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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

on 26 June 2016
I think this is bootlet version instead of original product not recommended for a fan. This box doesn't contain contain booklet paper which is very dissapointing.
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on 18 April 2014
The episodes were already good, and the extra scenes are nice. Not long, but nice. Only for huge fans I'd say.
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on 22 May 2013
My son loves all these type of dvd and has a hugh collection this is just one of them brilliant
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on 7 May 2018
Everything works and arrived on time.
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on 8 April 2016
Arrived on time in amazing condition very happy and one happy fiancé :)
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on 15 July 2004
OK, If you are a true Hardcore fan of Evangelion, or if you do not already own episodes 21-23 on DVD then this is a GREAT BUY! Extra scenes do give it a good twist and explain things a lot better.
However, if you already own episodes 21-23 and a re thinking of buying this (as I have) then think twice. Its worth it if you're desperate to see the extra scenes but if not then seriously reconsider. But, since I'm a raving fan of evangelion I bought it anyway and I'm quite pleased with it.
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on 21 April 2001
Genesis 0:12 is a brilliant, yet horrifyingly disturbing continuation of this great series.
In the penultimate installment of Evangelion, we are treated not only to some shocking revelations concerning Rei Ayanami and the 'Dummy Plug' system, but also the arrival of the Fifth Child.
Although he instantly bonds with Shinji (well, 'bonds' is something of an understatement), there is much more to the eerie Kaworu Nagisa than meets the eye...
Unbelievably, this tape throws up EVEN more questions than it answers. Luckily, all will be explained in the next and final volume of Evangelion (he hopes).
Get it. It's great. But it's also very, VERY weird.
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on 6 August 2004
Since I have been reviewing this series one DVD at a time, it has finally occurred to me that readers are tired of being told things like 'even better,' or 'adds a whole new level.' There isn't much question but that is exactly the effect that Gainax and director Hideaki Anno intend. We have reached the stage where the mysteries will be peeled away in layers like an onion, and this isn't intended to be a 'comfortable' process.
The twin focus of these episodes is the nature of the EVA, and the still developing character of Shinji. In a sense, the series comes into its own now, shedding any remnant of the children's mecha appearance that it initially wore as a disguise. We are being drawn into a startling investigation into what is human, and what is not.
In 'The Judgement of Life' Toji Suzuhara, the fourth child, is set to testing EVA 03. But the terrible happens, and the 13th Angel (Bardiel) interferes, seizing control of the EVA. When Gendo Ikari orders Shinji to destroy the EVA the boy refuses to kill his friend. Gendo orders EVA 01 into auto pilot mode and Shinji mush watch in horror while his father forces the EVA to become a raging killer.
'A Man's Fight,' find's Shinji repelled by everything his father stands for and refuses to pilot an EVA again. He is on his way home when a new Angel (Zeruel) appears and makes short work of Rei and Asuka. Shinji forces his way back to NERV headquarters and demands to pilot EVA 01. When the Angel nearly destroys EVA 01, Shinji achieves total integration with the EVA as it develops a life of its own... as a cannibalistic killer!
'Form of the Mind, Form of the Man' finds Misato and the NERV staff desperately trying to separate Shinji self back out from the creature that EVA 01 has become. Inside, Shinji is forced to deal with all aspects of his personality as he strives to understand his own purpose.
I often see Shinji referred to as a weak character that flees from difficulty and is overly dependent on what others think of him. I have to disagree. While the boy is not a willing hero, he has proved repeatedly that he will do what has to be done with his own sense of ethics. Considering his age, and the enormous responsibility he bears, I think he does extremely well. With a father who is always either cold or abusive, Shinji's need for approval is more than understandable.
As I've already indicated, these are pivotal episodes, intense and compelling. Entirely rewarding.
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on 24 October 2003
This for me was the three best parts of neon genesis that focus on the more emotional side of the story.
Once again Shinji decides to run away just as the next angel appears but decides to fight again. I will not spoil it for anyone but this is one to buy, ( I have seen the American dvd so I know what to expect).
Best dvd from the collection so far don't miss it!!!.
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on 19 April 2001
I must say that ep. 24 is my absolute favorite episode of this series....Kaoru has always been my favorite character and that feeling is reinforces every time I see it......I think it helps give an even greater depth of feeling to Shinji....And the scene where Adam is ......well...no spoilers for you guys....you'll have to see it for yourselves :-) bottom line : If you like EVA at least a little bit, you'll LOVE this tape.
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