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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2010
I have suffered pain in my left knee for four years after an operation to remove a small piece of floating bone, and have suffered from osteo arthritis since. but more recently this year, my knee started to pain me more, was crunching on movement and alo felt as though it was going to give way at any time, i developed a limp because of the pain, my physio gave me exercises to do to strengthen the muscles and tendons because she said my ligaments weren't supporting my knee, the exercises did little to help, i tried to see physio again but couldnt see her for five weeks, so i decided to take matters into my own hands,I knew what my problems were so I found this neo-G hinged knee support, I read what is was used for i.e. stabilising the knee, and i knew this was the one for me to try. I ordered it, it arrived within five days, i put it on straight away it felt really comfortable and the immediate result amazed me. I could stand and put weight on my knee with no feeling of it giving way, i walked up and down the garden at a good pace and no pain, before this i was using a stick for support, my stick is now put away, i dont need it, i am still amazed at this knee support, i wear it occasionally now as my knee is getting stronger, i cant praise it enough. It is all down to the neo-G hinged knee support that I can again enjoy walking, keeping up with my husband and dogs instead of being left behind hobbling and in pain, my knee feels great, many thanks to the people who designed this support its definately a winner for me, thankyou.
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on 31 July 2009
The product shown here (With the two straps going through the buckles) is not the one you will recieve. They have updated the model but not the box art or the website pictures. The product you will receive is a newer version, (I contacted the seller) it has three straps, upper lower and middle, it has a doubled hinged system as opposed to a single hinge (better knee movement) and is made with better material. I find it very comfortable and will be keeping it.
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on 31 August 2011
I have suffered from knee pain for several years, and up until recently I used 'Nike Open Patella' supports. They were no longer fit for purpose, and had started leaving a rash everywhere, that took days to heal. I enjoy walking but noticed that pain was increasing, especially 'Downhill'. After reading reviews, I was confident that one of two type of NEO G Supports should give me the support I was looking for. I opted for this type, with 'Hinged Support', because I felt they would bend at the knee easier (they do). They have given me much better support than my old ones, with reduced pain when out walking, although not completely pain free. They are reasonably comfortable to wear (considering they are much thicker than my others), and they do not leave a rash. They have three straps, that can be adjusted for user comfort, although I regard the straps as 'having the tentacles of an Octopus, and the grip of a limpet', as they attach themselves the support's fabric very easily. But I guess it's something users will get used to. I noticed that most of the reviews were from Skiers, with one walker referring to the 'Downhill' difference. I was not naive enough to think this product would solve all problems I have when walking, but they go a very long way in that sense. I am still in pain for a day or two, after I have taken them off, although this is to be expected.But they do the job when I need them, and it's 5 stars from me.
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on 10 May 2013
I have long-term problems with my knee ligaments that flare up from time to time, making walking uncomfortable and climbing stairs a bit of a challenge.

This is my second. The velcro on the straps initially sticks to the surface of the brace, but they gradually take off the pile and then stop sticking properly. The product would be more durable if both halves of the velcro were used, which does not seem an unreasonable thing to ask at the price. Anyway, the old one lasted for a couple of years of sporadic use.

My own non-medical opinion is that braces like this make life bearable on special occasions, but that you should use them as little as your pain allows. Here is my reasoning ...

For starters, every time you bend your knee in one of these you are stretching a lump of neoprene which then springs your leg back, partially replacing the function of the quads. This should help to relieve the symptoms of problems caused by weakened quads, almost inevitable with bad knees, and seems to in my case. But after reading up on the subject it seems pretty clear that wasted quads make knee problems worse, so you really want to exercise them as best your pain allows. How to do that? Well, taking off the support might help.

Second, my reading also suggests that any fluid in the knee actively discourages the quads from functioning properly, and therefore makes things even worse. My own experience bears this out: an ice pack on the swelling really helps free things up. Well, this knee brace is quite thick and the knee gets hot inside it, so to my simple mind wearing it for long periods seems likely to make swelling worse. The solution? Take the thing off the moment you have done whatever you needed to do.

So ... in my humble view, this thing is can be a lifesaver - but I try to avoid overdosing on it.
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on 9 August 2012
I got this thinking it was ideal for my problem. I have a strained mcl and considering other reviews it seemed to be a good product.
My experience was not as good. The hinges were painful on the medial side of my knee.
I attempted different levels of tightness, when too slack it would slide down and when to tight it just hurt more.
Eventually whenever I wore the support, it just pained.
It was easier for me to walk without any support at all.
I just had to lay it aside and use a standard band on my knee. Cant afford to try another hinged brace.
Perhaps its just my knee as others seemed to have better experiences.
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on 13 January 2011
Needed to experiment with the tension of this "one size fits all" support for the first few ocassions use. Now I have got that right the support is very effective and has enabled me to continue playing tennis even though I have cartilage damage.
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I bought this after suffering ligament and cartilage damage to my left knee that had me on crutches for 3 weeks and still leaves me limping 6 weeks later. I wanted something to support the knee as I tried to walk unaided. The consultant and physiotherapist did not recommend the use of a brace, but said use one if it seems of benefit in a limited way; i.e. not all of the time as it can prolong recovery by not allowing the supporting muscles to become stronger. I can see the sense of this; nevertheless, there were times that the wearing of this made a lot of difference and, for a few hours, made walking tolerable. I got little benefit over about 2 or 3 hours of wearing, when it became uncomfortable and my knee just hurt. However, it is a useful aid and over the period of recovery has brought some welcome short term benefit in terms of aiding walking about. That said, I have not ignored the advice of the physio and the fact that there will be a 6 - 9 month recovery period for this type of injury.
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on 1 April 2011
excellent service and the best buy you will ever make if you have knee problems-just done the coast to coast with oesteoartritis in r knee
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on 6 January 2014
This was purchased in the expectation that it would provide better support than the Neo G MEDICAL GRADE OPEN PATELLA KNEE SUPPORT 'breathable design' which I have previously tested. Instead, it proves to be incredibly painful. Down each side of the brace run two pieces of metal attached in the middle by a round metal hinge. When strapped on, the round metal hinges cover the spots where the medial and lateral collateral ligaments of the knee sit. I expect that even without the pain of knee ligament damage, the presence of large lumps of metal at the side of your knee will cause some discomfort, but for those who do suffer such pain, forcing metal into the very source of the pain is not to be recommended. To say that this is 'suitable for unstable medial/lateral ligaments' is a strange statement. I tried it on in all possible positions and at varying tightnesses with no improvement. I shall be sending this straight back.
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on 20 April 2014
After a messed up total knee replacement, my surgeon told me there was no further surgery that could be done. My knee is very unstable and and my knee cap has moved up 3/4" due to the tendon being too long!! He recommended wearing a hinged knee brace the knee. I play bowls and so was very worried that it would interfere with this. The brace they gave me in the physio department was dreadful. So I decided to purchase one. Best decision I made. It is easy to put on with only 3 straps unlike the free one. It is comfortable and basically does what it says on the tin.
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