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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 December 2016
shot in a stunning part of north carolina this film tells us of a woman who is traumatised after the death of her mother and does not know how to communicate properly to people outside of her woodland home. jodie foster puts in a astonishing performance and captures the vunerability and her heightened perception of other peoples emotions brilliantly . the outside world is a loud confusing place forher and that is also shown well.
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on 15 August 2016
I haven't yet watched this since buying it from Amazon. I bought it because it made such an impression the time I saw it ages ago. Exceptional.
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on 23 June 2017
Had thus filmy ears ago in Video and was so pleased to have it again but on DVD. This is a magical film with great cast
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on 10 May 2017
Great quality. Fast delivery.
We love this movie and the quality is better than TV version.
Foster at her best.
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VINE VOICEon 18 May 2004
I bought the DVD of this film, which I was completely unaware of, because of the previous excellent review.Jodie Foster's performance as Nell made an almost incredible character totally believable. How she didn't get an oscar for her performance says more about the oscars than about the enormous range and empathy of this superb actress.She was assisted by a wonderful complementary and vulnerable performance from Liam Neesom and the sensitive exploration of a very difficult subject by Michael Apted. I found myself crying without immediately understanding why. I then realised that the film had plumbed the depths of my humanity to levels I did not realise existed. It confronted the question of what it is to be a fully individual human being going beyond our place in a so called civilised society to our almost instinctive spiritual responses to the natural world and to relationship. This is a truly deep and rewarding film which deserves a wide audience. My only criticism is that the transition to Nell's independence was hurried towards the end in the interests of dramatic denouement.
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on 17 May 2003
This is one of the most emotional films I have ever seen. Nell (Jodie Foster) and her dead twin sister were the result of a rape which led their mother to hide in the woods. There Nell and her mother lived alone, cut off from civilisation. Her mother suffered a stroke which caused her abnormal speech which passed onto Nell, who in turn created a language of her own.
When her mother dies, Nell is found by Jerome (Liam Neeson) and Paula (Natasha Richardson), the first instinct is to put her into a mental unit. But Jerome is determined to protect her and decided to learn Nell's language so she can have the freedom to say whether she stays int he woods or goes into the hospital. All this leads to a glorious climax, where the tissues definetly come in.....
This is one of the best films Ive seen in a long time. Jodie Foster was robbed and should have won a 3rd Best Actress Oscar for this film. Liam and Natasha prove themselves to be great actors but it is Jodie who shines as the vulnerable but wise woman who teaches us the goodness of not living in our sort of civilisation.
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(The film was released in 1995)
'Nell' (Jodie Foster) has lived in the remote woodlands all her life with her mother in a small wooden cabin leading
a simple and uncomplicated life unaware of life beyond.
When her mother dies and is discovered by a lad from the nearest town delivering groceries the situation is reported.
'Jerome Lovell' (Jerry) (Liam Neeson) a small town physician and the local sheriff go to the cabin to check it out, what
they find is a frightened and confused young woman that is seemingly unable to converse, 'but unlike the sheriff, Jerry
doesn't see 'Nell' as either wild or indeed mad
'Jerry' enlists the help of fellow physician 'Paula Olsen' (Natasha Richardson) who initially see's things differently than
'Jerry' - to observe 'Nell's' life and her ways, he soon realizes that her speech pattern had been developed by copying
her mother who had suffered two strokes.
This will be an incredible voyage of discovery for 'Jerry' and indeed 'Joyce' but will become confused and worrying for
'Nell' as they try to introduce her to a World she's never known.
Is what they try to do an act of kindness or simply an intrusion ?
Set in stunning scenery this is a beautiful yet in many ways tragic story.
'Jodie Fosters' portrayal of 'Nell' quite simply stunning,
(Not everyone's cup of tea so to speak but if you enjoy simply 'nice' films, it's worth a visit)
Features -
Original Theatrical Trailer
Interactive Menu Screens and Chapter Selection
Soundtrack - English - German - French - Spanish.
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on 9 September 2008
tHIS IS MY FIRST EVER DVD REVIEW. I had to take the time to reccomend this golden nugget of a film. I'm raving about it to my friends because its outstanding.

Got Nell after reading reviews and have to say its now in my top 10 all time greats, this is not just great film it I think its one of the best films I've ever seen. Foster has never delivered a better performance. mesmerizing, captivating and deeply moving, you find yourself sucked into the story, I've had to watch the film again and again and again, each time the story just goes deeper and gets richer with meaning and understanding.

How Jodie Foster manages to articulate the broken 'Nell' language so convincingly is amazing, when you re watch the film you realize its not just random but she's using but real dialog. Great performances from the rest of the cast as well. A MUST WATCH MOVIE. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!!
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While Hollywood is filled with movie stars, it can boast of only a scant few bona fide actresses. Jodie Foster, the consummate professional, is the cream of that small crop, and I respect no other actor or actress on earth as much as I respect her. Nell is a testament to her unlimited talent as well as her unmatched commitment to what she does. The character of Nell is a role most actresses would never consider taking; it's a far too difficult challenge to meet for a film that holds little promise to bring in money hand over fist. For Jodie Foster, though, what matters is the story to be told, not the glamour or the projected box office receipts. She gives an absolutely amazing performance in this film, one that has deserved far more attention than it has received. If Nell is mentioned at all, it is almost always in reference to Jodie's Foster nudity in the film, and I would like to say straight out that her nudity is very tastefully done, important if not absolutely necessary for the story, and in no way provocative.
Nell is a poignant, emotional drama that saddens as well as inspires you; it is the kind of tearjerker in which your tears of empathy and concern are accented by a smile and sense of heartwarming joy. The story is set deep in the wilderness of western North Carolina, where an old woman has lived for years all by herself. People always thought she lived alone, at least, until she died and the local doctor discovered a pitiful woman-child hiding inside the shack, the only home she had ever known. Nell's mother had suffered a stroke many years earlier and spoke with a pronounced speech impediment; as a result, Nell speaks a tongue that is almost completely foreign to both the local doctor and the psychiatric professional he calls in from Charlotte. Dr. Lovell (Liam Neeson) becomes a guardian angel of sorts to Nell, fighting the courts and the mental health professionals to keep Nell in her native environment as opposed to being stuck in some institution where she will be treated as a lab subject. He gets three months to work with Nell himself, and his potential foe in the form of psychologist Paula Olsen (Natasha Richardson) becomes his ally in time, as they both work with Nell to learn her unique language and prepare her for a life completely unlike that which she has always known. In her own special way, Nell helps the two doctors as much as they help her, yet their ability to protect her from a dire future of lonely clinical existence remains in doubt up until the very end.
Neeson and Richardson are wonderful in their roles, but Jodie Foster is simply amazing. She had to learn a completely new, invented language as well as adopt a wide range of meaningful facial and body expressions and unique mannerisms in order to portray this "wild child" as a very real, very human individual. Nell is easily one of Foster's most impressive performances, and how she did not win an Oscar for this role is beyond me. It should also be noted that Foster produced as well as starred in this unforgettable film. The scenery, I might add in closing, is also spectacular. Filmed largely in the Nantahala National Forest in Graham County, North Carolina, a location just west of my own home, Nell is a beautiful sight to behold in more ways than one. Hollywood needs more powerful, moving films such as this.
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on 10 April 2006
Jodie Foster has always been one of my favourite actresses and she is truly talented, but I don't think she'll ever beat her performance in Nell. I really don't know how she didn't win an Oscar! Even when she's not communicating in a language all her own, her facial expressions and bodily actions are just remarkable. If you don't cry or at least get emotional during this film, you must be dead inside.
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