 2011
This machine makes good coffee, and quickly, but has a couple of minor niggles.

Most espresso cups will fit just fine, as will fairly low-slung cappuccino cups. Mugs won't fit at all. Taller latte glasses require the drip tray to be pushed back into the machine; my glass has a base that's overhangs the front of the machine, and I ended up having to put a box of matches in front so that it won't fall over. Once you've dispensed a coffee with the tray pushed in, you will then be very lucky to get the cup away and the drip tray pulled back out without at least one drip missing the tray or even going on your hand. A minor inconvenience, but annoying nonetheless.

If your cups don't fit at all, you may find having to buy new ones to be a major annoyance. Remember, you don't *have* to buy them from Nespresso (theirs do seem a tad expensive!) but you'll want to check height and, for latte glasses, width.

I personally find the coffee temperature just right for everything except the latte macchiato, which could be a little warmer, but I run a little hot water into the cup first (also helps flush out the coffee path) and let it sit while I choose a coffee capsule. I also don't like coffee that's so hot it strips the surface off your tongue if you drink it straight away -- if that's how you prefer it, you may never be happy with this machine.

Note that the tray on top, which looks like a cup warmer, does NOT heat up -- you'll need the next model up for that. (The cup warmer and the ability to dispense hot milk on its own are the only difference, which will cost you about £100 extra. But you can work around the milk limitation by pressing Latte Macchiato and then pressing again to stop before it's finished dispensing milk :) ****** EDIT: I've just checked the box and it does claim to have a cup warmer on this one. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get some heat into the cups, though, so if you want coffee at breakfast you'll be in for a bit of a wait. You can probably work around this by setting a timer to switch it off at the mains for a couple of minutes about half an hour before you get up -- after a power cup, it comes back on in "ready to make coffee" mode, not standby mode.

The range of coffees is good, although shipping charges are steep if you're ordering less than 200 capsules. You get one of each capsule, except limited editions, with the machine, so you can decide which ones you want before ordering. The capsules have a shelf life of about a year, so bulk ordering shouldn't be too much of a pain as long as you don't mind spending that much in one go -- and as long as you don't run out of a favourite while still having a load of other blends left! Milk frothing is also good, though it makes cleaning a bit more tricky. Milk kept in the carafe will go off quicker than if you pour it back in the bottle, so watch out for that.

Nespresso customer service seems to be good -- they were very helpful when I phoned them to get some recycling bags sent. You can use these bags to save used capsules and the courier will collect them when delivering your next coffee order. Otherwise you can take them in to a Nespresso Boutique, which is handy if you live in London, Manchester or Birmingham, and not at all handy otherwise. (Hopefully Brighton will get one soon -- everyone there seems to live on coffee...)

You can get a better range of coffee by grinding your own, but you'll have trouble keeping them fresh if you want a selection of blends to choose from -- with capsules, I can have a selection available each morning without having to choose what to have for a week at a time.

This is a fairly expensive machine, partly because of the milk frother. I got mine at a clearance price -- without that deal, I'd have thought long and hard about how often I really wanted milky coffees. If you only have them occasionally you might do better with a cheaper machine and a separate frother for £15-£30.

Bottom line: recommended as long as you don't like REALLY hot coffee.
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on 17 September 2012
This was purchased as a replacement for my Nespresso Krupps machine which burnt out after 10 years (as did the first one that I bought!), This machine was supposedly a demo model and I got it half price. When it arrived, it was brand new and never used so I got a good deal. On opening the box we appear to have hit the jackpot. The machine is a space age coffee machine with all sorts of cup size control buttons, water level controls, even a milk container for capuccini etc. After using this, it even has a self cleaning button for the milk spout!

This sounds complicated, but after a few minutes, It is really very easy to use. The Nespresso capsules disappear into an internal drawer after use and there is a moveable base tray that lets you fit a long Latte glass (or mug) under the coffee spout instead of an espresso cup.

Great machine!
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on 9 February 2012
I searched for reviews on the most popular coffee machines and read as many as I could before deciding on this fabulous machine. It does everything it says it does.Being able to set the amount of milk, if required,water and cup or mug size is great. The push in cup plate allows you to slide in an ordinary mug or glass so there is no extra expense involved buying specially designed cups or mugs.(unless you want to of course)
The coffee is hot and the cup/mug warning plate is useful when in constant use. I love the choice of coffee too. I received the £60 Nespresso Club award when I registered my machine and also received a special offer on my first coffee order.
I no longer have to boil up more water than needed in my kettle or percolator so hopefully have cut down on the electricity consumption but then perhaps not as I have been drinking a lot more coffee lately!!
Highly recommended
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on 11 May 2013
Nespresso is probably one of the best fresh coffee systems around, I have been using their capsules for years now. This machine is very versatile in their use, producing great expresso, Americano, and a variety of milky coffees easily.
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on 6 October 2010
Brilliant in every way, Nespresso coffee is always good, minimal cleaning required, and it makes Cappuccino's at the touch of a button.

Just effortless brilliant coffee.
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